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Liz Newman is a poet (author of “Hope Between Heartbeats”) and a lifestyle blogger who is madly in love with the written word. She writes poetry book reviews as a regular contributor for “A Better Today Media” and is almost always reading, writing, or reviewing poetic works.

In my World Poetry Day post, I discussed a few different ways to make the most of the day and keep poetry in the spotlight. Now, we get a chance to expand on these concepts further and celebrate National Poetry

Every month, I have the honor of talking to a poet in the community about a cause that they are passionate about spotlighting through their writing. Last month, I spoke with Elizabeth Diane Daniel about the heartbreaking realities of childhood

When we are going through a hard time, it can be very difficult to let other people in. Healing looks different for everybody. But healing is a process that is better when we show up for each other. We need

Can you believe how fast this year is passing us by? The year 2020 has already brought us some great poetry collections in the first few months, but there are still so many collections to look forward to releasing later

A new season is upon us, which means new poetry prompts are in bloom! Has your creativity withered in the winter gloom? Let’s defrost that imagination and get some inspiration flowing. Choose one or several of the prompts below to

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, and it is a chance for us to reflect on the beauty of words to connect us to ourselves and each other. Poetry is such a diverse art-form that has taken creative expression

Mother. What better word for selfless, unconditional love? These are the women we can always turn to for warmth and unwavering support. They are equal parts strength and sacrifice, soft and steady, all rolled into one person. As I’ve grown

Blogs are a great way for people to connect and share their words and passions, and poetry blogs give writers a chance to discuss a myriad of subtopics such as style, popular collections, or poetry’s impact on the modern world.

Spring is almost here, and new poetry collections are preparing to bloom this March. Here are a few to look out for as we make our way into this new season.    March 3rd: Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell This is Makenzie Campbell’s

The beauty of poetry is how it can shed light on so many topics in such unique ways. Poets often use their pens to give a voice to the causes that matter the most to them, and we can all