Liz Newman is a poet (author of “Hope Between Heartbeats”) and a lifestyle blogger who is madly in love with the written word. She writes poetry book reviews as a regular contributor for “A Better Today Media” and is almost always reading, writing, or reviewing poetic works.

Have you ever felt your heart clutched with anxiety right alongside the singer who experiences visible stage fright? Do you find yourself crying along with the devastating stories on the nightly news? These are just a few examples of what

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a season of waiting? There’s an ache to the uncertainty that makes you wonder if anyone else sees or knows your circumstances. Sometimes, pain makes us withdraw into loneliness, where we

If you don’t know what number you are on the Enneagram and would like to find out, start with a free test here.   The Enneagram Type Seven is known as “The Enthusiast”: extroverted, fun-loving, and ready for adventure. Sevens are high-energy

“Grief is universal. It’s one of the few things every human being experiences—no matter where you are from or who you become. Although it can look different for everyone, it’s one of the ‘knowns’ in life. We’ll lose someone or

Spooky season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with some scary-good poetry prompts? With 31 prompts to choose from, you can make sure this October is full of daily frights and new poems.    The fearful elements

This month’s spotlight features poet Beverly Maier as she seeks to shed light on a topic that helped her navigate the darkness of her circumstances: hope.    Beverly Maier: “Hope is the thread that holds all of our brokenness together. I’ve dealt

If you don’t know what number you are on the Enneagram and would like to find out, this free test can get you started.    The Six is known on the Enneagram as The Loyalist. Sixes are fiercely devoted to their relationships

Last month, I got to talk with poet Amy O Connor (aocpoetry) about a topic that is near and dear to her: healing from heartbreak.   O Connor: “I write mostly about romantic heartbreak but sometimes my work spills over into loss

I don’t know about you, but my heart is ready for a new season and the hope that can be found there. As the summer ends, our perspective starts to shift right alongside the changing leaves. While summer inspires adventure

Mantras are words, poems, or statements that you repeat to yourself frequently. A good mantra will help remind you of your core beliefs and values, shifting your perspective back to what matters. For me, the goal of a morning mantra

Have you ever thought about how your writing space may be affecting your work? Distractions, writer’s block, negativity, and more can wreak havoc on our writing environment and make it challenging to put pen to paper. But don’t worry—there are

If you don’t know your number on the Enneagram and would like to find out, try this free test to get you started.   Type Five is known as “The Thinker”. Fives have a deep hunger for knowledge and understanding. They are