Liz Newman is a poet (author of “Hope Between Heartbeats”) and a lifestyle blogger who is madly in love with the written word. She writes poetry book reviews as a regular contributor for “A Better Today Media” and is almost always reading, writing, or reviewing poetic works.

From Rina Bloom to  Ashley Jane, poets with chronic illnesses are bringing awareness to important, often overlooked experiences through their words. Their perspectives are personal, yet each one shared with eloquence and insight.    Another brave poet sharing her story through art

The fall season encourages us to embrace the art of letting go. Change can be painful, and sometimes—despite our desire for it—we resist it. Letting go is often not a passive choice but a very active one that requires our

Poetry is a beautiful outlet where writers can express their thoughts through creative and imaginative imagery. The use of imagery in a poem helps bring the words to life for the reader, especially when written with vivid detail. As we

Do you ever feel stuck in a season of life you weren’t expecting? Do you ever feel pressure to tie your worth to your accomplishments? Do you feel a constant pull to compete and compare that leaves you miles from

October is a month with so much to offer, from fall foliage to fear-filled films. The environment surrounding this autumn month sets the stage for some great writing prompts. Whether you are a lover of all things spooky or prefer

September marks a change in weather but also a change in our hearts as we learn to let go and embrace a new season. Whether you are sad to see summer go or ready and waiting with your fall flannels,

The rise of technology has given writers lots of new opportunities to share their words with the world and connect with readers—but with its many advantages, there are also some pitfalls to be aware of as we write in this

Podcasts have been growing in popularity for the last several years with good reason. The platform provides listeners with great content that can be enjoyed on a busy schedule. Whether you prefer to listen while you drive to work in

Happy August, poetry friends! We are back with new poetry prompts to help you reflect on this hot, summer month and to help you look forward to new beginnings as you seek to grow and bloom in the days ahead.    1.

Every writer experiences their share of creative setbacks, whether it’s an isolated case of writer’s block or a full-on, long-term writer’s rut. While there are plenty of ways to spark that creativity again, like turning to writing prompts or optimizing

In our first installment of Beatles songs and poetry pairings, we introduced six Beatles songs—including “Hey Jude” and “Dear Prudence”—to their perfect poetic counterparts. To continue the saga, let’s dive into a few more beloved Beatles songs and the poets

What activities come to mind when you consider fun date ideas with your significant other? Maybe you think about long walks on the beach, a homemade dinner for two, or a movie night—but have you considered the idea of reading