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Liz Newman is a poet (author of “Hope Between Heartbeats”) and a lifestyle blogger who is madly in love with the written word. She writes poetry book reviews as a regular contributor for “A Better Today Media” and is almost always reading, writing, or reviewing poetic works.

Like the right sweater, the right words can bring warmth and comfort to the soul—just like some time alone can recharge you and make you feel whole again. A cozy night in calls for poetry. It’s a chance to put your

Alfa is a beloved voice in the writing community who has dazzled readers for years with consistently beautiful and eloquent poetry. Her latest collection The Salt in His Kiss explores an ocean of feelings such as heartbreak, longing, and the

Romance blossoms so beautifully in our hearts, but what about when it withers? Sometimes, literature paints a picture of love that is unattainable and fleeting.    In her newest collection, Unforgettable, Madalina Coman writes in a way that brings romance and realism

Spooky season is upon us at last  Reminders of witches and ghosts of the past The air is so crisp, and the sun sets so fast The vibrant decay of the leaves do contrast   As you gaze at the pumpkins, delight in the spice Caramel

There are so many people silently battling anxiety every day. You may never even know they are hurting because they are moving through it quietly. Mental illness is a long and arduous journey to well-being. It can feel extremely isolating

There’s something about the rain that almost demands reflection. As the drops fall, we may find ourselves drawn to the trickling water dancing on the window panes, tucked safely away from the falling rain. In these moments, we can think

I am so excited to bring you this interview with the wonderful Pavana Reddy. Pavana, also known by her pen name MazaDohta, is an LA-based poet and songwriter. Her two poetry collections are Rangoli and Where Do You Go Alone.    Reddy’s

“It’s okay to have questions. Just don’t let fear give you your answers. If it is on your heart to share your work, I hope you find the courage to take that step. It’ll be the beginning of an incredible

Readers have come to know and love Lang Leav for her poetic voice, but the poetess is also a successful novelist. Her latest novel Poemsia tells the story of an aspiring poet named Verity Wolf as she is thrown into

Sometimes, our mindset in the morning impacts our entire day, but a little positivity can make a huge difference and frame our perspective in a whole new way. Poetry is powerful because it encompasses such a large scope of human emotions.