Liz Newman is a poet (author of “Hope Between Heartbeats”) and a lifestyle blogger who is madly in love with the written word. She writes poetry book reviews as a regular contributor for “A Better Today Media” and is almost always reading, writing, or reviewing poetic works.

Every writer experiences their share of creative setbacks, whether it’s an isolated case of writer’s block or a full-on, long-term writer’s rut. While there are plenty of ways to spark that creativity again, like turning to writing prompts or optimizing

With July in full swing, fresh poetry prompts are top-of-mind. Whether we are reflecting on celebrations observed in July or considering experiences that mark the season for each of us personally, there is much to draw inspiration from in this

Above image courtesy of Thought Catalog   Raquel Franco’s latest poetry collection, When The Bee Stings, is equal parts honey and sting. It is dripping with nostalgia, raw emotion, and wisdom gained from journeying through life’s ups and downs. Franco’s words seek

June marks the end of school and the beginning of summer. It’s an exciting time of year with poetry inspiration around every corner. Whether you’re writing a nostalgic poem about past summers or allowing powerful summer imagery to inspire you,

The Beatles are one of the most beloved rock bands of all time. Their songs have captured the hearts of listeners through profound melodies and unforgettable lyrics. Their discography got me thinking about the library of poets whose messages captivate

Poetry and mental health go hand-in-hand for so many of us because poetry gives our hearts a place to express our experiences in a healing way. Poems offer us a safe space to process our pain and vocalize our hardships.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, making it a great time for us to spotlight the discussion surrounding mental health in the poetry community. There are so many talented poets who are bravely using their words to bring awareness to

May is upon us, and with a new month comes new and exciting perspectives for great poetry. If you’re looking for a few thought-provoking prompts to get your creative energy flowing, look no further. Grab a pen and paper and

Discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community has increased drastically since the pandemic began. The “Stop AAPI Hate” initiative was launched in March of 2020, and they have reported 3,975 hate incidents between March 19 and Feb.

A simile is a figure of speech that compares two things. The hallmark way to spot a simile is by its use of “like” or “as,” which sets it apart from a metaphor. Similes are widely used by writers and

Lyrids, one of the oldest known meteor showers, light up the sky every April, peaking late in the month. The Lyrid meteor showers leave glowing dust trains of debris behind them from the Comet Thatcher, a welcome sight for those

In the month of April, we get a chance to celebrate the birthday of Charlotte Brontë and reflect on her life and literary achievements. Born on April 21, 1816, Charlotte was the eldest surviving sister of the Brontë children. She