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Empowering Verse: Exploring Women-Owned Bookstores for Poetry Enthusiasts

For those seeking to delve into the enchanting world of poetry while simultaneously supporting women entrepreneurs, women-owned bookstores offer the perfect unique and enriching experience. Here, we spotlight ten such havens across the United States, each a sanctuary for poetry lovers and a testament to the resilience and vision of women in the literary landscape.


Women & Children First – Chicago, IL

Nestled in the vibrant city of Chicago, Women & Children First has been a beacon for bibliophiles since 1979. Founded by Ann Christophersen and Linda Bubon, this bookstore boasts an impressive poetry section alongside a commitment to promoting diverse voices and feminist literature.


Bookends & Beginnings – Evanston, IL

Just a stone’s throw away from Chicago lies Bookends & Beginnings, a cozy retreat for literary enthusiasts. Owned by Nina Barrett, this independent bookstore offers a carefully curated selection of poetry books, inviting readers to explore the beauty of language and verse.


Nook & Cranny Books – Seattle, WA

In the Pacific Northwest, Nook & Cranny Books is a testament to owner Kim Hooyboer’s passion for literature. Tucked away in Seattle, this charming bookstore exudes warmth and hospitality, welcoming patrons to lose themselves in the pages of poetry collections old and new.


Birchbark Books & Native Arts – Minneapolis, MN

Founded by acclaimed author Louise Erdrich, Birchbark Books & Native Arts is a cultural gem nestled in the heart of Minneapolis. With a focus on indigenous literature and art, this bookstore celebrates the rich tapestry of Native voices, including poets whose words resonate with depth and authenticity.


Reparations Club – Los Angeles, CA

In the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, the Reparations Club stands as a beacon of community and creativity. Owned by Anaeis Ohanian and Grace Hwang Lynch, this bookstore offers a platform for poets to share their stories and perspectives, cultivating a space where diverse voices converge. 


Yu and Me Books – New York, NY

Amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City, Yu and Me Books offers a serene escape for literary-minded souls. Founded by Yu-Hsin Chang, this boutique bookstore specializes in poetry and art books, inviting visitors to embark on a journey of introspection and inspiration.


Papercuts – Boston, MA

In the historic city of Boston, Papercuts beckons book lovers with its thoughtfully curated selection of titles. Owned by Kate Layte, this independent bookstore fosters a sense of community through literary events and workshops, nurturing a love for poetry that transcends generations.


Violet Valley – Water Valley, MS

In the heart of Mississippi, Violet Valley is a testament to owner Summer Abernathy’s dedication to uplifting marginalized voices. This bookstore celebrates diversity and inclusivity, offering a diverse array of poetry collections that reflect the beauty of the human experience.


Harvest Moon Books – Albuquerque, NM

Amidst the enchanting landscapes of New Mexico, Harvest Moon Books offers a sanctuary for readers seeking solace in the written word. Owned by Angela Mirabal, this cozy bookstore exudes warmth and hospitality, inviting visitors to explore the transformative power of poetry.


The Islander Bookshop – Kodiak, AK

On the picturesque island of Kodiak, The Islander Bookshop stands as a beacon of literary delight. Owned by Sarah Russell, this charming bookstore celebrates the art of storytelling in all its forms, offering a diverse selection of poetry collections to captivate the imagination.


Each of these women-owned bookstores showcases a unique narrative of passion, resilience, and community. As patrons wander through the aisles, tracing the lines of verse that adorn the pages of poetry collections, they bear witness to the enduring legacy of women in literature and the profound impact of their voices.