Thea Voutiritsas is a Kansas City-based creative writer. In addition to her own blog, she is also a co-creator on The Semi-prose project, a collection of co-authored creative writing. On the side, she reviews manuscripts for poets and screenwriters.

Autumn is just around the corner, and that means cooler weather, fuzzy sweaters, and early evenings curled up with a good book. So stock up your bookshelves and keep the coziest collections within reach. To help you find the perfect

With rhythm, rhyme, and flow at the cornerstone, it’s no surprise that poetry and hip hop share a special history. Hip hop, as we know it today, is said to have originated in the Bronx in the 1970s, with DJ

When it comes to the art of writing, genre can work for or against the author. Sometimes, a genre can make authors feel boxed in. Other times, it can set them free. Genre-bending is no new feat, as it allows

Poetry and theater have a longstanding love affair, from Shakespeare’s historic work in iambic pentameter to contemporary expressions of verse drama. Making the most of rhythmic speech and playful techniques like rhyme and repetition, poetry is a popular tool among

A day dedicated to the crafters of poetry, Poet’s Day is celebrated each year on Aug. 21. While observances like World Poetry Day are designed to celebrate the art itself, Poet’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shed some light

The relationship between people and their bodies is often complicated. Early experiences, internal emotions, societal pressures, and many other factors may contribute to our body image. Movements like body positivity and body neutrality can help us understand and unpack some

Whether you’re newly single or a longtime lone-wolf, navigating the world on your own is an exciting time. Despite pressures from movies, TV, and even people around you, romantic relationships aren’t the end-all-be-all, and singlehood is a great opportunity for

Whether you live with a family member, a significant other, or a roomie, cohabitating is no easy task during the pandemic. Alone time is much harder to come by, and nightly writing sessions might slowly morph into late-night TV binges

Maybe you’ve hit a lull with your writing mojo. Maybe you feel like you’ve run out of ideas. Maybe you’re suddenly struck with the itch to write, but you’re looking for a little idea boost. No matter what brought you

Friends may enter our lives at all different stages, but the best ones are here to stay. Whether two friends meet as children, young adults, or even later in life, one thing remains true: they love and support each other.

Ruled by the sun, Leos are known for having fiery personalities that draw people in. While confidence and bravery are the main tenets of the Leo demeanor, this can also lead to a stubborn streak. Often natural-born leaders, Leos in

Group meet-ups and face-to-face learning opportunities are on pause as stay-at-home orders across the nation are in effect. While some writers welcome the extended opportunity for solitude, others may feel stagnant or find inspiration hard to come by. If you’re