Thea Voutiritsas is a Kansas City-based creative writer. In addition to her own blog, she is also a co-creator on The Semi-prose project, a collection of co-authored creative writing. On the side, she reviews manuscripts for poets and screenwriters.

2020 has been a rough year, but looking back with gratitude is an important tool for helping us cope. Studies show that a conscious and consistent effort to find gratitude, whether through journaling, reading, or verbal expression, can actually improve

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means your shopping list (and your wish list) just got a lot longer. This year, we’ve got a gift guide to show off your thoughtful side, with an assortment of heartwarming

Friends are the family we choose, and Friendsgiving is the perfect time of year to celebrate them. While many of us will be facing a non-traditional holiday season, that doesn’t mean we can’t show our love and appreciation for the

From meter and metaphor to rhyme, rhythm, and beyond, we spend a lot of time analyzing how different poetic devices are used to create meaning. Why would a poet choose one word over another? Why would they use an enjambment

In poetry, rhythm, style, and word choice breathe life into the feelings and ideas of the writer. So how, then, can poems be translated? What happens when a poem is subject to a new set of sounds, a new alphabet,

This year, Scorpio season calls us to go beyond simple answers and do the work to understand life more complexly. Try not to resist the breakthroughs on your horizon. Rather than bury your desires, make them heard. Many twists and

The 2020 election is expected to have the highest voter turnout in the last 100 years, according to The Guardian. Over 50 million ballots have been cast, shattering 2016’s early vote count. In such an intensely divisive election year, the

Winter is just around the corner, and that means more cozy nights on the couch with a brand new book. If you’re worried about burning through your bookshelf before spring, don’t fret! There’s still a slew of exciting new releases

If we want to look at poetry from an international perspective, multilingual work is a great place to start. By integrating different languages to create new meaning, bilingual and multilingual poetry can bridge the gap between readers and cultures. Writers

When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone has their ride-or-die. Whether you’d trade a Kit Kat for a caramel chew or kick candy corn to the curb can reveal some clues about your personality. To embrace the spirit of Halloween,

If you’re looking to get published, finding an agent is probably high on your to-do list. A literary agent acts as the middle-person between you and a publisher. A good agent has many connections in the publishing world; they’ll help

Trigger Warning: The content of this article includes potentially triggering content. Themes of violence, domestic violence, physical/psychological/sexual abuse, and trauma will be discussed.   Every minute, about twenty people become victims of domestic violence in the United States. This heartbreaking statistic calls