4 Poetry Prompts to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

Today’s Earth Day! Each year, we spend this day recognizing the importance of caring for this diverse and beautiful planet we call home. 


Celebrate Earth Day by writing poetry—whether you want to express gratitude for Earth, bring attention to an environmental cause you’re passionate about, or simply capture our planet’s beauty and healing abilities in a poem, check out these prompts to spark your creativity.


Craft an acrostic-form gratitude poem for the Earth


This Earth Day, show your gratitude for our planet by crafting a poem written in an acrostic structure, letting each letter of EARTH provide you with inspiration. Perhaps you’ll write about one or more magical moments you have experienced in nature. As you write, paint the scene by employing rich, vivid imagery. What natural sounds do you hear? Do you feel the wind on your face? How does the ground feel beneath your feet? How have these experiences deepened your connection to the earth and helped you heal? 


Choose an environmental cause to write a poem about


Take an eco-poetry approach this Earth Day by writing about an environmental cause you believe in. Whether you’re passionate about preserving natural habitats or advancing environmental justice, this topic provides endless creative writing opportunities. Consider intersectionality as you write—how might habitat destruction affect both people and wildlife? Keep your poem close to home by exploring a local issue. To make an impact, post your poem on Instagram with a link to a relevant organization’s donation page, encouraging your followers to support conservation efforts. 


Dedicate a poem to a conservation icon


Express your appreciation for those who have helped protect the Earth by dedicating a poem to a conservation icon. Whether you dedicate your poem to a researcher, advocate, or storyteller, consider writing about an individual with a marginalized identity. Since these fields are typically dominated by white men, recognizing the work of folks with marginalized identities contributes to a more diverse conservation space. Research the icon’s accomplishments, celebrating their influence in your poem. If their work is centered on a specific place, for example, use your creativity to vividly describe that place. 


Write a descriptive landscape poem inspired by your favorite outdoor space


Take some time to consider your favorite natural space—a particular beach or lake you visit, a mountain region where you’ve hiked, or a local forest you’ve walked through countless times. Use this place as inspiration for a descriptive landscape poem. As you write, consider what you might observe, including plants, wildlife, ecosystems, etc.—how do each of these interact with each other? At the end of your poem, as you metaphorically leave that landscape, think about how were you impacted by its awe-inspiring beauty. If you’re searching for more landscape poetry inspiration, consider exploring renowned nature poet Mary Oliver’s work, noting her signature use of imagery.

For even more Earth-inspired poetry content, check out our blogs on Earth Day poems and tips for writing about the outdoors. Happy Earth Day, and happy writing!