4 Poems to Inspire You to Move Mountains Today

Sometimes, our mindset in the morning impacts our entire day, but a little positivity can make a huge difference and frame our perspective in a whole new way.

Poetry is powerful because it encompasses such a large scope of human emotions. No matter what we are feeling, we can probably find  wisdom in the written word and poems to motivate us to keep pursuing our hopes and dreams.

With the right poems, we can find the mantras to help remind us of our strength when we want to quit. When inspiration hits, we learn to channel our inner warriors and break out of our comfort zones. Poetry will affirm the kind of lives we want to live and help us remember to keep going when we feel at a loss for words.

The right poetic works will reinforce strength, courage, love, empowerment, and friendship. They are the motivation that we need to keep improving and to make a difference in the lives of the people around us.


Here is a list of poems to rekindle that inner fire today. Write them down. Memorize them. Recite them when you need a little lift. Above all, remember that you are capable of amazing things. 


Kiana Azizian Poetry:


we fall.

we break.

we fail. 


but then, 


we rise. 

we heal. 

we overcome.” 


This is a great reminder of the cyclical nature of pain. Like day and night or the seasons, we are always in transition. Allow this to be a comfort when facing hardships. Allow yourself to fall, break, and fail. But, prepare for what comes next: “we rise, we heal, we overcome.” 


“self love is the 

only thing that

will truly

set you free.”


I love this because we all need to remember to invest in ourselves. The more we love ourselves and are comfortable with who we are, flaws and all, the less we will let our flaws and mistakes define us. Let go of the expectations of who you should be and love yourself for exactly who you are. It’ll make all the difference. 


Billy Chapata


“water your bad days 

with love and patience, watch 

as flowers grow from it



Beautiful things can grow from our painful moments. We need to be extra gentle with ourselves when we are going through hard times. If we can nurture our hurting hearts with healing words and attitudes, we can watch the transformation that occurs as we grow and bloom. Let this be a reminder that no part of your story is lost, even the darker chapters. 


P.Bodi Poetry


To be afraid is to 

Be human, to be

Brave is human too,


You build strength in

doing what you’re 

scared to do.” 


Allow this piece to give you the courage to break out of the comfortable, even if that means embracing the chaos of change. It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let fear keep you from trying new things and going after your goals. 


It’s okay to fall as long as you remember that you can and you will rise. It’s okay if you haven’t perfected self-love, as long as you make it a daily practice. It’s okay to have bad days, as long as you don’t let them permanently wither your spirit. And, it’s okay to be afraid if you have the bravery to keep trying anyway. 


I hope these poems have inspired you to try to love yourself and others. I hope these poems have encouraged you to keep moving forward even in difficult seasons or scary situations. Above all else, I hope that these poems have inspired you to remember who you are and all you are capable of today.