From Poet to Novelist, Lang Leav Presents her Latest Novel Poemsia

Readers have come to know and love Lang Leav for her poetic voice, but the poetess is also a successful novelist. Her latest novel Poemsia tells the story of an aspiring poet named Verity Wolf as she is thrown into the spotlight and faces the harsh reality of fame in the age of social media.


From the start, Poemsia draws readers in with its beautiful cover art and keeps people hooked with the relatability of life on social media. Not only does Leav create a captivating story, but she also crafts characters and relationships that you find yourself rooting for from page one. 

Poemsia explores the revival of poetry and the immense role that social media platforms have played in giving poetic hopefuls a medium to share their work. The book does a beautiful job of describing a journey of a modern poet from self-publication to big-time publishing contract


It also opens up a bigger discussion about social media’s role in the life of a creative, dissecting both the good and the bad aspects of sharing your work online. Leav shows how social media has opened up so many doors for writers who may otherwise fly under the radar, but she also shines a light on the darker corners of social networks and their impact on our psychological well-being. 


Leav expertly displays the occasional toxicity of the internet and the vulnerability that writers and artists feel as they share their work with the world. Poemsia is a reminder to readers and trolls, alike,  that we are all human and that there are actual people reading the comments left on posts. It is that truth that many writers will relate to as they walk alongside Verity Wolf in each phase of her journey. 

Readers will fall in love with the main character’s fiercely loyal best friend Jess who brings fire and humor to the story.  An honorable mention also goes out to the scruffy and sassy feline, Zorro! Poemsia truly has it all: furry buddies, forever friendships, first love, and fame; shattered illusions, shocking deceptions, and shining examples of love and courage. Verity Wolf is a heroine that people can relate to.


Poemsia is a story about poetry and following your dreams, but at its core, it’s a heart-warming journey of self-discovery that encourages readers to reconnect with the things that truly matter: not a large social media following or Twitter likes or the filtered realities of Instagram, but rather the true and lasting connections with family and faithful friends. At the end of the day, the story is a beautiful reminder to stay true to yourself while chasing your dreams. 

Poemsia is available for pre-order on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback edition. The book officially releases on October 1. Order your copy today!