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Filled with brilliant colors, heartwarming traditions, and evidence of the cycle of life, fall has been a longtime source of inspiration for poets and writers. As the leaves change and the weather cools, get ready to cozy-up and embrace the

Reading poetry is a healing experience for so many who search for comfort in the pages of a book. So is listening to a song or looking at a piece of art. Art and literature have a huge impact on

If coffee and poetry have one thing in common, it’s that they’re subjective. While one person might like a double-shot of espresso to kick-start their day, the next might prefer a cup-o-joe on the lighter and sweeter side. And while

From pop songs to movies to long-winded novels, love is a favorite subject of art and literature. While romance often takes center-stage, it’s important to remember that friendship, family, and self-love all deserve a little time in the limelight as

I am so honored to have gotten the chance to talk with Courtney Peppernell about her poetic inspiration, her writing journey, and that sweet, iconic jellyfish. She has some incredible insights for readers and writers alike that are sure to

“I have always felt out of place in this world. A world, it seems, that is increasingly polarised,” Avan Jogia writes on the first page of Mixed Feelings, his new poetry collection published Sept. 17 by Andrews McMeel.    Best known for

Sensitivity is my tree trunk, my flower stem, and my nucleus. It’s my belly and my heart, and it’s my gently rounded cosmic edge. I have found that it can either lead me to a wild field of flowers, or

Looking to add a healthy dose of feminism to your day? These six poems subvert the idea of feminity as weakness, packing an empowering punch with each line. They serve as a not-so-gentle reminder to never underestimate the power of

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram page and been drawn to the overall appearance of their work? We often refer to this as a page’s aesthetic, which refers to its attention to detail and beauty.    One of my favorite things

Looking to further your education in poetry? Don’t think you’ll have to foot the bill on your own. There are a number of resources, foundations, and endowments out there ready to lend a helping hand to talented poets. All you

The general sentiment about poetry contests seems to be that they’re intimidating and difficult to win. And in recent years, the number of poetry contests has surged, leading to an overwhelming, ever-expanding list of opportunities, each with their own unique

World Suicide Prevention Day allows us to come together to raise awareness and discuss ways to stop suicides from happening. So many of us have been affected by suicide in some way, and it can be difficult to talk about,

Photo by Rachel Eliza Griffiths. Courtesy of Blue Flower Arts & The Poetry Foundation   When you look at the list of U.S. Poet Laureates, you will have to scroll down pretty far before you encounter any women. For most of the

Poetry fans rejoice! September 6 is the perfect excuse to drop what you’re doing and read. Celebrated annually, National Read a Book Day invites us all to slow down, grab a book, and get to reading. In honor of this

September is packed with new poetry releases for your bookshelves. From Instagram’s beloveds like Amanda Lovelace, Atticus, and Nikita Gill to stunning debuts exploring trauma, grief, sexual assault, and mixed identity, this is a month to truly get excited about

Every year on September 4th, we celebrate the birth of Beyoncé, aka Queen Bey. One of the world’s most influential artists, Beyoncé is more than a singer—she is a symbol of fierce femininity, unbridled power, and artistic expression. So in

There’s nothing more enriching than quality time with good friends. They get you through the difficult seasons and watch you bloom in the happy ones. They are constants in an ever-changing world and support systems in the moments you feel

With the rise in poetry communities across platforms like Instagram, Goodreads, and Tumblr, self-published collections have helped poets everywhere land the book deal of their dreams. Rupi Kaur, perhaps the most popular example, was in school to be a lawyer

Change can be thrilling, scary, happy, sad, or bittersweet. Whether it’s graduating college, beginning a new relationship, moving to a different city, or embarking on a personal project, each of these milestones has something in common: it’s important to stay

If love remains one of poetry’s most enduring subjects, the lack or collapse of love persists just as strongly. Even Shakespeare, who wrote in the 1600s, dedicated a sonnet to a lost lover who had broken his heart, writing, “Since

You are worthy of having all the good things you want in your life, and manifesting can help you with this. The act of manifesting resets your focus, prompting you to view your life in a positive light.  A lot of

Healing looks different for everyone, but a big part of healing is nurturing your thoughts and being gentle with yourself as you walk through difficult seasons of life. Sometimes, we forget who we are when we are hurting. We let

  “There is no one in the world who can tell your story, but there are people in the world who need to hear it.”   Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is on a mission to remind you of four important things: you are needed,

I still remember why I first created my Twitter account: because one of my writing professors “strongly suggested” it. At the time, the process of replacing my blank “egg” avatar with a photo, finding people I wanted to follow, and

When you have two things that you are passionate about, it is only natural to want to introduce them to one another. Poetry, meet Netflix. Just like poetry, the popular streaming site has something for everyone. You may be surprised

Loving yourself is tough. Waking up every day with a proud sense of who you are can feel exhausting, or even impossible. But we all know, deep down, we can be the best versions of ourselves when we love ourselves

You may have read poetry in different forms, from different regions, and from writers of diverse sexualities, races, and genders, but there’s yet another way to revolutionize your canon—what about poetry in different languages?    Bilingual poetry has strengthened and challenged the

Morning “Prayer”  While you settle in with your morning coffee, try taking a poetry book off your shelf and opening up to a random page. Maybe what you read will become your mantra for the day. Or maybe you will discover

*Trigger warning *: This post references the current gun violence epidemic in the United States.   Dayton. El Paso. Gilroy. Parkland. It seems like every time I read a headline, a different city is reeling from another mass shooting. With reports that

Sometimes known as a villanesque, the villanelle is a fixed-verse poem made up of nineteen lines: five lines of three (or a tercet) followed by a four-line stanza (or a quatrain). The first and third lines of the first tercet

While traditional poetic forms sometimes get a bad wrap for being too strict, remember that rules can often help you push your creativity. The most common meter in English poetry, iambic pentameter is measured in pairs of syllables called “feet.”

One of the most frequently mentioned tips for improving any craft is to keep learning. And when it comes to poetry, adjusting to and growing alongside the ever-changing genre can only benefit writers. From learning a new poetic form to

As a child, what I wanted most in the whole world was to be trapped overnight in a Barnes and Noble without anyone noticing. Even now, I still feel a deep surge of both panic and longing when a cashier

When it comes to your mental health, a little reading can go a long way. Studies show that reading can improve your mood in a number of ways. Whether you’re looking for poetry to soothe the sting of heartache, or

Whether you’re driving, cooking, cleaning, or just relaxing, a spoken poetry playlist can be the perfect way to change up your poetry routine. Listening to a mix of poets can help you discover new favorites and hear old ones through

It can be hard to sit down and focus on writing when you have a flurry of emails, texts, and calls rolling in. Take a break from your hectic day-to-day and let your creative mind take center stage with a

With the rise of social media, we might feel as though we need to document our every move or broadcast our deepest thoughts. The internet has become a platform for self-expression, a space to showcase who we are, what we

So you finished your poetry collection. Congratulations! It’s now time to send this piece of your soul out into the world! As scary as this may feel, I encourage you to push through it and let your words be heard.

The #MeToo movement, founded by activist and TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year Tarana Burke, has spoken truth to power by confronting predatory men and opening secrets of sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in industries from film to fast food.

If you’re looking to find the Golden State’s local rhythm, look no further. Los Angeles offers a handful of impressive poetry slams for those looking for a friendly competition. With slams geared toward high school students, hip-hop artists, Filipino poets

When people think of poetry epicenters, New York City and Los Angeles are likely the first literary birthing grounds that come to mind. Though these amazing cities on either side of the country regularly top lists of the most literary

New month, new poetry! August brings us new poems from the first Native American Poet Laureate herself, Joy Harjo, along with works that explore violence against women and our current American political climate. From spirituality to technology to survival to

James Franco isn’t the only actor branching out of Hollywood into the world of poetry and creative writing. Although he might be the most popular to discuss, there are many actors, musicians, and models who write poetry.

About once a week, I do some of my pre-writing rituals—stretch, light candles, take a bubble bath, read a favorite poem for inspiration—and then when I’m relaxed and swathed in blankets, I hope an idea arrives.

While there is so much joy associated with writing, there is one pitfall that we all fall prey to—the dreaded writer’s block. It can strike at any moment and fill our hearts with frustration. But never fear! Sometimes, all we

Grief is a personal journey with no right or wrong way to process emotional healing. Everyone will need time to go through their experience at their own pace. Grief is not a straight line. It might look different every single

When you think about poetry, you might be used to exploring themes of romantic, deep, complex emotions, mythology, self-love, identity and the like. But sometimes these explorations of the self or the world can be expressed through an otherworldliness lense:

Poetry ignites so much life and emotion in the hearts of its readers. It is active and alive with imagery. There are many creative ways that people bring poetic works to life. You might see them on sculptures, walls, coffee

These 10 female Pulitzer Prize winners have made waves in American Literature. By connecting to their readers in their own unique ways, their collections have stood the test of time and landed them among the most highly esteemed poets of

This week, I am honored to talk with Angie Waters, also known as A. Shea, about a topic that is close to her heart: chronic illness.

If the work is going badly, I stay until 12:30. If it’s going well, I’ll stay as long as it’s going well. It’s lonely, and it’s marvelous. I edit while I’m working. When I come home at 2, I read

Writing is a lot like running: it goes over better if you stretch first. It’s not easy to dive into a blank page cold, and it can be frustrating to expect a full-fledged poem on your first try.

Like poetry, meditation often provides solace in the loud demands of the everyday. It comes as no surprise that poetry and meditation make a perfect combination. When we pair poetry with a meditative mindset, we get the chance to experience

Whether you’re a beginning writer or a longtime poet, finding competitions, community, and advice is an ongoing process. Reading others’ work, entering competitions, and participating in workshops can help you hone and maintain your writing skills.

Armed with a microphone and speaker, poets spill their words from ear to ear across the lawn. A voice carries a message of love with a goal to stomp out the flames of bigotry. A poet, who is about fifteen,

“The 24-hour news cycle,” “fake news,” “news alerts”—these phrases seem to sweep through our society, inspiring op-eds, psychological studies, and political talking points. 

Literature, including poetry, has long been a vehicle for thought-provoking political resistance and commentary outside of the dominant and privileged perspective.

Whether you’re in the mood for succinct style, musical meter, or mind-blowing metaphors, July’s poetry releases offer a promising lineup.

If you are like me, your moods seem to change many times throughout the day. Sometimes it is helpful to make the time to confront what you are feeling and take a gentle, introspective look at why you are having

Poetry is a beautiful form of expression, and there are many poetic tools and forms that you can utilize to help you explore the depths of your writing. Switching things up is a good way to look at your writing

Introverted yet unapologetic, K.Y. Robinson is a Texas-based writer and self-proclaimed poet laureate of her apartment. Her debut poetry collection, The Chaos of Longing, has been reviewed as “relatable,” “on-the-spot,” and “inspiring.”

As the popular phrase goes, “music is language.” But what about language as music? If you are an aspiring songwriter, reading poetry can help you a great deal. From sounds to rhythms to cadences, there are countless intersections between poetry

A two-time National Poetry Slam champion, a four-time published author (The Bones Below, New Shoes on a Dead Horse, We Slept Here, Today Means Amen), and an internationally touring poet, Sierra DeMulder uses her platform to be both an educator

Poetry, as we know, can be healing and meditative, transformative and rejuvenating. Reciting poetry out loud can act as a type of meditation practice to keep the mind and body feeling centered. Therefore, here is a little information on each chakra

It’s a common misconception that poetry and popular culture are mutually exclusive—that high art and refined taste are reserved for the elite, and pop culture is candy made for the masses. But if we take a closer look, we’ll find

Parents are complicated. These flawed people that gave us life or provided us with a home can bring on series of emotions, ones that we can grapple with our entire lives. 

“Poetry feels like lightning to me — It's this incredible jolt of feeling and emotion and power and recognition”

My own experiences were and are the very source of my need to write in the first place. What else can we draw from in writing than our own experiences?

Wine has so many distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. There is something for everyone, and it got me thinking: which poetry collections would be the perfect complement to some of our favorite wines?

“My own path has always been one of death and rebirth, rising and falling. It brings me comfort to recognize that these ‘ends’ aren’t ends at all, but just another necessary part of the process, like the turning of seasons,

Many of us use poets’, musicians’, and artists’ words to help us define who we or give meaning to our personal experiences. Not all of us go boldly to a tattoo parlor and ask for these words to be bound

Imagine if Ginsberg never lived in New York, or if Thoreau never visited Walden Pond, or if Maya Angelou never left the little town of Stamps, Arkansas—how different would American literature be? American poets typically have a certain flavor to

In the age of technology, there’s no excluding technology from the human experience. Though Wetch critiqued technology’s role in today’s society, he does believe technology has its upsides.

Whether you’re near the shore or a landlocked poetry-lover, it's hard to deny the powerful imagery of the sea. For some, a trip to the beach means summer, sunshine, warmth, and positivity. But for others, writing seaside channels a sense

“In my work, I want to shed light on stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental illness,” she said. “For so many years, the stigma swallowed me whole and I felt like I had no one else to turn to. I want

From civil rights to women’s liberation to Black Lives Matter, poetry has been a way to rail against complacency and oppression. These six poets—brave enough to share personal experiences, unpopular points of view, and lesser-known narratives—have shed light on the

From empowerment to identity to understanding the past, these poetry and prose collections will keep you reading and inspired all month long. Enjoy these new poetry releases this June.

One of the best ways to connect with other poetry lovers? Be part of a poetry book club! In the day and age of social media, there are many different ways to connect with other avid poetry lovers. Not to

For me, poetry stands out as a critical component of self-care. The intellectual engagement and attention that poetry demands means that when I’m reading it, my mind wanders away from work, chores, and anxiety, making poetry the perfect antidote to

June is Audiobook Month, so to celebrate we’re giving you four poetry audiobook suggestions to play over and over again this summer.

As Orson Welles famously noted, “A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet." Shall we see if these films stand up to the test?

For many people, June is better known as Pride Month, originally designated to commemorate the Stonewall Riots. While the rich inspiration and history remains, Pride Month has evolved to celebrate and lift up the outstanding accomplishments and complex identities of

From poetry’s rhythmic cadence and stunning lyricism to the popularity of spoken word poetry, sometimes the best poems are like songs, and experts and amateurs, alike have discussed the connection between poetry and music for years.

I really latched onto the presence of my grandfather. He came to all my baseball games. Which was my first true dance with romanticism. The smell of that grass, the leather- everything. His appreciation for it became mine. Their love

With summer right around the corner, promising relaxation and sunshine, it’s the perfect time to try out some new fruity cocktails while chipping away at those TBR stacks.

Books—and poetry, in particular—can play a bigger role than just a plane ride distraction if we let them.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to give our attention to the importance of mental health and stop the stigma often associated with mental health issues. Every mental health journey is different and so is the way we practice

Poems like Jones’s “Boy in a Stolen Evening Gown” blur the gender binary and help the speaker make both sense and celebration out of “the chiffon body [they’ve] borrowed.”

From photography and graphic design to writing and videography, Jenna Clare laid out a masterful body of work in her self-published collection. She even found time to make a documentary, journalling her creative process.

Poetry can be just as much of a page-turner as fiction, or, even better, it can keep us glued to a line or stanza, paused in reflection.

Reimagine what today’s writers look like, where their words have taken them. Uncovering the seemingly endless possibilities of what an artist is today,  Leticia Sala is a prime example of the unapologetic voice of the future of poetry.

  “I think poetry is one of the best mediums to clearly and succinctly convey an idea or feeling. “   Wilson Oryema is a writer and multidisciplinary artist based in London, who specializes in image, text, and film. His poetry collection

737 The Moon was but a Chin of Gold A Night or two ago— And now she turns Her perfect Face Upon the World below— Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde— Her Cheek—a Beryl hewn— Her Eye unto the Summer Dew The likest I have known— Her Lips of

Trigger warning: sexual assault   As poetry evolves, many new debates about the art form erupt. Just as ideas about the legitimacy of self-publishing and Instagram poetry have challenged long-held literary traditions, the differences between online poetry journals and print poetry journals

F.D. Soul is a New Zealand poetess and author of two poetry collections. Her latest collection Between You and These Bones is a raw illustration of wisdom and poetry—musicality interwoven to read like a meditation. Her poems question the relationship

For fans of the Enneagram, the nine types can provide guidance on everything from budgeting to dating. But what if it could also serve as a personalized recommendation for your next favorite poem?

Pierre Alex Jeanty is an influential voice in the poetry community who has taken the modern poetry movement by storm. He writes primarily to shed light on the lessons he has learned about life, love, and what it means to

Dawn Lanuza writes contemporary romance, young adult fiction, and poetry. Lanuza is known for her ability to connect with readers on a personal level. In 2016, her first poetry collection, The Last Time I’ll Write About You, debuted #1 on

As its name might suggest, Revolution Records, located in the downtown Crossroads area of Kansas City, can best be described as revolutionary.

Wilder is a poet and a creative whose work explores the light and beauty in our everyday lives and situations. She has two poetry collections, Nocturnal and Wild Is She. Her writing inspires readers to embrace the wild within and