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Byron is one of the most prolific and talented poets in the Western canon. No true student of poetry could complete her studies without knowing the beauty of his words. While Byron wrote many long narrative poems such as Don

Former First Lady Michelle Obama serves as an inspiration for many. In fact, a 2019 poll from Gallup recognized her as the nation’s “most admired woman” for the second year in a row. That same year, Obama’s memoir, Becoming, topped

Poet, essayist, and Amnesty International Speaker Imran Khan made major strides in 2019, including being nominated for Menacing Hedge’s Best of Net Award with his poem, “Carousels.” In addition to his work with Amnesty International, Khan’s poetry discusses themes surrounding

Capricorn season is in full swing, which is great news for the ambitious writers in our mix. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are the “taskmasters” of the zodiac—ready and willing to get things done. As such, Capricorn season is known to

“Identity, like culture, is fluid; it moves and you must move with it. Look for love and those who love you. Nothing else matters.”   Identity is the way we relate to ourselves and the lens through which we view the world.

With issues such as gun violence, sexual harassment, homophobia, and other troubling epidemics confronting us each time we turn on the TV, take in the headlines, or scroll through social media, it may seem like we can’t make a difference.

Are you seeking inspiration for your next social media post? Have you admired someone’s Instagram page and wanted to DM them about working together? Collaboration is a creative way for poets to grow their audience while integrating poetry into other

Writing is, by its nature, a solitary pursuit. Since we have to look to ourselves for inspiration and guidance, we can often find ourselves in a rut, staring at a blank screen, unmotivated or discouraged. Sometimes, it can be difficult

Most, if not all, of your favorite writers and poets have created some kind of writing practice to get their work done. This routine behavior is pivotal to the success of a writer and important to learn if you want

Writing and rejection often go hand in hand. The pain of having someone pass on your work is a feeling that most creatives experience at one time or another, and many experience it several times. Rejection stings, and it doesn’t

If you’re looking to improve your craft, reading is just as important as writing. While reading poetry collections can teach you plenty, it’s also important to hear from poets themselves. Those ready to get into the nitty-gritty may just find

Every month, it is my honor to feature a poet in the writing community and a cause that they feel passionate about. In doing so, my hope is that it raises awareness for a wide range of topics. It helps

“When words fly, winged and vulnerable / from the depths of their hell, / maybe then you can hear their song, / it’s a tragic but hilarious melody,” poet Charlyne Yi writes in her latest collection, You Can’t Kill Me

2020 begins with a boom with four brilliant and diverse voices in poetry. Exploring queerness, race, belonging, family and violence, along with the beauty of nature, these poetry collections will help you feel seen, validated, and loved in the unparallel

As the holiday season comes to a close, we prepare to wrap up the past and open the possibilities of a fresh start. While we close this chapter, we often spend some time rereading its pages. We rejoice in the

New Year’s Resolutions are about as cliché as it gets, but that’s no reason not to start 2020 off on the right foot. Instead of setting far-out goals that are often hard to keep (like write every single day or

It should come as no surprise that many of us have mixed feelings about the winter. For some, it’s a wonderland while for others, its a colorless wasteland. To explore our complex feelings about the wintry weather, we’ve made a

A seven-day celebration of African American and Pan-African pride, Kwanzaa brings together millions of people each year. Creativity, unity, culture, and heritage take center stage as many decorate their homes, have feasts, share presents, and light the Kinara each night.

While there are many different interpretations of the Hanukkah story, the classic traditions often remain the same. Celebrations revolve around lighting the menorah, known in Hebrew as the hanukiah. On each of the holiday’s eight nights, another candle is added

As the shortest day of the year approaches, we might not be feeling any love towards the cold, dark of the winter solstice. But poetry reminds us of the beauty in all things, even the frosty, bitterness of December days.

From Shakespeare’s classic sonnets to Rupi Kaur’s shorter verses, love stands out as an enduring subject in poetry. With so much written about love, including whole anthologies, it can prove difficult to ward off cliches and to make such a

The holiday season brings to mind so much joy: favorite holiday movies, songs that mark the season, and dearly loved traditions practiced year after year. These little moments help make the season even more magical. Most importantly, they remind us

The holidays are a time of immense celebration and excitement for most. The light displays and the decorated windows encourage us to be in good cheer as we bring in the Christmas season. But, for many people, the holidays hurt.

Basic greeting card templates can be a bit of a snooze. Consider giving your cards a personal touch this year with hand-written poems inside. Whether your loved ones live next door or across the world, a heartfelt poem that describes

What a year for poetry! 2019 brought so many gifted and inspired writers to the forefront penning raw, honest and important poetry that we needed and will cherish for years to come. Here is a look back at 25 poetry

If you know a Sagittarius, chances are that you love them. Astrology foretells that people born under this sign, or between the dates of November 22 and December 21, possess traits like wildness, an adventurous spirit, humor, and a tendency

What strikes fear in the hearts of writers in a similar way as the presence of Voldemort? Writer’s block. It hits most of us at one time or another, and it can really derail our best writing efforts. So, what

You’ve scoured sales, found the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, and made those holiday plans. Now, the only thing left to do is soak in the full spirit of the season. When you think about getting into celebration

Poetry is often a power move—a piece of art made for resistance, for self-expression, and for challenging the status quo. From before the civil rights movement to some of the most relevant issues today, poetry has served as a tool

The Modern Poetry movement has introduced us to so many amazing female writers with fresh perspectives and relatable insight. These strong women are stepping into the light of vulnerability to share their work with the world.    The collections featured in this

As I write this, I’ve recently finished up six creative writing graduate school applications, submitted poems to literary journals, and started delving back into short story writing. Like most writers, I would say this hectic creative schedule has been rewarding

As writers, we often find ourselves contemplating this simple question: How can I write something meaningful? Something that matters to someone? And while the process is complicated sometimes, we have some tips to help you on your journey.   Start by simply

If you’re anything like me, you probably can’t stop thinking about your holiday wishlist. Between awesome deals and swoon-worthy social media ads, it’s only natural to get swept up in the season of commercialism.    Giving Tuesday offers a counter to the

As we wrap up 2019, there are still new poetry collections to discover before we break into a new decade. From the darkness of the deep web and the powerful influence of technology to the beauty of self-discovery and self-acceptance,

Courtney Lowry is a photographer, poet, and artist from Baltimore, Maryland who seeks to empower those whose voices are silenced through her work. Her photography series “Generalized Anxiety Distortions” explores and documents her struggle with her mental health while studying

If you have graduated from school, or simply lack people in your life to share ideas about writing, literature, and poetry, listening to a podcast can feel like a warm hug of validation and acceptance. They are inspirational and informative

Having a heart of gratitude takes practice and daily focus, but it is a mindset that will help dramatically transform the way you see your world. When we search for ways to reflect on gratitude, it allows us to cultivate

It feels like I can’t remember a time before Black Friday. Statistics show that most shoppers do half of their holiday shopping on the occasion, which seems to be getting longer and more overwhelming each year. With some stores kicking

With the holiday season approaching, you may be wondering what presents to give (or to ask for yourself). If you’re shopping for someone with a passion for poetry—or if you’re a poet with an empty wishlist—let this roundup point you

Lying in the sweet spot between anonymity and accountability, Reddit offers a unique place for people to share ideas, seek advice, and collaborate. Of course, sharing work online opens us up to criticism, and not everyone behind their screen is

Michael Faudet’s latest poetry collection, Cult of Two, published by Andrews McMeel on Nov. 19, makes a transparent confession in its front-page introduction: The book, Faudet insists, is “haunted.” If readers delve into its pages, he warns that they might

If you are like me, you love a good quote about writing from your favorite writer. I love learning from their experiences, writing their words on post-it notes and sticking them all over my writing space. We can learn so

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past few years, chances are you know all about imposter syndrome. Outlets like Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, and even the American Psychological Association have written about the condition—further indicating its prevalence

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for expressing your emotions through writing, there are certain structures to follow when seeking to communicate these emotions and experiences with your readers through poetry. The idea of writing poetry can be

Today, we honor the memory of transgender people whose lives have been lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. Transgender Day of Remembrance shines a light on the losses we face due to bigotry and violence and serves as a reminder

You’ve set your intentions, you’ve embarked on the inner work, but still wonder why your dreams aren’t manifesting. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with you. Hitting a plateau is an important mile marker on any journey and a sign

Every month, I spotlight a poet in the writing community who I feel does a great job shedding light on important topics. So far, we have had incredible writers give amazing insight into the topics that inspire them to write:

Like the right sweater, the right words can bring warmth and comfort to the soul—just like some time alone can recharge you and make you feel whole again. A cozy night in calls for poetry. It’s a chance to put your

Whether you check your horoscope daily or once in a blue moon, it can be fun to see how your personality lines up with what the stars spell out for you. Each zodiac sign has unique personality traits and an

Often called the field’s terminal degree, a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing has become an increasingly popular option for poets, especially for those wanting to enter academia.    The number of MFA programs has tripled since the ‘90s, and

Alfa is a beloved voice in the writing community who has dazzled readers for years with consistently beautiful and eloquent poetry. Her latest collection The Salt in His Kiss explores an ocean of feelings such as heartbreak, longing, and the

"We can’t always wait for inspiration to strike; sometimes we have to go out and find it."   Sometimes writing feels more like jogging on rocks than hitting your stride, and the coveted flow-state seems just out of reach. But don’t fret!

“Reading or writing poetry creates a space for empathy, for seeing another person, for bearing witness to our common humanity."   Whether it’s written or spoken, poetry can be a powerful tool to aid in healing. It offers an opportunity for readers,

Erasure poetry, also called blackout poetry, uses existing texts to emphasize new themes. Specifically, erasure poets take a text — which can range from government documentation to Shakespearean sonnets — and cross out or paint over words until a new

"Poetry is all about emotion, drama, curiosity, gossip, cruelty, discovery, tenderness, heartbreak. All of these things seem inherent and heightened in girlhood."   Author of Be Brave and the forthcoming How to Be A Poet, J.M. Farkas has the unique ability to

Romance blossoms so beautifully in our hearts, but what about when it withers? Sometimes, literature paints a picture of love that is unattainable and fleeting.    In her newest collection, Unforgettable, Madalina Coman writes in a way that brings romance and realism

For the month of November, we wanted to provide our readers with a diverse list of new releases set to come out all month long. Here are a few of my personal favorites that I am looking forward to reading.   Collected

Spooky season is upon us at last  Reminders of witches and ghosts of the past The air is so crisp, and the sun sets so fast The vibrant decay of the leaves do contrast   As you gaze at the pumpkins, delight in the spice Caramel

“I watch Girl become Goddess and the metamorphosis is more magnificent than anything I have ever known.”   New from Instagram sensation and poet, Nikita Gill, comes a lyrical and feminist twist on classic Greek mythology, Great Goddesses: Life Lessons from Myths

“Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks” — greek philosopher, Plutarch   Writers have taken inspiration from famous paintings for decades, penning philosophical or personal musings on their experience with a piece of art.  The technical term for such

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in life, it’s that change is inevitable. Whether we’ve planned for it or not, life has a way of surprising us. The best we can do, sometimes, is take those unexpected turns as opportunities

Sometimes you come across a poem or a verse that you want to etch in your memory forever. Poetry has this effect on us—this heart-piercing ability to make us feel connected, loved and seen. And what better way to emulate

Promoting your poetry can feel uncomfortable, daunting or even impossible. With so many writers working to be seen or have their work published, it can feel like there isn’t room for you in today's market. I’m here to tell you

Dear White People—To Keep From Undressing by Aisha Sharif  Dear White People is about the experience of black students enrolled at a predominantly white Ivy League university. The exploration of identity, politics, and the rise of racial tension creates a dynamic

Visual art and literary art have established a beautiful, long-standing connection. Famous poets like William Carlos Williams, W.H. Auden, and even the ancient Greek Hesiod drew inspiration from works like paintings, sculptures, and entire museums. Dubbed “ekphrasis,” this form continues

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. For women, this is a time to consider your own breast health* as well as a time that brings on a heightened appreciation for our own female bodies. It's a reminder of their magic,

Breanna McGowan is a poetry/spoken word artist residing in Dayton, Ohio. She has been writing for a couple of years now and is looking forward to what poetry will expand into in growing years to come. She is a caregiver

The idea of body positivity is simple enough: that all bodies are worthy of self-love, self-care, and acceptance; all bodies are allowed to feel beautiful—and the definition of beauty is boundless. But in practice, body positivity isn’t always so simple.

There are so many people silently battling anxiety every day. You may never even know they are hurting because they are moving through it quietly. Mental illness is a long and arduous journey to well-being. It can feel extremely isolating

Happy National Coming Out Day! Founded in 1988, National Coming Out Day strives to increase visibility for LGBTQ people and groups. Robert Eichberg, a prominent gay rights activist who died in 1995 and who first commemorated the day, summed it

“40 seconds of action” is all it takes to show you care. This October 10th, join the fight to improve the mental health of people around the world on World Mental Health Day.    This year, World Mental Health Day focuses on

My dream job as a kid was to be a literary agent. It seemed cool, glamorous, and, hello, getting paid to read? But aside from the fantasy, what do literary agents actually do for writers? Do poets need them? And

“The past has everything to do with the future. Even if you leave it in the past, it becomes you. You become it."   Poet Emmy Marucci’s new collection Tell Me Another Story was inspired by the persistent question of children: “Will

Water has always been around me. I could never escape it. After all, it inhabits the world around me and vital to my existence. The Middle Passage is in my blood. I've been lowered in its waves trying to become

There’s something about the rain that almost demands reflection. As the drops fall, we may find ourselves drawn to the trickling water dancing on the window panes, tucked safely away from the falling rain. In these moments, we can think

I am so excited to bring you this interview with the wonderful Pavana Reddy. Pavana, also known by her pen name MazaDohta, is an LA-based poet and songwriter. Her two poetry collections are Rangoli and Where Do You Go Alone.    Reddy’s

“It’s okay to have questions. Just don’t let fear give you your answers. If it is on your heart to share your work, I hope you find the courage to take that step. It’ll be the beginning of an incredible

From Upile Chisala, Allie Michelle, and Emmy Marucci’s latests to some brand new voices in the poetry scene, October is filled with exciting and inspiring new poetry collections. This month brings poetry that explores the flaws of the prison system,

New from Malawian storyteller and author of soft magic, Upile Chisala, comes a sweet, tender, and powerful reminder of self-worth, resilience, and flowering into the honeyed, delicious, and loved being you have always been. Nectar is a love letter to

Looking for a form to help you express some intense emotions? Consider dusting off the classic ode and giving it a modern twist! Imaginative, emotional, and dignified, the ode is an open invitation to show gratitude, grieve, or even make

When poets struggle with writer’s block, a poem that rambles, or the persistent instinct that a poem is still not as strong as it could be, they’re often greeted with an intimidating, yet interesting piece of advice: Experiment with form.    Though

Readers have come to know and love Lang Leav for her poetic voice, but the poetess is also a successful novelist. Her latest novel Poemsia tells the story of an aspiring poet named Verity Wolf as she is thrown into

Sometimes, our mindset in the morning impacts our entire day, but a little positivity can make a huge difference and frame our perspective in a whole new way. Poetry is powerful because it encompasses such a large scope of human emotions.

Latinx Heritage Month, which started Sept. 15, invites us to celebrate the culture, traditions, and heritage of the Latinx community through Oct. 15 (and all year long, honestly). Founded in 1968, this month aims to honor and uplift the more

“Poets for a Cause” is a project I started to a spotlight on writers in the community who bring awareness to important topics. My first spotlight was on K.Y. Robinson, and she so bravely discussed mental illness and the stigma

You know the poems you hear at readings that elicit gasps and snaps from the crowd? Or those poems that leave you lingering on a book’s page, rereading your favorite lines and leaving crowded, awestruck notes in the margins? You’ve

When you think of the beginning of fall, you might think of crisp leaves, cozy sweaters, and steaming apple cider, but do you also think of amazing work by women poets? If Twitter has anything to say about it, this

It’s more than baseball. Charming, disarming, and uniquely American, Joe DiMaggio Moves Like Liquid Light provides an appreciation of the simple things in life—but not without analysis. Springfield, Missouri-based poet Loren Broaddus provides an exploration of nostalgia, family, race, jazz,

In our fast-paced culture, it’s easy to experience burnout. If you are like me, you are constantly fighting against that ingrained “productivity” mindset that says we need to be working, creating and making money during every moment of our free

Amanda Lovelace is a magical, poetic voice of our generation. She takes her pain and trauma and crafts collections that stir the soul and remind readers that it’s okay to be vulnerable. She is honest and transparent about the things

Filled with brilliant colors, heartwarming traditions, and evidence of the cycle of life, fall has been a longtime source of inspiration for poets and writers. As the leaves change and the weather cools, get ready to cozy-up and embrace the

Reading poetry is a healing experience for so many who search for comfort in the pages of a book. So is listening to a song or looking at a piece of art. Art and literature have a huge impact on

If coffee and poetry have one thing in common, it’s that they’re subjective. While one person might like a double-shot of espresso to kick-start their day, the next might prefer a cup-o-joe on the lighter and sweeter side. And while

From pop songs to movies to long-winded novels, love is a favorite subject of art and literature. While romance often takes center-stage, it’s important to remember that friendship, family, and self-love all deserve a little time in the limelight as

I am so honored to have gotten the chance to talk with Courtney Peppernell about her poetic inspiration, her writing journey, and that sweet, iconic jellyfish. She has some incredible insights for readers and writers alike that are sure to

“I have always felt out of place in this world. A world, it seems, that is increasingly polarised,” Avan Jogia writes on the first page of Mixed Feelings, his new poetry collection published Sept. 17 by Andrews McMeel.    Best known for

Sensitivity is my tree trunk, my flower stem, and my nucleus. It’s my belly and my heart, and it’s my gently rounded cosmic edge. I have found that it can either lead me to a wild field of flowers, or

Looking to add a healthy dose of feminism to your day? These six poems subvert the idea of feminity as weakness, packing an empowering punch with each line. They serve as a not-so-gentle reminder to never underestimate the power of

Have you ever scrolled through someone’s Instagram page and been drawn to the overall appearance of their work? We often refer to this as a page’s aesthetic, which refers to its attention to detail and beauty.    One of my favorite things

Looking to further your education in poetry? Don’t think you’ll have to foot the bill on your own. There are a number of resources, foundations, and endowments out there ready to lend a helping hand to talented poets. All you