Confessional Poetry Amplifies Everyday Resistance

“You have to realize that you are not endlessly fascinating.”

This comment came from a visiting poet at my university junior year. The surprised crowd – made up of mostly creative writing students – laughed awkwardly. The poet had been addressing “confessional poetry,” which the Academy of American Poets calls “the poetry of the personal.” It’s often the most common genre for new and emerging poets, based on the familiar advice to “write what you know.”

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When Times Are Tough, There's Still Poetry

In case you haven’t heard, the holidays are upon us. For many the holidays are a time of reunion, reflection, love, and joy. It’s easy to think about the holidays and to picture a family, perfectly framed in a bay window, lit in a warm glow, laughing, a furry friend curled up by the fireplace, snow falling.

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Patience Randle Comment