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Words can excite us, ground us, give us hope, and serve as companions in challenging times. In particular, the growing popularity of poetry throughout the

The month of August promises poetry releases with unique themes and powerful messages from both emerging voices and well-known writers. Collections celebrate Native American culture

The Enneagram is a personality tool that has gained popularity over the last couple of years. Through a model of nine interconnected personality traits, the


It’s important to support Black-owned businesses now more than ever. While the effects of coronavirus have touched nearly every business, especially small businesses, shutdowns have

Of course, reading and writing usually stand out as a poet’s most beloved pastimes. However, turning to different modes of entertainment can help fend off

Poetry has long served as a tool for social justice. At Read Poetry, we’ve celebrated poetry’s powerful impact on Black Lives Matter, reproductive rights, and

In 2020, we’ve seen how the coronavirus pandemic has become a health crisis throughout the world. Nearly every country has dealt with this crisis, and


It’s no surprise that musicians are often talented poets in their own right. Their skill for creating melodies and lyrics can translate beautifully to written

Much like poetry collections, the best studio albums are created and organized with intent. They have a grounding theme and unique perspective that challenges readers

Poetry and classical music have been used for centuries to set a scene, paint an emotion, or evoke a memory. Both have influenced and inspired

“Writing more and more to the sound of music, writing more and more like music. Sitting in my studio tonight, playing record after record, writing,