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If you’re like many people who are staying at home right now, the need for a new book can feel very real. Maybe you have already powered through your to-be-read pile and are wishing for a trip to the bookstore.

Women’s history month ain’t over yet. To end this month with a bang, we wanted to shed some limelight on the women who have made important contributions to poetry throughout history. So, we’ve made a list of twelve female poets

Is motherhood compatible with a life devoted to writing? Interviewers and readers have asked literary voices from Alice Walker to Zadie Smith, making them part of a long-standing, contentious debate. The question of whether to write and parent has inspired

It can be intimidating to be a female poet. In a literary landscape where journals more frequently publish men and where the obnoxious Guy In Your MFA archetype appears in seemingly every workshop, women poets often face more towering rates

Can you believe how fast this year is passing us by? The year 2020 has already brought us some great poetry collections in the first few months, but there are still so many collections to look forward to releasing later

Sharing your poetry on Instagram is a fun, modern, and engaging way to publish. It’s exciting to see your poetry come alive through audio, video, photography or other multimedia elements. Combining photography and poetry is still the most popular way

If you’re a fan of independent poetry with a DIY philosophy, poetry zines might just be your new best friend. Usually circulated on a small scale and filled with self-published work, the zine’s not-for-profit attitude opens the door for alternative,

A new season is upon us, which means new poetry prompts are in bloom! Has your creativity withered in the winter gloom? Let’s defrost that imagination and get some inspiration flowing. Choose one or several of the prompts below to

“Remove what doesn’t let you grow, instead let light and love in,” poet Courtney Peppernell writes in her latest collection, I Hope You Stay, released this March from Andrews McMeel. This advice appears in different ways across many of the

Aries season is coming in hot from March 29-April 19th. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are the trailblazers, both passionate and independent. Known for their competitive nature, Aries will put everything they have (and then some) into

When I think of reading poetry, I think of Norton anthologies, print literary magazines, and clean, cream paper on black-and-white ink. Traditional forms of poetry are wonderful, and I will always enjoy reading poetry this way.    But it is the 21st

Coronavirus is like a slow hurricane that's sweeping the nation and the world. In order to stay safe, we must be informed and follow the precautions advised by the scientists, but as we stay current with the news, it’s normal

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, and it is a chance for us to reflect on the beauty of words to connect us to ourselves and each other. Poetry is such a diverse art-form that has taken creative expression

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 19 this year, representing the first official day of spring. In Latin, the word equinox means “equal night,” which signifies that people experience an equal length of day and night on this date. It

Unapologetic, transgressional, and bold, punk has served to elevate art and scream “resistance” since the late sixties and early seventies. But punk is more than music; it encompasses visual art, written word, and so much more, which means poetry is

Two-time winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry, and USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller, Amanda Lovelace needs no introduction. The New Jersey-based poet made her debut with the princess saves herself in this one, the first book

Editing your poetry collection is an exciting process that involves gathering your beautiful poems and arranging them until they become a book that you’ll hold in your hands. It’s a process that’s quite different from the magical experience of writing

Sometimes we writers suffer from the writing blues. We look at our work and we see no worth in it. This comes from a multitude of feelings, including self-doubt, perfectionism, comparison, and many more. However, there are things we can

Mother. What better word for selfless, unconditional love? These are the women we can always turn to for warmth and unwavering support. They are equal parts strength and sacrifice, soft and steady, all rolled into one person. As I’ve grown

You’re powerful, talented, smart, and seriously gorgeous. We would all love if our internal monologues spoke these truths—so, how come so many of us hear the opposite? Research shows that up to 85 percent of people struggle with self-esteem, and

I think we can all agree that a life solely dedicated to your art is the dream we all wish to achieve. But can you support yourself as a poet? While many might find this hard to believe, there are

Trigger Warning: This article discusses abortion, sexual violence, and rape culture.   It’s been a challenging and painful time for feminist activists. A wave of anti-abortion heartbeat bills, shuttered health clinics, a Supreme Court newly dominated by anti-choice and misogynist justices, and

Blogs are a great way for people to connect and share their words and passions, and poetry blogs give writers a chance to discuss a myriad of subtopics such as style, popular collections, or poetry’s impact on the modern world.

Raised in Zomba, Malawi, Upile Chisala is a storyteller, sociologist, and activist. Her hope is to tell stories from the margins, and through her work, help others and herself come to terms with the past, celebrate the present, and confidently

There is nothing like the unbreakable and loving bond between sisters. Sisterhood is one of the most important relationships one can have in their lifetime. And it doesn’t always have to be defined by blood. Often times close friends can

Cover letters are the resumes of the literary world. They offer a brief introduction of your writing career while also providing a pitch to the editor about why your submission is the best fit for the magazine, journal, or press.    When

Feature image courtesy of Danielle Doby   A focal point in the movement for women’s rights, International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8. The day represents a day of appreciation, education, reflection, protest, and so much more. For 2020,

Trigger warning: This article discusses a poem about sexual assault.   How have you been celebrating Women’s History Month so far? If I had to guess, I’d say your March has been full of feminist anthems and films that pass the Bechdel

March is Women’s History Month which gives us another excuse to rave about our favorite female writers. Here are four magical women that should be on your radar for their strength, courage, poetry, and resilience.    Sana Abuleil  you weren’t close enough to touch but

Not that there is any right or wrong way!   Sexism has been entrenched in our patriarchal society since recorded history. From dealing with medieval misogynist male writers to the current struggles with sexual harassment in the workplace, women have long been

From Gilmore Girls to Mamma Mia!, mother-daughter relationships have long served as a pop-culture cornerstone. It’s easy to see why: The mother-daughter bond counts among the most complex and the most powerful. According to Psychology Today, an estimated 80 to

Reflection is essential in everyone’s life. It is an inner action that helps us analyze our own existence. However, introspection can be harsh at times because it evokes memories and challenging moments. So, what better way to reflect than with

Sleep offers sweet surrender from the day, rejuvenating our minds and bodies so we can be healthy and vibrant. But not everyone benefits from the pleasures of snoozing. In fact, our fast-paced modern lifestyles and overwhelming responsibilities have led millions

Spring is almost here, and new poetry collections are preparing to bloom this March. Here are a few to look out for as we make our way into this new season.    March 3rd: Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell This is Makenzie Campbell’s

Women’s history month helps to deepen our understanding of history and women’s rights, roles, and contributions throughout time. Each March, we highlight the contributions women have made throughout history and in contemporary society. To honor the past, inform the present,

NYC offers ample opportunities for poets and writers to mix, mingle, and make the most of their art. Workshops, readings, and open mics are a great way to meet fellow poets, discover new work, and get inspired to perhaps share

It can be difficult to introduce poetry to teenagers. Despite the fact that poetry has everything angsty, adventure-hungry teenagers are attracted to — ample potential for expression, opportunity to be playful and curious and the ability to convey complicated emotions

“you’ve been told / you love like whales drink ocean water / that you open too wide / take in too much / too quickly,” poet and educator Sana Abuleil writes in her latest collection, letters to the person i

With Pisces season in full swing and summer still feeling so far away, I have been finding myself longing to be in the presence of the ocean. I have been fortunate enough to live by the coast for my entire

Poetry has long been dominated by the literary gatekeepers of the world: the presses, editors, magazines, and journals who decide whose voices are heard and whose are left silent. To their credit, there are currently thousands of magazines and journals

The beauty of poetry is how it can shed light on so many topics in such unique ways. Poets often use their pens to give a voice to the causes that matter the most to them, and we can all

National Love Your Pet Day, occurring every year on Feb. 20, offers an opportunity to reflect on the love we have for our furry friends. It’s easy to see just how abundant this love has become: Studies show that 70

With the gray of winter still looming, this can be a tough time of year. Aquarius season may have left you feeling productive, but it might have also had you feeling disconnected with yourself, distant or lonely. But with Pisces

Perhaps it’s something you’ve heard in creative writing classes, high school English, or personal essay trade-n-grades, but voice isn’t always easy to put a finger on. For poets just starting out, the concept of voice can feel a little ethereal,

Like most art, poetry helps us summon emotion—usually in a condensed form. However, how many times have you wanted to convey a big idea or a thought but still ended up with a lengthy sentence? All writers face this challenge

Are you writing beautiful poems, posting them on Instagram, and not seeing your page grow the way you hoped? No worries. It’s not you—it’s the algorithm. Instagram’s algorithm used to be different, and many well-known poets who share their work

For so many of us, words speak love to our hearts in ways many other things cannot. The right love poem can remind your partner how much they mean to you while also beautifully describing the things you love about

As women, our friendships with each other are nothing if not sacred. We’re there for each other through the whole shebang—the good, the bad, and everything in-between. While significant others may come and go, the most fearsome friendships can last

With Valentine’s Day upon us, you might feel bombarded by jewelry commercials, all things red and pink, and overwhelming relationship pressure. Whether you’re partnered or single, Valentine’s Day has a way of making many of us feel inferior. Research shows

A good cup of tea can be made even better when it is paired with poetry. Every cup of tea is unique in substance and flavor profile, and each one has characteristics that make them a great complement to a

The winter can wither a soul that’s been left in the cold too long. When the temperatures drop, our spirits often do too. But the right words can bring warmth back to our hearts, no matter what the weather has

Valentine’s Day is not just a good excuse to eat delicious chocolates. It’s a celebration of the love and friendship in our lives and a way to cherish the people who support us emotionally. It can also serve as a

Rhythmic, memorable, and often moving, poetry appears in motion pictures more often than we might realize. Poems can help add drama, drive a plot, give characters depth, and add a sense of history, culture, or all-around coolness. From the modern

Your environment plays a huge role in your productivity. As a writer, your desk can be your creative hub, a special and even sacred place you look forward to being, where the muse feels most alive. While some research suggests

Ah, love is in the crisp, February air, and what a great muse it can be! Whether we are in a relationship or single, love can color our days in such beautiful ways. It can inspire our work as we

The power of speech can pack a lot of punch into a poem—which is what spoken word is all about. With volume, speed, inflection, and expression, poets are able to infuse their work with life and personality through spoken word.

February is almost upon us, bringing with it an assortment of new poetry collections to add to your personal library. I have selected four titles that I have added to my list this month with an overview of each book.

There are several ways to edit your work. When it comes to writing, this mantra is no less true. As such, there is no right or wrong editing method, because the most important thing is that you, as the writer

The warmth of summer is near. The flowers of spring are approaching, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There are so many reasons to feel inspired about life and enjoy each day to the fullest. But sometimes you

February is black history month, and that means we’re putting some extra focus on some of the major historical contributions black Americans have accomplished. From Phillis Wheatley’s first published poem to the Harlem Renaissance to modern poets like Khadijah Queen,

Traditionally, a mantra is a “word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating.” It is believed that by repeating a mantra while in this practiced state of peace and calm, only the positive intentions and actions

You’ve filled up whole notebooks with your words, shared them with a workshop or a few close friends, and, now, you’re ready to push past the fear and find a larger stage for your writing. First of all, congratulations. Many

The holidays have come and gone, and we are left with the cold hues of the winter months. No more tinsel and glitter. No more vibrant decorations and cheerful music to ignite cheer and warmth in those who see and

With the first month of the year wrapping up, how are you feeling about your 2020 writing resolutions? Whether your answer falls under amazing or meh, the way to attain your writing goals just might be creating your own writing

Tet in Vietnam is a festive and important tradition to celebrate the Lunar New Year. For 2020, Tet begins on January 25th, but preparations start one or two weeks before. Families create altars for ancestors, cook sticky rice cakes with

J.M. Farkas: Who are your "Poetry Mothers" (or fathers) aka the poets who have most influenced you? And who/what are you reading right now? Allie Michelle: I love mystic poetry. Hafiz, in particular, stole my heart. He has this cosmic sense

The moon’s energy has the power to control the ebb and flow of the ocean and can even impact human behaviors. To honor each phase is a spiritual practice that can greatly impact your life and your healing journey. Each

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” —Louis L’Amour    Over the past year, I’ve conducted quite a few interviews with authors, both for Read Poetry and my community, Write or Die Tribe.

It’s a common misconception to see introversion and extroversion as mutually exclusive. The truth is, most of us fall somewhere in between. But if you find yourself needing a chance to recharge after social events, noisy environments, or stimulating circumstances,

Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarians stand out as the hardest to describe and the hardest to pin down. If you follow popular zodiac meme pages, you might see this sign depicted as an alien, a fabulously flamboyant drag queen,

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great orator, activist, and one of—if not the—most visible spokesperson and leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He envisioned a world in which people were not judged by the color of their skin, but

Byron is one of the most prolific and talented poets in the Western canon. No true student of poetry could complete her studies without knowing the beauty of his words. While Byron wrote many long narrative poems such as Don

Former First Lady Michelle Obama serves as an inspiration for many. In fact, a 2019 poll from Gallup recognized her as the nation’s “most admired woman” for the second year in a row. That same year, Obama’s memoir, Becoming, topped

Poet, essayist, and Amnesty International Speaker Imran Khan made major strides in 2019, including being nominated for Menacing Hedge’s Best of Net Award with his poem, “Carousels.” In addition to his work with Amnesty International, Khan’s poetry discusses themes surrounding

Capricorn season is in full swing, which is great news for the ambitious writers in our mix. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are the “taskmasters” of the zodiac—ready and willing to get things done. As such, Capricorn season is known to

“Identity, like culture, is fluid; it moves and you must move with it. Look for love and those who love you. Nothing else matters.”   Identity is the way we relate to ourselves and the lens through which we view the world.

With issues such as gun violence, sexual harassment, homophobia, and other troubling epidemics confronting us each time we turn on the TV, take in the headlines, or scroll through social media, it may seem like we can’t make a difference.

Are you seeking inspiration for your next social media post? Have you admired someone’s Instagram page and wanted to DM them about working together? Collaboration is a creative way for poets to grow their audience while integrating poetry into other

Writing is, by its nature, a solitary pursuit. Since we have to look to ourselves for inspiration and guidance, we can often find ourselves in a rut, staring at a blank screen, unmotivated or discouraged. Sometimes, it can be difficult

Most, if not all, of your favorite writers and poets have created some kind of writing practice to get their work done. This routine behavior is pivotal to the success of a writer and important to learn if you want

Writing and rejection often go hand in hand. The pain of having someone pass on your work is a feeling that most creatives experience at one time or another, and many experience it several times. Rejection stings, and it doesn’t

If you’re looking to improve your craft, reading is just as important as writing. While reading poetry collections can teach you plenty, it’s also important to hear from poets themselves. Those ready to get into the nitty-gritty may just find

Every month, it is my honor to feature a poet in the writing community and a cause that they feel passionate about. In doing so, my hope is that it raises awareness for a wide range of topics. It helps

“When words fly, winged and vulnerable / from the depths of their hell, / maybe then you can hear their song, / it’s a tragic but hilarious melody,” poet Charlyne Yi writes in her latest collection, You Can’t Kill Me

2020 begins with a boom with four brilliant and diverse voices in poetry. Exploring queerness, race, belonging, family and violence, along with the beauty of nature, these poetry collections will help you feel seen, validated, and loved in the unparallel

As the holiday season comes to a close, we prepare to wrap up the past and open the possibilities of a fresh start. While we close this chapter, we often spend some time rereading its pages. We rejoice in the

New Year’s Resolutions are about as cliché as it gets, but that’s no reason not to start 2020 off on the right foot. Instead of setting far-out goals that are often hard to keep (like write every single day or

It should come as no surprise that many of us have mixed feelings about the winter. For some, it’s a wonderland while for others, its a colorless wasteland. To explore our complex feelings about the wintry weather, we’ve made a

A seven-day celebration of African American and Pan-African pride, Kwanzaa brings together millions of people each year. Creativity, unity, culture, and heritage take center stage as many decorate their homes, have feasts, share presents, and light the Kinara each night.

While there are many different interpretations of the Hanukkah story, the classic traditions often remain the same. Celebrations revolve around lighting the menorah, known in Hebrew as the hanukiah. On each of the holiday’s eight nights, another candle is added

As the shortest day of the year approaches, we might not be feeling any love towards the cold, dark of the winter solstice. But poetry reminds us of the beauty in all things, even the frosty, bitterness of December days.

From Shakespeare’s classic sonnets to Rupi Kaur’s shorter verses, love stands out as an enduring subject in poetry. With so much written about love, including whole anthologies, it can prove difficult to ward off cliches and to make such a

The holiday season brings to mind so much joy: favorite holiday movies, songs that mark the season, and dearly loved traditions practiced year after year. These little moments help make the season even more magical. Most importantly, they remind us

The holidays are a time of immense celebration and excitement for most. The light displays and the decorated windows encourage us to be in good cheer as we bring in the Christmas season. But, for many people, the holidays hurt.

Basic greeting card templates can be a bit of a snooze. Consider giving your cards a personal touch this year with hand-written poems inside. Whether your loved ones live next door or across the world, a heartfelt poem that describes

What a year for poetry! 2019 brought so many gifted and inspired writers to the forefront penning raw, honest and important poetry that we needed and will cherish for years to come. Here is a look back at 25 poetry

If you know a Sagittarius, chances are that you love them. Astrology foretells that people born under this sign, or between the dates of November 22 and December 21, possess traits like wildness, an adventurous spirit, humor, and a tendency

What strikes fear in the hearts of writers in a similar way as the presence of Voldemort? Writer’s block. It hits most of us at one time or another, and it can really derail our best writing efforts. So, what

You’ve scoured sales, found the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, and made those holiday plans. Now, the only thing left to do is soak in the full spirit of the season. When you think about getting into celebration

Poetry is often a power move—a piece of art made for resistance, for self-expression, and for challenging the status quo. From before the civil rights movement to some of the most relevant issues today, poetry has served as a tool