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After getting its emergence in the 1980s, slam poetry continues to grow in popularity across the globe. From New York City to the middle of the map, most cities boost a spoken word poetry presence, and the art form continues

The chakras are the energy centers in our bodies that connect us to ourselves and the world around us, and each of the main chakras represents different parts of ourselves. The chakras influence our moods, emotions, vitality, and our mental

This weekend, Black Lives Matter protestors gathered around the world to fight police brutality, systemic racism, and the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. But as I scrolled through Twitter, tweeting, retweeting, and scrolling past horrific

With beautiful binding, eye-catching covers, and often heart-stopping poems inside, it can seem a mystery how poetry collections go from an idea inside your favorite poet’s head to a polished book on a shelf near you. For a brief inside

Without a strict definition, the concept of photopoetry is hard to put a finger on. While poetry and photography are distinct art forms, the two have quite a bit of overlap. Both are concerned with images, but they approach communicating

Did you know that 6 out of 10 people in the United States are living with a chronic disease? Four out of ten are living with two or more. Chronic illness is broadly defined as having a health condition for

Have you ever felt a surge of creativity after a sweat-filled spin class? Or have you ever experienced a breakthrough after a run around your block? We’ve known for a long time that mental and physical health are connected and can

People often call the solar plexus chakra the “power chakra.” With this in mind, its location at the diaphragm makes perfect sense: This chakra literally invites us to speak up and assert ourselves, overseeing everything from our belief systems, to

When I used to practice yoga at a studio in Miami, one of my favorite moments was listening to poetry. My instructor, Maria, was the one who taught me how to do Hatha Yoga when I was 23. After savasana,

Since prehistoric times, the moon has played a crucial role in our lives. In ancient civilizations, the moon was viewed as a deity. Old lore tells us about its force to convert humans into monsters. Poets and writers of fiction

I know I’m not alone when I say how much I miss my friends and family. For safety purposes, we have been keeping our distance for weeks. And while we know it’s for the best, it doesn’t stop it from

The sacral chakra, or Svadhisthana, is the second primary chakra (after the root chakra, or Muladhara). Located about three inches below the navel, the sacral chakra is known as the center of our feelings and sensations. Think of it as

Oh, Geminis. As the inspiration behind hundreds of memes and one of the most frequently referenced zodiac signs, the Twins can have an infamous erratic streak and a penchant for drama. Behind these tweet-worthy stereotypes, however, Geminis also carry traits

Hi, friends. I hope you and your loved ones are staying well during this pandemic.   I know that the state of our world right now has taken a mental toll on many of us in different ways. Social distancing from friends

It is my pleasure to bring you poet spotlights every month from writers who are passionate about shedding light on important topics such as mental health awareness, chronic illness, trauma, domestic violence, widowhood, childhood cancer, and self-love. Today, I got

Meditation and poetry are best buddies. The more you meditate, the more your poetry can flourish because you have practiced being present, and this practice will attune you to inspiration and creativity.    On the flip side, poetry can make your meditation

I know that we are all starting to feel the immensity of the pandemic: the isolation, the uncertainty, and just the sheer tension of it all in our lives. There are so many beloved bookstores and shops that I know

With the invigorating smell of coffee, the relaxing murmur of customers, and a familiar, cozy drink close at hand, writing at coffee shops is a long-missed pastime by many. From New York to L.A., with a smattering of stops in-between,

At their most fundamental level, the seven chakras represent where energy flows in the body. Controlling elements from love and inner-peace to communication and self-expression, the chakras hold high importance. Spiritual teaching tells us that when these chakras are open,

Bestselling poetry and self-help author Renaada Williams carved her name into the poetry scene with her first collection, fluid., in June 2018. Her tender but empowering analysis of growth, change, and healing carried through in her next book, an interactive

Here at Read Poetry, we’re big proponents of self-love. From bringing you ways to celebrate yourself with poetry to poetic methods for emotional healing, we believe poetry can help you protect and build upon your most important relationship. With scientific

Writing in all forms can help strengthen your creativity and artistic expression. That being said, have you ever considered the benefits of journaling as you set out to write your next great poem? Journaling is a perfect complement to poetry

I first discovered Kundalini Yoga when I was 23 years old. I was sitting on the hardwood floor of a studio in Miami as I chanted sounds that I barely meaning knew the meaning of. I held prayer beads in

Spurred by a dare, a kiss between two college friends sets in motion a story that is equal parts romance and coming-of-age. Gender, sexuality, and societal expectations fall under the microscope as Be Straight With Me  (available May 19) splices

I am a pluviophile, that is, a lover of rain. However, I also enjoy sunny days because they are perfect for reading outside. It is lovely to sit under the shade of a tree, whether in a forest or a

Have you heard of the PBS show “Poetry in America?” Surprisingly, I hadn’t. But as I settled in to check out an episode, I quickly understood and appreciated the program’s important, progressive message: Poetry truly has something to offer everyone.    If

I remember sipping on the juice of oranges with the midday sun warming my skin when I was six. I remember doing cartwheels just because they were fun. I remember blowing bubbles and being amazed by the iridescent circles floating

National Teacher Day lands on May 5 this year, marking an invitation to acknowledge all the hard work that teachers do. The average teacher impacts 3,000 students throughout their career, with 75 percent of those students designating this impact as

Between streaming services, news media outlets, grocery suppliers, and wine purveyors, subscriptions have nearly become the new normal. In the midst of a subscription bonanza, we’ve cut through the noise and picked out eight of our favorite literary magazines worth

So many rejection letters start with this sentence: “Thank you for your submission, but unfortunately, your poem is not a right fit for our magazine.” On the surface, this seems like a rejection, but if you look deeply and explore

While at home this May in self-quarantine, there is no better time to explore new poetry. With the latest from Jenny Zhang, and collections exploring sexuality, injustice, mental health, and healing, there is something new for everyone within the words

Photo by Tom Hines   Asian-American representation in poetry spans a wide range of generations, regions, and cultures. Contributions have been made by Asian Americans for at least a century, but only in the last fifty years have they begun to take

Adding plants to your living space adds an element of calm and tranquility. Watching them grow and thrive under your care is rewarding and can feel meaningful in a small way. Not only do they purify the air of toxins

Special occasions are fun ways to remind us to celebrate the things we love, and National Poetry Month gave us lots of opportunities to make the most of our passion for poetry. But, just because April is over does not

The Crying Book by Heather Christle  Heather Christle, the author of four poetry collections: The Difficult Farm (2009), The Trees (2011)—which won the Believer Poetry Award—What Is Amazing (2012), and Heliopause (2015), released her first nonfiction book in 2019. The Crying

Talk about how humor can help us persevere, even in the darkest of times. “Humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a

I am sure you have heard it before: show, don’t tell. It is the celebrated telling vs. showing in prose. In this regard, Anton Chekhov writes, in a letter to his brother, Alexander Chekhov, “for instance: you will capture the

Do you have a friend that you’ve been wanting to introduce to the world of poetry but have no idea where to begin? Poetry can feel intimidating and overwhelming to some people who are just getting started. But poetry is

We spend a lot of time talking about how impactful poetry can be on our hearts and minds, but what about our kiddos? I have often thought about how I want to introduce and share poetry with my son when

Reading poetry, as well as writing and sharing your own poems, can make for a seriously busy schedule. But making poetry a natural part of your life doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. What if there were trusted sources

April 21 to May 21 marks the Taurus season, and there’s plenty to celebrate about these beautiful bulls. The sign of icons like Adele, Aidy Bryant, and Cher, Taurean traits include perseverance and stubbornness, but also patience, gentleness, and a

You know the feeling: you drive back into your hometown and pass your high school or you smell the perfume your mom used to wear when you were younger? Moments like this make memories flood over us in a wave

New York School poets and painters, (l. to r.): Kenneth Koch, Larry Rivers (holding sign), John Ashbery, Jane Freilicher, Lelia Telberg, and Nell Blaine. Courtesy of the John Ashbery Estate/Flow Chart Foundation.   When discussing poetic movements, literary scholars and fans frequently

Poet, contemporary fiction writer, and practicing physician Simi K. Rao was born and raised in the center of India, where she was exposed to the vastly diverse cultures and languages of the North and South regions. She immigrated to the

Nikita Gill is the UK’s most followed poet. Whether she is caring for readers during the coronavirus crisis, speaking at TEDx Talks, or championing women’s rights, Nikita is a modern poet who has captivated readers with her candid and powerful

Seventy-three years ago, this April 15th, the son of a Georgia sharecropper made his Major League Baseball debut as a Brooklyn Dodger. Each April 15th since 2007, every Major Leaguer wears the number 42, the day set aside to honor

Featured photo courtesy of Humanities Kansas   When you think of poet laureates, you probably think of those on the national stage, like Tracy K. Smith and Joy Harjo. However, 43 states appoint their own poet laureates, selecting established and passionate voices

Most writers struggle with self-doubt at some point. This inner demon comes from a place of imposter syndrome. We know that we are capable of more and better. Our best work is always yet to be written. We are too

Miami is generally considered a city of beaches, clubs, and parties: a city that has inspired catchy and famous songs such as Will Smith’s 90s classic, Miami. And while that side of the city is well-known, Miami is also a

Instagram is a great way to discover new poems, interact with fellow poets, and even market your own work. Instagram’s hashtags are a big part of that formula. Hashtags help us find new content, and make our own content easier

Author Photo By Hieu Minh Nguyen Trigger Warning: This article discusses substance abuse.   Writing and alcohol possess a long-standing connection in literary culture. This can be lighthearted, inspiring boozy bookstores and cocktails named after classic novels. However, the trope of the drunken

a blessing for these times   A blessing to our young, the children, babies and to those caring for children and those bearing our future, to the embryonic kicks of creation, to the saplings, buds, calves and cubs— to the child within us

We all have our favorite poets to follow on social media. They brighten up our newsfeeds and give us our daily dose of poetry and prose. But another great way to experience more beautiful words on your social media is

I’m not going to lie to you: I love writing, but I don’t like the practical side of publishing. You know: sending your work to magazines, keeping track of submissions, and editing cover letters. It’s time-consuming to navigate the submission

"Never let failure discourage you. Use it as fuel to continue on your path and work hard every day."   Kafar Myers is a 20-year-old artist, poet, and musician from New Jersey. His latest poetry collection Soulful of More features 59 poems

April is on the horizon, and that means soft spring showers and a whole slew of new books are on the way. To help you get your April reading list going, we’ve created a list of 7 new poetry releases

Happy National Poetry Month! Founded by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, the month-long celebration increases awareness, appreciation, and support for the art of poetry.    Typically, April stands out as one of my favorite months of the year. I can

In my World Poetry Day post, I discussed a few different ways to make the most of the day and keep poetry in the spotlight. Now, we get a chance to expand on these concepts further and celebrate National Poetry

Every month, I have the honor of talking to a poet in the community about a cause that they are passionate about spotlighting through their writing. Last month, I spoke with Elizabeth Diane Daniel about the heartbreaking realities of childhood

When we are going through a hard time, it can be very difficult to let other people in. Healing looks different for everybody. But healing is a process that is better when we show up for each other. We need

In an article by Michael Detra in the Washington Post, he discusses reading John Burnside’s The Music of Time: Poetry in the Twentieth Century. In this book, Burnside says that 20th-century poetry matters because it “continually interacts with contemporary social

Trigger warning: abuse   During my writing sessions, I need two things: a quiet place and background music. I love to write with melodies inside my mind. As a collector of words, songs’ lyrics have a special place in my heart because

If you’re like many people who are staying at home right now, the need for a new book can feel very real. Maybe you have already powered through your to-be-read pile and are wishing for a trip to the bookstore.

Women’s history month ain’t over yet. To end this month with a bang, we wanted to shed some limelight on the women who have made important contributions to poetry throughout history. So, we’ve made a list of twelve female poets

Is motherhood compatible with a life devoted to writing? Interviewers and readers have asked literary voices from Alice Walker to Zadie Smith, making them part of a long-standing, contentious debate. The question of whether to write and parent has inspired

It can be intimidating to be a female poet. In a literary landscape where journals more frequently publish men and where the obnoxious Guy In Your MFA archetype appears in seemingly every workshop, women poets often face more towering rates

Can you believe how fast this year is passing us by? The year 2020 has already brought us some great poetry collections in the first few months, but there are still so many collections to look forward to releasing later

Sharing your poetry on Instagram is a fun, modern, and engaging way to publish. It’s exciting to see your poetry come alive through audio, video, photography or other multimedia elements. Combining photography and poetry is still the most popular way

If you’re a fan of independent poetry with a DIY philosophy, poetry zines might just be your new best friend. Usually circulated on a small scale and filled with self-published work, the zine’s not-for-profit attitude opens the door for alternative,

A new season is upon us, which means new poetry prompts are in bloom! Has your creativity withered in the winter gloom? Let’s defrost that imagination and get some inspiration flowing. Choose one or several of the prompts below to

“Remove what doesn’t let you grow, instead let light and love in,” poet Courtney Peppernell writes in her latest collection, I Hope You Stay, released this March from Andrews McMeel. This advice appears in different ways across many of the

When I think of reading poetry, I think of Norton anthologies, print literary magazines, and clean, cream paper on black-and-white ink. Traditional forms of poetry are wonderful, and I will always enjoy reading poetry this way.    But it is the 21st

Coronavirus is like a slow hurricane that's sweeping the nation and the world. In order to stay safe, we must be informed and follow the precautions advised by the scientists, but as we stay current with the news, it’s normal

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, and it is a chance for us to reflect on the beauty of words to connect us to ourselves and each other. Poetry is such a diverse art-form that has taken creative expression

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 19 this year, representing the first official day of spring. In Latin, the word equinox means “equal night,” which signifies that people experience an equal length of day and night on this date. It

Unapologetic, transgressional, and bold, punk has served to elevate art and scream “resistance” since the late sixties and early seventies. But punk is more than music; it encompasses visual art, written word, and so much more, which means poetry is

Two-time winner of the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Poetry, and USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller, Amanda Lovelace needs no introduction. The New Jersey-based poet made her debut with the princess saves herself in this one, the first book

Editing your poetry collection is an exciting process that involves gathering your beautiful poems and arranging them until they become a book that you’ll hold in your hands. It’s a process that’s quite different from the magical experience of writing

Sometimes we writers suffer from the writing blues. We look at our work and we see no worth in it. This comes from a multitude of feelings, including self-doubt, perfectionism, comparison, and many more. However, there are things we can

Mother. What better word for selfless, unconditional love? These are the women we can always turn to for warmth and unwavering support. They are equal parts strength and sacrifice, soft and steady, all rolled into one person. As I’ve grown

You’re powerful, talented, smart, and seriously gorgeous. We would all love if our internal monologues spoke these truths—so, how come so many of us hear the opposite? Research shows that up to 85 percent of people struggle with self-esteem, and

Trigger Warning: This article discusses abortion, sexual violence, and rape culture.   It’s been a challenging and painful time for feminist activists. A wave of anti-abortion heartbeat bills, shuttered health clinics, a Supreme Court newly dominated by anti-choice and misogynist justices, and

Blogs are a great way for people to connect and share their words and passions, and poetry blogs give writers a chance to discuss a myriad of subtopics such as style, popular collections, or poetry’s impact on the modern world.

Raised in Zomba, Malawi, Upile Chisala is a storyteller, sociologist, and activist. Her hope is to tell stories from the margins, and through her work, help others and herself come to terms with the past, celebrate the present, and confidently

There is nothing like the unbreakable and loving bond between sisters. Sisterhood is one of the most important relationships one can have in their lifetime. And it doesn’t always have to be defined by blood. Often times close friends can

Cover letters are the resumes of the literary world. They offer a brief introduction of your writing career while also providing a pitch to the editor about why your submission is the best fit for the magazine, journal, or press.    When

Feature image courtesy of Danielle Doby   A focal point in the movement for women’s rights, International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8. The day represents a day of appreciation, education, reflection, protest, and so much more. For 2020,

Trigger warning: This article discusses a poem about sexual assault.   How have you been celebrating Women’s History Month so far? If I had to guess, I’d say your March has been full of feminist anthems and films that pass the Bechdel

March is Women’s History Month which gives us another excuse to rave about our favorite female writers. Here are four magical women that should be on your radar for their strength, courage, poetry, and resilience.    Sana Abuleil  you weren’t close enough to touch but

Not that there is any right or wrong way!   Sexism has been entrenched in our patriarchal society since recorded history. From dealing with medieval misogynist male writers to the current struggles with sexual harassment in the workplace, women have long been

From Gilmore Girls to Mamma Mia!, mother-daughter relationships have long served as a pop-culture cornerstone. It’s easy to see why: The mother-daughter bond counts among the most complex and the most powerful. According to Psychology Today, an estimated 80 to

Reflection is essential in everyone’s life. It is an inner action that helps us analyze our own existence. However, introspection can be harsh at times because it evokes memories and challenging moments. So, what better way to reflect than with

Sleep offers sweet surrender from the day, rejuvenating our minds and bodies so we can be healthy and vibrant. But not everyone benefits from the pleasures of snoozing. In fact, our fast-paced modern lifestyles and overwhelming responsibilities have led millions

Spring is almost here, and new poetry collections are preparing to bloom this March. Here are a few to look out for as we make our way into this new season.    March 3rd: Nineteen by Makenzie Campbell This is Makenzie Campbell’s

Women’s history month helps to deepen our understanding of history and women’s rights, roles, and contributions throughout time. Each March, we highlight the contributions women have made throughout history and in contemporary society. To honor the past, inform the present,

NYC offers ample opportunities for poets and writers to mix, mingle, and make the most of their art. Workshops, readings, and open mics are a great way to meet fellow poets, discover new work, and get inspired to perhaps share

“you’ve been told / you love like whales drink ocean water / that you open too wide / take in too much / too quickly,” poet and educator Sana Abuleil writes in her latest collection, letters to the person i

With Pisces season in full swing and summer still feeling so far away, I have been finding myself longing to be in the presence of the ocean. I have been fortunate enough to live by the coast for my entire

Poetry has long been dominated by the literary gatekeepers of the world: the presses, editors, magazines, and journals who decide whose voices are heard and whose are left silent. To their credit, there are currently thousands of magazines and journals

The beauty of poetry is how it can shed light on so many topics in such unique ways. Poets often use their pens to give a voice to the causes that matter the most to them, and we can all