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The owners of Our Daily Nada envisioned the space, part bookstore and part bar, as both an escape and an opportunity for customers to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Traditional and structured, this short form of Japanese poetry is well-known for its rule of 5/7/5: five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five again in the third. Haikus are known for their ability to paint

April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to celebrate than Poem in Your Pocket Day? Poem in Your Pocket Day is celebrated every April; this year the official date is April 18th. This day strives to celebrate the

Sylvia Plath’s raw, frank, and visceral use of free verse also give her poems a depth of feeling matched by few others.

Though Maya Angelou’s work spans past The Civil Rights Movement, her poetry has always been revolutionary, especially her famous poem, “Caged Bird”, in which she explores the liberation of black people from slavery.

My audience is not afraid of the truth, and they have faith in the power of healing.

As an artist, finding a home where your artistry can live and breathe is a task only rivaled by finding your voice as a creative. For me, working as a creative has less to do with being an artist, and

Poet and performer Alison Malee captures the past, present, and future with a truthful yet delicate touch. The author of Shifting Bone (2016) and The Day is Ready for You (2018) is now on her third book of poetry, titled

Poetry written during the transcendentalist movement is easy to spot; it’s filled with striking sensory imagery that often blurs the line between the speaker and nature.

One beautiful thing about the written word is how it connects us and brings us all together. It creates this incredible bond, and, for writers, it gives us an escape and a way to flood our passion onto waves of

Writers’ Block is a Nebraska Writers’ Collective program that leads incarcerated individuals to self-expression through creative writing and poetry.

Mention poetry to an in-the-know Kansas Citian, and Poetic Underground often comes to mind. The writing and performance community, which hosts poetry slams and open mics, has become well-known in Kansas City for both its inclusiveness and energy.

Marala Scott is on a mission: to spread the message of gratitude. She wants her readers to know that, even in the midst of challenges, there is still strength to be found within themselves, especially when they learn to cultivate

Happy National Poetry Month! If you're new here, welcome. If you’ve been with us for a while (thank you, by the way), you probably have noticed that our site has a new look.

It seems as though we can’t talk about modern poetry without talking about social media. Social platforms, particularly Instagram, have changed the way we consume poetry, making this genre more accessible than ever.

Child of the Moon is set against the backdrop of the Lebanese Civil War amongst Semaan's turbulent family life. Her poetry is a journey through shame, fear and crawling away from despair—of healing from childhood trauma.

One of the most constant things about poetry is change. It evolves with time, and that is why it continues to remain relevant across centuries. When I was younger, I remember a phase when I was in school and loved

Prose writers can use poetry as a tool to enhance and better their writing in a number of ways. Here is a list of ways to use poetry to improve your prose.

Love is one of the hardest feelings to put into words, but poetry is a great way to try.

In case you haven’t heard, the holidays are upon us. For many the holidays are a time of reunion, reflection, love, and joy. It’s easy to think about the holidays and to picture a family, perfectly framed in a bay

I cannot speak for everyone but I love participating in poetry-writing competitions because each time is a learning experience. They help me explore new writing ideas and formats and encourage me to keep writing.

Poetry is a timeless art form that connects people with the world around them. It is ever-evolving—changing and growing with new generations of writers and readers.

Words often fall short when it comes to expressing grief. There is no right way to respond, but sometimes poetry can help us capture the feelings we struggle to define. Here is a collection 10 of beautiful poems on grief

“You do not have to constantly create new content in order to be a worthwhile artist." - Caitlin Conlon

If you’re anything like me, it took you a while to “get” poetry. If I’m honest, a lot of it still confuses me or seems to fall flat. I don't blame us, though, when the first poetry we are introduced

As an avid reader and lover of poetry, I can read it on any occasion. In cooler months, I love to curl up with a book and warm beverage.

Recently I went to Chiang Mai, a natural haven in the mountainous parts of northern Thailand. I was there on a 10-day retreat in an exquisite, picturesque accommodation located on a hilltop.

Poetry can make us feel emotions the way no other genre can. Poems connect us to each other and the world around us, taking us on a journey, line by line.

With so much movement and noise in the world today, it can be hard to focus, difficult to know what to read and take in. Poetry is a special form of writing that forces us to slow down, to linger

In recent years women from all walks of life are reclaiming their voice from their oppressors. With campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp gathering momentum, times are changing—in a positive way—and poetry is one among many mediums that women are using

Getting your work published is no easy feat, but living in the age of the internet makes it a little easier. That being said, there are a number of right (and wrong) ways to get your poetry into the hands

We talk to the author of Heart Lines, Gemma Troy.

The modern poetry movement is giving readers a whole new poetry experience that allows people to fall in love with the art form all over again. In this new age of poetry, there are endless styles, subject matters, and unique

Whether or not you believe in astrology, it is still incredibly fascinating to read what traits you can attribute to your zodiac sign. This is exactly why I paired my favorite poetry collections with each star sign.

You sit down to write, but slowly the blank page wraps around your brain like a straightjacket.

Blackout poetry is a great exercise for writers, as it asks us to focus on selecting a limited number of words to create new meanings.

In the digital age, poetry has taken a mobile-friendly shift to shorter, more accessible poems.

Author and self-care advocate Alex Elle uses her words to remind us of the ways we can show up for ourselves like we would for others.