As the chief spokesperson for nonviolent activism during the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated across the U.S. on the third Monday in January each year. He envisioned a world in which people were not judged by

For many readers and writers, anthologies are a reminder of the literary canon. The word can conjure images of thick, traditional textbooks—the ones filled with poems by dead, white men.    While literary history is important, the movement to include new voices,

Sharing your writing in a post online is a wonderful way to spotlight your poems—but taking photographs of your poetry collection or typed poem is another great option to create engaging and beautiful content. Don’t have a poetry book yet?

The moon affects our planet: It forces our tides to swell and fall on our shores; it moderates the wobble of the Earth’s axis; it stabilizes our climate; and it guides the hatchling of sea turtles. If you consider the

With a new year upon us, many of us are thinking of resolutions and new beginnings. We are pondering what this might look like with uncertainty still clouding our current reality. Through the joyful highs and heartbreaking lows we are

Query letters can be an important step in finding an agent or reaching out to a small press. Simply put, the succinct and formal query letter (typically a single page) has one key purpose: enticing an agent or publisher to

It’s the start of a new year, which, for many of us, symbolizes a new beginning. If you’re ready for a fresh start in your poetry practice, we’ve selected eight renewing writing prompts for January. So sit back and let

Have you blown through your 2020 reading list? Don’t sweat it. The new year is the perfect excuse to refresh your bookshelf. This month, there’s no shortage of great books to add to your collection. If you’re looking for some

The new year is officially here, which means writers all over the world are ready to begin a new chapter (literally and figuratively). If you’re looking to reach new heights in your writing, consider taking on one of these six

2021 is just around the corner. While celebrations may look a little different this year, the opportunity to reflect and reset remains. For many of us, it will symbolize a new start. To help you start the new year off

Mindfulness is an important technique for poets to practice and harness within their work. The techniques of mindfulness can empower poets to tap into their inner voice, find comfort in taking risks, and prioritize self-care amidst the stress of writing

There are so many compelling reasons to start or join a poetry book club. Poetry book clubs are an excellent way to interact with other poetry-lovers, broaden your literary horizons, and gain inspiration for your own writing. While most meetings

In the face of endless advertisements and increasing pressure to buy, buy, buy, it can be hard to stay focused on what makes the holidays truly special. While material objects are fun to give and receive, we certainly don’t want

2020 has been a difficult year for many. Although the holiday season is branded as a time of joy, people across the globe will also be facing feelings of anxiety or grief. While it’s tempting to shut off our emotions

It’s officially the holiday season, albeit it may look different this year. When bright lights and merry music fill the air, the feeling stirred inside each of us is unique. This is the perfect opportunity for an exercise in perspectives.

There are so many fun and unique poetic forms to try in your writing. We have previously examined sonnets, acrostics, cinquains, haikus, epigrams, and palindromes. Today, we are going to take a look at a few more that you can

The holiday season is here, and with it comes excitement, anticipation, and, yes, even stress. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in spending money for gift-giving celebrations like Christmas—and while this is a wonderful way to show others we care,

With the release of Taylor Swift’s ninth studio album, evermore, the multi-genre musician has further cemented herself as a star songwriter. From “dorothea,” an exercise in voice, characterization, and fictional storytelling, to the emotional highs and lows of “champagne problems,”

In her latest poetry collection, The Dilemma, Danielle Holian takes readers through the cycle of love, loss, and healing in a relationship. Each section is focused on a different stop on the emotional journey, from falling in love to dealing

Let’s face it: This year has been seriously challenging. Though the holidays can highlight these struggles—especially in isolation—poetry invites us to connect and find hope. In fact, studies regularly show that poetry increases empathy, which can help us be there

Between Zoom reunions, weekends in, and a little extra time on our hands, 2020 has turned many of us into bartenders and bookworms. With the year coming to an end, we’ve got one last round of books and drinks to

Brendan De Lucia, also known as WordBender, is a poet who strives to create stories that feel both spontaneous and relatable. With a unique and imaginative style, he uses extensive imagery to create new worlds in his poetry. When asked

From workout routines to meditation reminders, there’s an app for almost everything. This technology can inspire us to make time in our schedules, commit to a regular practice, and continually improve upon any talent or activity. For these reasons and

In Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America, published by Andrews McMeel last month, renowned photographer Frances F. Denny has gathered more than 50 portraits of modern-day witches from across the U.S. Alongside these fascinating, intimate shots, quotes and stories

Down to the wire on your holiday shopping? Skip the shipping delays and bank-breaking presents with these six handmade gifts for poetry-lovers that’ll save you time and money. Infuse your homemade item with a little inspiration from your loved one’s

The holidays are here, and with them comes no shortage of poetry prompts. If annual traditions, snowy landscapes, and festive decorations have you feeling inspired, you’re joining a long line of poets—from Emma Lazarus to John Milton, writers throughout history

With winter weather knocking at many of our doors, it’s prime time to curl up with a favorite collection and a cozy blanket. Nothing beats the contentment and comfort we feel when snuggled up all safe and warm. And there’s

Trigger Warning: The content of this article includes potentially triggering content. Themes of sexual assault and childhood trauma are discussed.   The Girl and the Goddess by Nikita Gill is an empowering book for girls, teens, and women of all ages. In

Cinema, also known as the Seventh Art—a term coined by film critic and theorist Ricciotto Canudo—is a magical passage to other lands. Through its symbiosis between images, music, and words, the viewer can explore old and new narratives. Films are

With the holidays approaching, thoughtful gifts and cozy drinks are just what we need to warm our hearts and show our loved ones we care—no matter how far away they might be. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a