Audiobooks are more popular than ever before. The innovative format earned 12% more revenue from 2019 to 2020, according to research from the Audio Publishers Association, in part because publishers recorded 71,000 more audiobooks. As the selection grows, so does

As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit has become a unique and flourishing haven for art, literature, and culture. In fact, some of today’s most notable poets—like Tyehimba Jess, Carolyn Forché, and Victoria Chang—hail from this creative and bustling area.

Do you know an aspiring author you still need to buy a gift for this holiday season? If so, don’t panic—we have four last-minute gift ideas that are easy, affordable, and perfect for any writer.   Writing Retreats & Workshops Like any

Watching holiday movies stands out as one of the best activities of the season. Whether you prefer a sentimental romance or a raunchy comedy, there’s a poetry pairing for nearly every winter classic. Snuggle up with a collection sure to

With the much-anticipated release of 30, Adele is officially back in the spotlight. In her fourth album, Adele harkens back to many of the musical components fans love—soulful vocals, classic and jazz influences, and raw, stripped-down songs—while reaching a new

Are you looking for a gift for the poetry writer or reader in your life? From the fun to the functional, Read Poetry has ideas to fit everyone. Explore these eight suggestions to jumpstart your shopping list.   1. Poetry collections  This year’s

In another year full of constant change and new normals, books have continued to be a source of comfort and inspiration. From Yung Pueblo's Clarity & Connection to Melody Godfred's Self Love Poetry, this year will be remembered by the incredible poetry

It’s officially time to listen to all the holiday music you can before the season ends. Like poetry, the best holiday songs transport their listeners, conjuring festive landscapes full of rich, multi-sensory imagery. Add these six songs to your music

Poetry adds extra coziness and comfort to the holidays. Whether you’re wanting to curl up by the fireplace with a new collection, gift poetry to a friend or family member, or accomplish your reading goals before the new year, these

Today I’m known as the Self Love Philosopher. But back in 2015, I was an overworked twin mom who felt completely lost and disconnected from myself. I was running my own business, trying to salvage my marriage, and chasing after

Are you wanting to make writing part of your monthly, weekly, or even daily routine in 2022? Whether you’re penciling in a solo poetry session or committing to a regular writing workshop, a literary calendar can make it fun and

Poetry can often be a deeply confessional and personal art form. Most poets draw inspiration from their own experiences, memories, and relationships. Though this makes for a strong poetic foundation, occasionally writing from a different perspective may lead to exploring

As the holiday season begins, it may feel more challenging than usual to carve out time for writing poetry. However, starting each writing session with a prompt can help you thwart writer’s block and maximize creativity, whether you have an

From Rina Bloom to  Ashley Jane, poets with chronic illnesses are bringing awareness to important, often overlooked experiences through their words. Their perspectives are personal, yet each one shared with eloquence and insight.    Another brave poet sharing her story through art

The fall season encourages us to embrace the art of letting go. Change can be painful, and sometimes—despite our desire for it—we resist it. Letting go is often not a passive choice but a very active one that requires our

Poetry is a beautiful outlet where writers can express their thoughts through creative and imaginative imagery. The use of imagery in a poem helps bring the words to life for the reader, especially when written with vivid detail. As we

The sun fades earlier and the leaves fall, coloring the ground. Cold winds and deeper darkness return to cover nature with gloomy weather.    Autumn is known to many as the spooky season, but it is also a season of introspection. You

Fairy tales are timeless stories, usually with life lessons in the subtext. Set in dreamy places, magic plays an imperative role in the narratives, being used for negative and positive purposes.   The charm of these stories only grows in poetic adaptations—some

As cool weather approaches, warm up with this month’s comforting and fascinating poetry releases. Poetry collections publishing this month take an introspective look at self-love, nature, and finding beauty amidst struggle. If you’re needing to reflect and connect to the

The word “witch” has many interpretations. Traditionally, it is used to describe a woman who practices magic, specifically an evil magic. History shows us witches as perilous beings—devil worshipers—that must be punished by means of interrogation, torture, and execution. This

When it comes to crafting the perfect Halloween costume, it’s all about imagery and details, much like poetry. Another similarity lies in poetry’s ability to revisit classic themes in new, interesting ways, the same way trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike continually reinvent

Poets can learn a lot from blurring genres. Whether getting inspiration from fiction proves effective in building characters or song-writing provides a musical tone, poetry intersects with a broader literary landscape. This shines through especially in lyric essays, a form

Country-pop crossover artist Kacey Musgraves recently released Star-Crossed, her fourth album and the one most directly tied to poetry. Widely regarded as her “divorce album,” Musgraves said she wrote the emotional project as a “modern tragedy” in the classically poetic

As the weather cools down, poetry offers coziness and comfort. This month’s releases place readers among lush and overgrown trees, in the sterile realm of a hospital, and in the classic tales of Greek mythology, finding opportunities for reflection and

Do you ever feel stuck in a season of life you weren’t expecting? Do you ever feel pressure to tie your worth to your accomplishments? Do you feel a constant pull to compete and compare that leaves you miles from

October is a month with so much to offer, from fall foliage to fear-filled films. The environment surrounding this autumn month sets the stage for some great writing prompts. Whether you are a lover of all things spooky or prefer

Poetry lovers know that the genre relies on creative literary devices like symbolism, simile, and metaphor, rather than the literal. Surrealism—a poetic movement that started in the 1920s and continues to flourish today—takes this a step further.    In the 1924 Surrealist

Melody Godfred’s debut poetry collection, Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers, centers around a deeply relatable experience: In the midst of her busy life, Godfred suddenly realized she wasn’t prioritizing herself. Now, with the release of her book, Godfred

“Someday, somewhere — anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.” —Pablo Neruda   Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and what better way to celebrate than