Lyrids, one of the oldest known meteor showers, light up the sky every April, peaking late in the month. The Lyrid meteor showers leave glowing dust trains of debris behind them from the Comet Thatcher, a welcome sight for those

In the month of April, we get a chance to celebrate the birthday of Charlotte Brontë and reflect on her life and literary achievements. Born on April 21, 1816, Charlotte was the eldest surviving sister of the Brontë children. She

Earth Day is April 22, which is the perfect day to pick up some inspiring poems for Earth Day, or even an entire collection. There are many environmentalist poets to choose from. To help you find your favorite, we’ve selected

Social justice hardly manifests in just one way or with just one, single feeling. However, traces of it may be present in unexpected places, like poetry—somewhere that social justice finds a voice (or rather, its many voices). Read Poetry spoke

April 17 was International Haiku Poetry Day, giving poets the perfect opportunity to celebrate this age-old form. Traditional, structured, and usually unrhyming, this short form of Japanese poetry is well known for its rule of 5/7/5: five syllables in the

Tess Guinery has inspired thousands of readers, Instagram followers, and creators through her work as a multimodal artist. In addition to her background in both dance and design, Guinery released her poetry collection The Apricot Memoirs in April with Andrews

Loneliness: a feeling we are all familiar with but often have to suffer through alone. We have all experienced varying levels of loneliness throughout the past year. Spending time in isolation has caused many of us to feel more and

“The attempt to develop a sense of humor and to see things in a humorous light is some kind of a trick learned while mastering the art of living,” said Viktor Frankl. While poetry is often taken as a serious

Poet Layli Long Soldier announced DMZ Colony by Don Mee Choi (Wave Books) as the winner of the 2020 National Book Award for Poetry during a ceremony held virtually due to the pandemic. DMZ Colony was a finalist among works

This month, I had the opportunity to speak with poet SL Heaton, who beautifully describes how her writing journey has evolved over the years, from a therapeutic outlet and hobby to an inspirational message of hope and encouragement for others

Chloë Frayne, an LGBTQI poet from South Australia, writes from her experiences with love, long-distance relationships, traveling, healing, hope, and adventure. Frayne is the author of two self-published poetry books, and this year she is releasing her first traditionally-published collection,

April 10 is National Siblings Day, a day to cherish the unique bonds we have with these special family members. Sometimes our siblings are our best friends. Other times, they’re our worst enemies. Whether you and your siblings tackled awkward

Poet and new media artist Iain Thomas became a worldwide phenomenon with his 2011 collection I Wrote This For You. We sat down with the bestselling author to talk about the purpose behind his work, his process, and the meaning

April is National Poetry Month, and what better way to celebrate than Poem in Your Pocket Day? Poem in Your Pocket Day is celebrated every April; this year the official date is April 18th. This day strives to celebrate the

Poetry and music have a natural and long-standing connection. The two art forms are both known for their lyricism, rhythm, and strong sense of emotion. In fact, music often stands out as a crucial part of a poet’s writing routine.

World Health Day is on April 7, spurring us all to think about how to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. You might know some of the most common recommendations from experts—like eating healthy, exercising, and meditating—but did you

The best poetry collections are the ones that become old friends—the ones we revisit time and time again. Poetry connects us to ourselves and the emotions we don’t always know how to express. And we can always find something new,

Poetry is often reflective and pulls from the writer’s own thoughts and experiences. Some poets break their collections into sections, with distinct parts that all play into an overarching theme. But what if we were to create poetry that draws

Duality is a contrast of two concepts that are often opposites. It is a powerful way to portray different perspectives or imagery when you are writing poems. Let’s walk through a few different examples of duality and identify how they

When it comes to poetry, the genre’s most avid writers and readers are constantly searching for new, imaginative prompts. These different exercises help poets push their vocabulary, use of form, and sense of rhythm, leading to unique creations.    The N+7 machine

It’s a new month, a new season, and now it’s time for new poetry collections. April promises gorgeous and pivotal collections that explore everything from trans identity to Black womanhood. Discover Read Poetry’s recommendations for timely, fresh collections to read

Like any art form, poetry serves a number of functions in society. What makes it unique, though, is how it uses words and rhythm to convey a meaning that is beyond the literal. Among its many benefits, poetry can increase

The term “family” has many different definitions. In fact, familial relationships are as varied and complex as the individuals who make them up. Poetry can be a great means for expressing the warmth, love, happiness, and safety that many feel

Poetry is an age-old art, but that doesn’t mean its topics have to be. Poetry can be used as a tool to analyze, understand, and express the complications of the present age and ideas about the future. If you’re interested

Mirtha Michelle’s latest collection, Eighteen Inches, came out Sept. 15 from Andrews McMeel Universal. Since its release, Michelle’s evocative and vulnerable fourth title has inspired others through its wisdom and its interesting concept of relating the heart and the mind,

Oftentimes, famous places inspire beautiful poetry as writers draw inspiration from well-known landmarks or historical sites. But sometimes, inspiration is found in more remote or overlooked locales. This was the case for such poets as William Wordsworth, William Carlos Williams,

Passover begins on March 27 this year. The seven-day Jewish holiday symbolizes liberation and escape from destruction. It’s one of the most important Jewish holidays and among the most widely celebrated traditions throughout the world. Whatever your Passover looks like

Writing prompts are an effective tool for writers, whether you are experiencing writer’s block or just looking for new inspiration. Prompts can help you experiment with form and explore themes that you do not typically write about, making them a

A cross between art, education, and experimentation, The Black Mountain College in North Carolina helped foster a mid-20th-century American avant-garde movement. The poets who came up through this brief but impactful program are known today as the Black Mountain Poets.     Sometimes

Many people living in the United States have now approached one year of life in lockdown. The pandemic has altered the poetic landscape in a variety of ways, but perhaps what is most notable is what has been magnified and