It’s no secret that poetry can evoke strong emotions in readers. In fact, the connection between poetry and emotions has been studied by scientists time and time again. While we can’t always put a finger on why a poem makes

If you grew up loving to write, you might have studied English at the undergraduate or even graduate level. From there, maybe you found yourself in a writing or writing-related career, like copywriting, editing, or content strategy.    While it can feel

If you’re on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you’ve heard of the Hot Girl Walk. Simply put, the trend elevates the simple exercise of walking into a confidence-boosting ritual and the best part of your daily routine. Popularized by influencer

If you’re a book lover, chances are you can’t stop spotting Sally Rooney novels on social media, in the front windows at your local bookstore, and even on your TV screen—Conversations With Friends was released as a Hulu series in

Readers can trust that August’s poetry releases will showcase evocative writing and poignant themes—they’ve garnered praise from writers like Jericho Brown, Melissa Febos, and Craig Santos Perez, as well as won some of the genre’s biggest awards. These collections look

Today is a big day in music, with nine exciting albums dropping all at once. For the poetry fans who love music just as much, we’ve selected five poetry collections to read while you listen to this summer’s hottest new

As Cancer season has come to a close, it’s time to make way for a new era: Leo season (July 22 through August 22). While Cancer season drew us deeper into our emotions through sentimentality and intuition, the fiery energy

Looking to spice up your bookshelf this summer? Escape the heat between the pages of these nine exciting summer poetry collections.      Sugar Work by Katie Marya (June 7, 2022)   Atlanta native Katie Marya releases her debut poetry collection, Sugar Work, this summer with

Summer has officially arrived, and as the days become warmer, many of us search for activities to escape the heat. Taking a day trip to the beach, working in a coffee shop, or watching a movie in the comfort of

Plant parents will be familiar with the old axiom that talking to your houseplants will help them grow. In fact, scientists have spent a great deal of time researching the subject—and the evidence is pretty promising. So if you’re wondering

Poetry festivals can grow your love for your craft by helping you make new connections, expand your reading list, explore different poetic forms, and more. From Chicago to New York City and beyond, several cities are hosting poetry fests this

July’s poetry releases incorporate hotly anticipated books from established voices, as well as a promising and highly personal debut collection. This summer reading list weaves together large-scale, societal themes and more interior, confessional musings, showcasing the many ways poets reckon

Poetry and yoga both emphasize slowing down, cultivating a greater awareness, and taking time to reflect. In fact, if you’re a poetry reader and yogi, you may find it natural and inspiring to read poetry before or after your practice.

Image via Columbia Records   Harry Styles’s latest album, Harry’s House, is already breaking records: The album sold more vinyl copies than any other in the past three decades. And fans have streamed it on Spotify more than 240 million times. With

You slowly open your door and gingerly step outside, quietly approaching your backyard birds congregating at a feeder. You snap a few photos, smile at your work, and listen: a raucous chorus of chirps, cries, and yells fills the air

Sports and athleticism might not seem to have much in common with poetry, but the surprising similarities add up. Both rely on creating a sense of tension or setting the stakes, both incorporate a sense of movement and rhythm, and

Writers know that all-too-familiar feeling. Staring at a blank word document, desperately waiting for inspiration to strike. The dreaded writer’s block.    Oftentimes, we’re simply unsure where to start. As summer begins, though, the sunny season provides endless creative writing opportunities. From

June marks National Audiobook Month, and poetry stands out as the perfect genre to help you celebrate. After all, poetry is known for its sense of rhythm, sound play, and experimentation with different types of rhyme, all of which rely

June 2022 poetry releases promise to represent the height of the genre, with highlights including classic anthologies, prize-winning collections, and much-anticipated books. These collections explore weighty, ever-present themes like the role of human connection, gender, religious identity, and more.    1. The

The natural world teaches us many lessons if we’re willing to listen: patience, growth, change, and—perhaps most of all—the beauty in diversity.    For this reason, it’s no wonder poets with marginalized identities feel drawn to exploring natural themes in their writing.

Summer can be a time for your writing to heat up—and these contests can help by giving you a deadline to work toward, motivation to organize a manuscript, or encouragement to edit and revise. Here are five of the best

Poetry and graphic novels may be on a similar trajectory. The popularity of poetry continues to rise—with readership doubling between 2012 and 2018, according to the National Endowment of the Arts—and graphic novels are also seeing increased interest. Sales of

May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize and learn about the stories of children and families in the foster care system. Currently, an estimated 407,000 children and young adults rely on foster care, a number that’s been

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, a time to recognize and elevate AAPI stories and accomplishments. Though Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders represent 7% of the U.S. population—with 22.4 million AAPI people calling the nation home—their

Poetry is a uniquely powerful art form. Poets have the ability to shape culture, support social movements, and collectively heal society. On a micro level, poems can help you heal, too.    Millions of people struggle with mental health. Your family member,

Whether you’re inspired by mystical rituals, nature, or pop culture, this month’s releases hold something for everyone. Delve into emotional highs and lows with these six stand-out collections.    1. Fortunate by Kim Rashidi Release date: May 3   If you keep tarot cards alongside

Trigger Warning: This article discusses abortion, sexual violence, and rape culture.   It’s been a challenging and painful several years for feminist activists. A wave of anti-abortion heartbeat bills, shuttered health clinics, a Supreme Court newly dominated by anti-choice and misogynist justices

From her sold-out tour to her four Grammy nominations and iconic guitar smash on Saturday Night Live, Phoebe Bridgers has amassed millions of fans. Her introspective and often haunting lyrics, as well as the existential themes underlying her work, parallel

Supporting amazing and unique small businesses is more popular than ever. According to the Public Affairs Pulse Survey, Americans are more likely to patronize local businesses than large corporations and associate this shopping with more positive feelings. It’s easy to

Poetry is constantly evolving, becoming more diverse and wide-ranging. In fact, sometimes it refuses to be contained within one genre, leading to innovative works that blur categorization and boundaries. The novel in verse, in particular, brings together both fiction and