On October 17, 1761, poet, writer, and preacher Jupiter Hammon became the first Black published author. To celebrate his work and the contributions of Black poets thereafter, October 17th is Black Poetry Day. This tradition, held since 1985, celebrates not

Have you ever felt your heart clutched with anxiety right alongside the singer who experiences visible stage fright? Do you find yourself crying along with the devastating stories on the nightly news? These are just a few examples of what

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a season of waiting? There’s an ache to the uncertainty that makes you wonder if anyone else sees or knows your circumstances. Sometimes, pain makes us withdraw into loneliness, where we

Bullying is a serious issue that can have long-term emotional and behavioral effects. While bullying is usually associated with school-age children, bullying can also take place in adult settings like workplaces, neighborhoods, and even within families. In the face of

Now—perhaps more than ever—people crave advice. To answer this timeless yet increasingly complicated calling, poet and writer Taisia Kitaiskaia unites both ancient and modern approaches. Kitaiskaia channels Baba Yaga, a mystical and long-standing figure from Slavic folklore, to impart her

If you don’t know what number you are on the Enneagram and would like to find out, start with a free test here.   The Enneagram Type Seven is known as “The Enthusiast”: extroverted, fun-loving, and ready for adventure. Sevens are high-energy

Poet, artist, and author Louis Cannizzaro takes worldbuilding to the next level with his immersive, colorful, and inspiring work. Cannizzaro has authored five books, exhibited his artwork across the globe, and appeared in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair,

  I have a special place in my heart for people who are left-handed. In elementary school, they had to rummage through the art supplies box hoping to find a pair of scissors molded just for them. As adults, handshakes feel

Trigger warning: This article discusses suicide, depression, and OCD.    Mental health is one of the most important issues facing our world today, and the global pandemic has exacerbated this issue by creating a health crisis. Depression and anxiety are on the

“Grief is universal. It’s one of the few things every human being experiences—no matter where you are from or who you become. Although it can look different for everyone, it’s one of the ‘knowns’ in life. We’ll lose someone or

Staying committed to your writing process can be difficult. Obstacles like busy schedules, imposter syndrome, and the dreaded writer’s block all threaten a creative routine. While poets might not be able to control their level of inspiration, they can better

Poet Alicia Cook has captivated an audience of nearly 40,000 Instagram followers through her vulnerability and distinct voice. With a focus on addiction, healing, and mental health, her poems are known for their direct, unflinching honesty and rich compassion. Sorry

Libra season is in full swing, and this year it’s said to be a time of balance and harmony. As an air sign, the libra’s charming and social nature will be front and center, along with its commitment to creating

Spooky season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with some scary-good poetry prompts? With 31 prompts to choose from, you can make sure this October is full of daily frights and new poems.    The fearful elements

Since Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death on Sept. 18, Americans have mourned her loss, celebrated her accomplishments, and vowed to carry on her legacy of making change. Throughout her career, Ginsburg fought tirelessly for equal protection on the

As October rolls in, we enter the world of crisp, cool weather, changing leaves, and the prospect of fresh new reads to add to your shelf. With a whopping 19 new books on our radar, there’s something for everyone this

This month’s spotlight features poet Beverly Maier as she seeks to shed light on a topic that helped her navigate the darkness of her circumstances: hope.    Beverly Maier: “Hope is the thread that holds all of our brokenness together. I’ve dealt

The greatest brands know what it takes to make a true connection with their audience. Oftentimes, that connection is through poetry. As Maya Angelou said, “The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through

Brothers James and Jefferson Miller have a tried-and-true history of working together. James, a writer, and Jefferson (Jeff), an illustrator, have combined their storytelling skills on a number of projects, including the webcomic Dear Toadington and the forthcoming short story

If you don’t know what number you are on the Enneagram and would like to find out, this free test can get you started.    The Six is known on the Enneagram as The Loyalist. Sixes are fiercely devoted to their relationships

Forgiveness can be a long, complicated process. However, there’s also clear evidence that it’s a necessary emotional journey. In addition to seeing a benefit in their relationships, people who possess the ability to forgive also report better mental health, lower

From the eighteenth century Augustan poets to the post-Mao era of China, and even the American Beat movement, poetry has been used as a form of resistance throughout history. Poets have used their voices to push back against unjust government

As a writer you have probably submitted your work to literary publications—or have at least considered doing so. Literary journals and magazines are incredible places to get exposure for your pieces. However, it is necessary to make a careful selection.

Last month, I got to talk with poet Amy O Connor (aocpoetry) about a topic that is near and dear to her: healing from heartbreak.   O Connor: “I write mostly about romantic heartbreak but sometimes my work spills over into loss

Native American stories and culture continue to have a strong impact on today’s poetry scene. In 2019, Joy Harjo, a member of the Creek tribe and the author of 14 poetry collections, became the U.S. Poet Laureate, representing one of

Poetry and brunch might have more in common than you think: both pair well with coffee; both are subject to personal taste; and, ultimately, both nourish us. The same way many poetry lovers have a beloved poem they can recite

Trigger warning: This article extensively discusses death, grief, and loss.    In Dickinson, a reimagining of Emily Dickinson’s life currently streaming on Apple TV, viewers see the young poet having intimate, unusual conversations with death. In this interpretation, “Death,” portrayed by Wiz

I don’t know about you, but my heart is ready for a new season and the hope that can be found there. As the summer ends, our perspective starts to shift right alongside the changing leaves. While summer inspires adventure

This Virgo season, we’ve celebrated Beyoncé, Keanu Reeves, and Zendaya. Dubbed “The Priestess,” this zodiac sign often attracts downright regal wealth, fame, and accolades—despite their modest and reserved natures, Virgos’ unmatched work ethic can make any dream a reality.    While their

  “All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.” —Edgar Allan Poe   Dreams are the reservoirs of our souls. They nourish our minds, help us discover our passions, and help us process our lives. Dreams offer key information about