Women’s History Month shines a spotlight on the contributions women have made to society throughout history, highlighting both progress we’ve made as a global society as well as how far we must still go to achieve a more just, egalitarian

Spring has officially sprung—which means it’s time to gather your shovels, shears, and soil! Sprinkle some seeds, water each day, and watch them grow.  Just like your garden, your writing craft requires attention to detail and consistent, intentional care. Moreover, like

Minneapolis is home to an impressive literary scene, spanning libraries, bookstores, and events to boot. Many independent publishers, writers, and avid readers call the city home, partly thanks to its top-ranking MFA program. Whether you live in Minneapolis or are

There’s a lot poetry can do for you—like challenge your creativity, support your mental health, and improve your empathy. But let’s be honest; it may not pay the bills. While writing poetry is often a labor of love, there are

Female poets have been shaping the poetry game since about 600 BC (or maybe even earlier). In honor of women’s history month, we’re highlighting seven more female poets who’ve helped shape the genre and left a lasting impression. Whether you

Rome is known as one of the most romantic, intoxicating, and iconic cities. Writers like Lord Byron and John Keats have flocked to the destination for centuries based on this historic and dreamy reputation, and it continues to be one

Poet Jae Nichelle’s debut poetry collection, God Themselves, comes out March 14. The book reflects on growing up in the South as a queer Black woman, as well as reconciling these identities with a deep-seated religious tradition. Nichelle, who has

Ready to enjoy the arts live? Spring is just around the corner, which means Chicago weather is warming up and it’s time to get back out there. If you’re a poetry lover in the greater Chicago area, we’ve picked out

The Oscars are on March 12, and this awards season the contenders are wide-ranging. From the wacky, sci-fi breakout favorite Everything Everywhere All At Once to the quiet and understated Aftersun, each nominee sparkles in its own unique, evocative way.

Poetry and freedom of speech have long been intertwined. Iconic poets throughout history, from John Milton to Gwendolyn Brooks, have had their work censored from audiences. Though fighting against censorship is now more urgent than ever, the systemic problem only

Throughout history and across cultures, spirituality has taken different shapes and meanings. Ultimately, though, spiritual practices often involve expanding one’s awareness, developing higher states of consciousness, and deepening a connection to both internal and external forces. In honor of Spiritual

The days are getting lighter—and new poetry releases are helping to brighten up the season, too. Like the season unfolding around us, March’s poetry releases are all-encompassing and rich in imagery, from collections that center visual art to collections that

Gray skies, chilly air, and bare branches. Unlike the bright growth of spring and summer or the colorful scenes of fall, winter can often feel dull and lifeless—but there’s much to appreciate about our natural world throughout the season. To

Amber Vittoria’s debut collection of poetry, These Are My Big Girl Pants, hit shelves last month. As a successful visual artist, Vittoria has been infusing her artwork with bold colors and whimsical designs for years. These Are My Big Girl

Beloved poet Allie Michelle recently published her third and most vulnerable poetry collection yet, The Words Left Unspoken. Within it, she reflects on leaving a toxic relationship, confronting emotional pain, and navigating self-love. As its title suggests, the central and

It’s one thing to read a poet’s work, and it’s another to hear their voice. It can be illuminating to listen to your favorite poet’s tone and cadence, and just as exciting to hear their perspective on literature, society, and

On Valentine’s Day, some of us celebrate. Others groan and roll their eyes. A few might shed a tear. Regardless of relationship status, we can all show appreciation for one person: ourselves. During this annual day of love, affirm yourself

Poetry and tarot share a similar audience, and it’s easy to see why. Both mediums have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years, both explore weighty and universal themes, and both serve as a way to reflect on the

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your love to that someone special than by supporting their interest in poetry? Whether your Valentine is an avid poetry reader, dedicated writer, or passionate spoken-word performer

You may be familiar with attachment style theory, or maybe you’ve just heard the terms “anxious attachment” and “avoidant attachment” floating around. To put it simply, attachment styles describe how our relationships with our primary caregiver(s) have shaped our emotional

It’s Black History Month, and poetry marks the perfect way to both reflect and celebrate. The complexity and emotion of poetry have often made it the perfect medium to share both the rich joy of Black culture and the pain

From long-form journalism to fiction series’ to how-to shows, podcasts provide education and entertainment on a wide range of topics. Poetry and literature are no exception. Whether you’re searching for your next favorite read or want to learn how to

February 1st marks National Read Aloud Day, an annual day that encourages readers to take their passion from silent to outspoken. You might typically read in your head, but National Read Aloud Day makes a case for the opposite: sharing

Best-selling author Billy Chapata writes with his mantra “turn your flaws into flowers” in mind. In other words, the poet—who has over 300 thousand followers on Instagram and recently published his third poetry collection, Velvet Dragonflies—strives to express a beautiful

February 2023 marks yet another exciting month in poetry. As winter continues, warm up with a hot new release from some of the genre’s most established voices, including Patricia Smith, Mahogany L. Browne, and Alice Notley. Whether you’re looking for

If you’ve been on #booktok or browsed the themed tables at your favorite indie bookstore in the last few years, you’ve likely seen magical realism mentioned. The powerful and increasingly popular literary device has been popping up everywhere in bestselling

The new year brings fresh energy, perspective, and opportunity. Many of us are eager to leave behind the old and welcome the new, evidenced by the popularity of new year’s resolutions. If you’ve set intentions for 2023, perhaps trying a

2023 is in full swing, which means it’s time to set reading and writing intentions for the new year. Creating resolutions or goals can often feel overwhelming or unattainable, so be sure to choose your intentions in a way that’s

Within days of its Netflix release in late November, Wednesday catapulted to the top of viewers’ most-watched lists. The eerie, nostalgic series has already inspired so much fandom that it’s been renewed for a second season. The show follows the

Lunar New Year begins January 22 (Chinese New Year), and this year is predicted to be one of hope. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, which symbolizes prosperity, peace, and longevity. Those born in the year of the