April is not just for the showers that bring May flowers; it's also the month designated for celebrating the beauty and power of poetry. National Poetry Month is a time to reflect on the rich tapestry of poetic expression that

As spring blossoms this April, so does the world of poetry. Whether you’re a seasoned poetry enthusiast or a curious newcomer, these ten recently published collections offer a diverse range of voices, themes, and emotions. Let’s dive into the poetic

For those seeking to delve into the enchanting world of poetry while simultaneously supporting women entrepreneurs, women-owned bookstores offer the perfect unique and enriching experience. Here, we spotlight ten such havens across the United States, each a sanctuary for poetry

Spring is a time when poets and poetry enthusiasts come together to celebrate the beauty of language, creativity, and expression. From virtual galas to intimate readings, these events promise to ignite your poetic spirit. Let’s dive in!   Poetry & the Creative

Just like poetry, Ariana Grande’s latest album—titled Eternal Sunshine and loosely based on the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – takes its audience through both heart-racing highs and turbulent, despairing, lows. While songs like “don’t wanna break up

Poetry is an innately lyrical writing form, often relying on carefully chosen prose to creatively communicate authentic emotions. Incorporating sound into your poems can further drive these characteristics home, bringing the work to life. You might think of Shakespeare’s classic

Aries season is here, and it’s bringing lots of new energy. While its predecessor, Pisces season, saw us through tears, heightened sensitivity, and daydreams, Aries season connects us to justified and conducive rage, passion, and action. Aries are known for

Long-time fans of Kacey Musgraves have seen the country singer-songwriter traverse a deeply personal and tumultuous journey throughout her work in the last six years. Her 2018 album Golden Hour, which won the Grammy Award for Best Country Album, chronicled

Poetry is often associated with serious themes and emotions, such as love, heartbreak, sadness, and healing. But many poets opt for a more lighthearted approach by employing humor in their work. Whether to illustrate an uncomfortable truth or capture an

Creating a poetry Instagram account can help you gain confidence as a poet, build a readership, and connect with other writers. If you wish to share your work on the popular platform but you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed with the

Happy Spring! We're bringing you six magnificent releases this March to add to your reading list from a variety of different poets.   Modern Poetry by Diane Seuss  Release date: March 5   Diane Seuss’s innovative and meta collection Modern Poetry, the follow-up to the

The vernal equinox has come and gone, marking the official arrival of spring. As we move into this new season, we are reminded that poets have long found inspiration in the rebirth of nature, the thawing of winter's frost, and

Nature themes are often used throughout poems to paint a scene or convey an emotion. But some poets take this inspiration a step further through eco-poetry. This genre not only includes observations of the natural world but incorporates a call

World Poetry Day, celebrated annually on March 21st, is a time to honor the art of poetry and its profound impact on cultures around the globe. Whether you're a seasoned poet or simply an admirer of verse, there are countless

In today’s political and social climate, reading queer and trans poets is more vital than ever. Their voices and perspectives help us to interrogate society, see the personal element within the current debates and cases swirling around trans rights, and

Now that Spring has officially sprung, many of us have begun seeing telltale signs of the season. Warmer weather, blooming flowers, and buzzing bees provide a welcome change from dreary winter. If you’re searching for ways to capture this time

Incorporating visual art into your poetry can expand your storytelling skills while enhancing your reader’s experience. If you wish to add an artistic element to your writing, but illustration isn’t your forte, consider trying to incorporate photography into your poetry.

“My words are not just for me. They are for you. They are for all of us. When you are home, then I am, too.” This is how Chicago-based writer and designer Wilder describes her poetic works, inspiration, and process.

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, what better way to celebrate the Irish spirit than with a collection of enchanting poems? Delve into the rich tapestry of Irish culture and tradition with these seven poems, each brimming with the essence of

With only a few weeks left of winter, many of us are looking forward to warmer days and springtime blooms. Although spring is largely regarded as perhaps the most inspiring time of the year, if you find yourself struggling to

March marks Women's History Month, a time to honor the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. For centuries, poetry has been a medium through which many women have expressed their experiences, emotions, and perspectives. As we celebrate Women's History

If you’re feeling even more poetic than usual, it might be because it’s Pisces season. As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, empathetic, ethereal, and emotional Pisceans are more connected to the arts than any other sign, from poetry to

In wake of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are reminded to spread love and compassion to those around us. Enjoy the echoing celebrations of this day dedicated to caring for others by taking in the timeless words of poets

Spoken word poetry has found a vibrant home on TikTok, where artists blend their lyrical prowess with captivating visuals. Here are five spoken word poets whose TikTok accounts are worth following:   Christi Steyn (@christi.steyn.poetry) Christi Steyn’s bio boldly declares, “I’ll help you

William Shakespeare, renowned for his unparalleled mastery of the English language, is not only celebrated for his tragic tales and profound soliloquies but also for his comedic genius. Within the vast array of his works, Shakespeare sprinkled numerous lines that

Poetry events offer new ways of engaging with literature and language, from introducing us to favorite poems to inspiring us with unexpected poetry prompts. With virtual poetry events, carving out a space for poetry in the next few weeks has

The use of poetry in drama is nothing new. From  Shakespearean classics to modern gems, these plays prove that poetic language isn't just for the bookish types—it's for everyone. Here are eight great plays that cover everything from existential musings

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is an opportune time to spotlight the creativity, innovation, and unique perspectives offered by a new generation of Black poets. This article introduces you to five breakout Black poets whose words resonate with

With the Year of the Dragon roaring into our lives, it's time to spice up our festivities with some poetic flair. Whether you're a seasoned poetry enthusiast or just looking for a dose of inspiration, don’t miss these five dragon-themed

Picture yourself strolling down the cobbled streets of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower looming majestically in the distance and the aroma of freshly baked croissants wafting through the air. It's not just the sights and smells that make Paris enchanting;