5 Spring Activities to Help With Writer’s Block

With only a few weeks left of winter, many of us are looking forward to warmer days and springtime blooms. Although spring is largely regarded as perhaps the most inspiring time of the year, if you find yourself struggling to find renewed creative inspiration this season, consider these spring activities that will help with writer’s block.


Plant a garden


Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or you’re currently developing a green thumb, any writer should consider planting a garden this spring. Not only is gardening beneficial for your mental health, caring for plants also provides opportunities to express creativity. Planting and tending to a garden can help you enter a focused, calm state which is ideal for writing. Additionally, creating uniquely designed plant containers can spark creativity, which might even inspire ideas for your writing. As a challenge, consider sitting in or near your garden and writing poetry in a notebook, allowing you to unplug and connect with your creative voice and the nature around you. 


Take more nature strolls


As temperatures increase and the days get longer, consider taking more nature strolls this spring. Whether you go for a walk on a neighborhood trail or visit parks, botanical gardens, or nature preserves, these outings provide endless creative writing inspiration. Blooming flowers, joyful interactions between fellow nature enthusiasts, or even behaviors of wildlife species can spark inspiration for a new poem. Challenge yourself to visit a different outdoor space each week. Before you leave, choose a spring-time theme—such as love, renewal, or healing—to keep in mind for a future poem. Be sure to observe your surroundings, whether casually or by jotting down ideas in your Notes app.  


Attend an outdoor concert or arts festival


Celebrate the arts by attending an outdoor concert or spring arts festival. These events are great ways to support local creatives while finding renewed inspiration. Maybe a musician’s song inspires a new poem. Or perhaps you’ll purchase a painting from a local artist for your writing space that you can draw inspiration from in your writing. In general, spending time in artistic environments like these might help you absorb and channel creative energy into your writing.


Plan a poetry book club meeting at a local café 


If you’re a member of a book club, plan a book club meeting at a local café this spring. Discuss your club’s poetry book selection while enjoying lunch with friends, preferably outside so you can take advantage of spring’s warm weather. Engaging your senses, such as taste, smell, and sight as you analyze poetry is sure to help you break through writer’s block. Your lunch might even remind you of a food-themed memory, which could inspire a new poem you’re excited to write.


Go to a spring poetry event with a friend


This spring, consider attending a poetry event with a friend. Poetry events, such as spoken word performances, workshops, or poet talks are a great way to connect with other poets and expand your writing skillset, which can help with writer’s block. If you’re searching for remote options, check out our list of upcoming virtual poetry events.


Happy spring, and happy writing!