Poetry-Inspired Appetizers for Your Next Book Club Meeting

Book clubs are a great way to read consistently, connect with fellow poetry enthusiasts, build community, and hear various perspectives about beloved works. If you’re considering starting your own club or searching for a way to liven up your gatherings, it’s time to add some spice to your next meeting. Whether your club is reading collections from a specific author or genre, level up your hosting game with these poetry-inspired appetizers.


The Sun and Her Flowers Spread


Who doesn’t love a good spread? From the classic cheese board to the viral butter spread, spreads are aesthetically appealing and encourage guests to personalize their own bite. If your book club is reading Rupi Kaur’s collections, create a spread inspired by the sun and her flowers


Let sunflower seed crackers, sunflower seed butter, and sunflower seeds be the stars of this sunny spread. Add in a tangy, spreadable cheese and honey, which pairs well with the other components, as a nod to Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey. Include fruit, such as apples, for brightness. Scatter sunflower petals throughout the spread to incorporate some color and drive home the sunflower theme. 


The Transcendentalists Toast


Toast’s versatility, with its various bread choices and endless ingredient possibilities, makes this appetizer a staple for any gathering. If your book club is exploring transcendentalist classic works, pair these nature poetry collections with earthy toasts. 


Provide multiple selections, such as bagels and whole grain bread, cut into smaller appetizer-sized pieces. Create both savory and sweet toasts by spreading avocado on one, nut butter on the other. To keep with the transcendentalist theme, go wild with veggies and fruits. Arugula, spinach, or kale coupled with a variety of herbs and bright tomatoes on an avocado toast makes the perfect earthy bite. Consider making a few dressings that can be drizzled on to create a customizable savory toast. Apples, berries, and cinnamon with nut butter? Can’t beat it for a sweet option to round out your plate. 


Modern Poetry Pasta Salad


Modern poetry’s approachable nature, honesty, and creativity makes the genre a favorite among poetry enthusiasts. If your book club plans to read modern collections, create a modern poetry pasta salad for your members to enjoy. 


As you prepare your pasta salad, choose ingredients that could represent modern poetry’s themes. A sharp cheese for poetry that cuts through the noise with direct wording, zesty red onion to represent bold emotional truths, and microgreens for a modern touch. To invigorate the palette, finish with a bright, fresh vinegar dressing. 

Let these appetizers serve as a starting point—get in the kitchen and allow your creative juices to flow. As you create your poetry-themed appetizers, don’t forget to provide multiple options to accommodate everyone’s tastes. For even more food and poetry inspiration, check out our poetry collection and cocktail pairings. *Chef’s kiss.*