5 Summer Activities to Help With Writer’s Block

Although summer is filled with life, warmth, and inspiration, the long, scorching days likely leave you feeling physically, and therefore creatively, drained. If you find yourself experiencing writer’s block this season, enjoy these summer activities that will ignite your creativity.


Go for a stroll


To help break through writer’s block, go for a summer stroll. Whether you remain in your neighborhood or visit a local park, walking in the early morning or evening when summer temperatures are tolerable can spark inspiration. Leaving your interior space can help you avoid distractions, find creative inspiration, and write from a different perspective. Consider recording your observations in a notes app to use when writing a poem later, or revisit half-finished work as you walk. 


Curate a summery playlist


Poetry and music go hand-in-hand, both using rhythm, imagery, and storytelling to create short-form pieces of art. In fact, Read Poetry regularly publishes poetry and album pairings curated to enhance your reading experience. Listening to music can also help you break through writer’s block by finding inspiration in others’ words and narratives. This summer, consider curating a playlist specifically for your writing practice. From classic beach songs to modern summer anthems to singer-songwriter records, curating a playlist with your favorite songs allows you to easily access inspiring music as you write. If you’re a Swiftie, don’t forget to add “cruel summer,” “august,” and “the lakes”—or, let’s be honest, all of folklore—to your playlist.


Read poetry in a hammock


Hammocks are a summer staple—whether you bring your hammock to the lake, the beach, a park, or your own yard, lying in a hammock can allow you to find relaxation in nature. Spending time outdoors away from stressful distractions can help open your mind, which can spark creativity. As you soak in the sun, escape into your favorite poetry collection. Reading other poets’ work can help with writer’s block by inspiring you to explore themes, employ forms, or incorporate literary devices you hadn’t previously considered. 


Spend a day at a charming beach town


Allow your creativity to freely flow by taking a trip to a charming beach town. Spend a day by the ocean, relaxing on the shores and in the water, discovering local shops, cafes, or other iconic sites. Exploring a new place can help with writer’s block.Take note of your environment, details of landmarks, and interactions between people, all of which can serve as inspiration when writing poetry.  


Visit a local art museum


Beat the heat this summer by visiting a local art museum. Art museums are filled with inspiration, from curated exhibits to community events. Being in an artistic space can also help you reconnect with your creative voice. Consider bringing a notebook and finding a comfortable place to sit after seeing the museums’ exhibits. Then, write a few poems inspired by the social, environmental, or cultural themes in the pieces you connected with.

For even more writing inspiration this season, check out our summer poetry prompts.