Sarah Muzzillo is a writer and photographer with a passion for stories, mental health advocacy, and nature. In her free time, she enjoys growing her many houseplants and birding.

Enneagram expert Sarajane Case helps people heal. Case first discovered the Enneagram—a personality system comprised of nine personality types—while working as a burnout coach, and she has since built an impressive career as an author, speaker, content creator, and podcast

Learning to listen to your intuition is an often confusing, rocky journey. Drowning out the noise and trusting your gut despite outside opinions or messages can prove difficult—but when you’re constantly being pulled in different directions, following your intuition is

When we think of autumn, trees immediately come to mind. Bright shades of yellow, orange, and red paint forests with a shock of color. The grounding, magical experience of walking through a forest as leaves fall reminds us of an

Although it might still feel like summer in some cities, the autumnal equinox (Sept. 22) signals that fall has officially arrived. To help you get into the fall spirit, we’ve compiled a list of seasonal poetry prompts. Reference these ideas

Mother-daughter relationships are often complex and deeply meaningful. On National Daughters Day this year, it’s important to recognize and appreciate how our mother figures have shaped us into the women we are today. From work to homecare to emotional guidance,

Summer has officially arrived, and as the days become warmer, many of us search for activities to escape the heat. Taking a day trip to the beach, working in a coffee shop, or watching a movie in the comfort of

You slowly open your door and gingerly step outside, quietly approaching your backyard birds congregating at a feeder. You snap a few photos, smile at your work, and listen: a raucous chorus of chirps, cries, and yells fills the air

Writers know that all-too-familiar feeling. Staring at a blank word document, desperately waiting for inspiration to strike. The dreaded writer’s block.    Oftentimes, we’re simply unsure where to start. As summer begins, though, the sunny season provides endless creative writing opportunities. From

The natural world teaches us many lessons if we’re willing to listen: patience, growth, change, and—perhaps most of all—the beauty in diversity.    For this reason, it’s no wonder poets with marginalized identities feel drawn to exploring natural themes in their writing.

Poetry is a uniquely powerful art form. Poets have the ability to shape culture, support social movements, and collectively heal society. On a micro level, poems can help you heal, too.    Millions of people struggle with mental health. Your family member,

Earth Day serves as a time to both appreciate nature and interrogate our relationship with the natural world. This is exemplified in Into Green: Everyday Ways to Find and Lose Yourself in Nature, an urban gardening book written by Caro

It’s morning and the sun is shining into your bedroom, welcoming you to a new day. You stretch, yawn, and slowly make your way to your beloved bookshelf—you like to start your day by reading a poem or two. Only