Sarah Muzzillo is a writer and photographer with a passion for stories, mental health advocacy, and nature. In her free time, she enjoys growing her many houseplants and birding.

When you think of spring, blooming flowers, green forests, chirping birds, and—if you’re a poet—nature-inspired poetry might come to mind. Spring also brings with it times for celebration—whether you’re searching for a Mother’s Day gift or simply want to treat

Many poets originally start writing to process experiences, thoughts, and emotions. This creative outlet helps us make sense of the confusing, frustrating, or painful aspects of life. It’s no surprise, then, that throughout poetry’s history, mental health remains a constant

Earth Month serves as a call to action to preserve, protect, and repair our environment. But this month also reminds us that our well-being is inexplicably tied to the earth. Everyone deserves to find healing and restoration in nature. Poetry

Warm temperatures, green leaves, and open flowers: telltale signs spring has officially arrived. This transitional season provides endless inspiration for poets, drawing from themes of hope, growth, and renewal. As you celebrate National Poetry Month this April, it’s time to

If you’re a poet, you may wish to apply your writing skills to other creative endeavors, job prospects, or opportunities. A simple way to expand your skill set, develop your craft, and expand your network is through volunteering—plus, you gain the

Women’s History Month shines a spotlight on the contributions women have made to society throughout history, highlighting both progress we’ve made as a global society as well as how far we must still go to achieve a more just, egalitarian

Spring has officially sprung—which means it’s time to gather your shovels, shears, and soil! Sprinkle some seeds, water each day, and watch them grow.  Just like your garden, your writing craft requires attention to detail and consistent, intentional care. Moreover, like

Throughout history and across cultures, spirituality has taken different shapes and meanings. Ultimately, though, spiritual practices often involve expanding one’s awareness, developing higher states of consciousness, and deepening a connection to both internal and external forces. In honor of Spiritual

Gray skies, chilly air, and bare branches. Unlike the bright growth of spring and summer or the colorful scenes of fall, winter can often feel dull and lifeless—but there’s much to appreciate about our natural world throughout the season. To

On Valentine’s Day, some of us celebrate. Others groan and roll their eyes. A few might shed a tear. Regardless of relationship status, we can all show appreciation for one person: ourselves. During this annual day of love, affirm yourself

From long-form journalism to fiction series’ to how-to shows, podcasts provide education and entertainment on a wide range of topics. Poetry and literature are no exception. Whether you’re searching for your next favorite read or want to learn how to

The new year brings fresh energy, perspective, and opportunity. Many of us are eager to leave behind the old and welcome the new, evidenced by the popularity of new year’s resolutions. If you’ve set intentions for 2023, perhaps trying a