Sarah Muzzillo is a writer and photographer with a passion for stories, mental health advocacy, and nature. In her free time, she enjoys growing her many houseplants and birding.

Today’s Earth Day! Each year, we spend this day recognizing the importance of caring for this diverse and beautiful planet we call home.    Celebrate Earth Day by writing poetry—whether you want to express gratitude for Earth, bring attention to an environmental

Poetry is an innately lyrical writing form, often relying on carefully chosen prose to creatively communicate authentic emotions. Incorporating sound into your poems can further drive these characteristics home, bringing the work to life. You might think of Shakespeare’s classic

Poetry is often associated with serious themes and emotions, such as love, heartbreak, sadness, and healing. But many poets opt for a more lighthearted approach by employing humor in their work. Whether to illustrate an uncomfortable truth or capture an

Creating a poetry Instagram account can help you gain confidence as a poet, build a readership, and connect with other writers. If you wish to share your work on the popular platform but you’re feeling intimidated or overwhelmed with the

Nature themes are often used throughout poems to paint a scene or convey an emotion. But some poets take this inspiration a step further through eco-poetry. This genre not only includes observations of the natural world but incorporates a call

Now that Spring has officially sprung, many of us have begun seeing telltale signs of the season. Warmer weather, blooming flowers, and buzzing bees provide a welcome change from dreary winter. If you’re searching for ways to capture this time

Incorporating visual art into your poetry can expand your storytelling skills while enhancing your reader’s experience. If you wish to add an artistic element to your writing, but illustration isn’t your forte, consider trying to incorporate photography into your poetry.

With only a few weeks left of winter, many of us are looking forward to warmer days and springtime blooms. Although spring is largely regarded as perhaps the most inspiring time of the year, if you find yourself struggling to

Love is in the air this month. Whether you’re celebrating sisterhood at a Galentine’s Day gathering, spending time with your significant other, or simply feeling gratitude for your loved ones, you’re likely feeling inspired to translate this complex emotion through

Ever since Parks and Rec’s Leslie Knoppe declared February 13th “Galentine’s Day”, the iconic TV scene has bled into the real world. Now, friends gather on this day, a twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day, to celebrate sisterhood. If you’re

If you’re a poet, chances are you want to create a space to showcase your work. Whether you’re a poetry pro or a hobbyist with goals of being published, consider designing a poetry portfolio website to attract editors or secure

If you’re looking to build community and grow your creative writing skillset this year, consider starting your own writing group. Whether you casually meet with friends or start a more formal group in your local community, here are some tips