Galentine’s Gift Guide: Poetry Edition

Ever since Parks and Rec’s Leslie Knoppe declared February 13th “Galentine’s Day”, the iconic TV scene has bled into the real world. Now, friends gather on this day, a twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day, to celebrate sisterhood. If you’re attending your own Galentine’s Day gathering this year with poetry-loving friends, spread the love through gifting. To help, we’ve compiled a list of poetry-themed gifts. Whether you prefer a pre-made or DIY gift, our Galentine’s Gift Guide: Poetry Edition has what your friends’ hearts’ desire.


Woman-penned poetry collections

In the spirit of sisterhood, support fellow women poets by gifting poetry collections written by women. Reading other women’s stories can inspire us to share our own—helping us embrace our creativity and unique voices. Plus, financially supporting poets, especially if they’re independent writers, allows them to continue telling their stories. Whether you and your friends prefer modern or classic poetry, consider gifting the same collection to each friend, encouraging you all to gather and discuss the collection—this might even spark the beginning of a book club. 



This Galentine’s Day, gift your gal pals journals. Whether you gift your friends the same or different journals, every poet needs a journal that speaks to her heart. Gifting everyone the same journal adds an element of sentimentality, similar to receiving a common piece of jewelry, for example. On the other hand, gifting different designs allows for a more personalized gift to each individual friend’s tastes. 


Regardless of which you choose, add some customization by including a few prompts on the first few pages. Consider themes of sisterhood, friendship, love, support, etc. For inspiration, check out our poetry prompts. Bonus: if you and your friends are interested in forming your own writers group, you and your friends could use these journals during meetings.


Wall print poems about sisterhood

Who doesn’t love a beautiful wall decoration? Consider gifting your friends wall prints with poems about sisterhood. Whether you design the prints yourself on Canva or purchase them from Etsy, for example, wall prints serve as a consistent reminder of friendship and support. Since each friend will have different interior décor and color schemes, choose a black-and-white theme that will complement any space


Handwritten poetry cards

The simplest gifts are often the best. If you’re searching for an inexpensive Galentine’s gift, consider handwriting a poem in a card. Choose to either create customized poems or handwrite poems by poets your friends love. This budget-friendly gift is sure to spark joy at your Galentine’s Day gathering.


As you check gifts off your list, don’t forget to plan for a gathering. Why not continue the poetry theme by providing poetry-themed appetizers or creating poetry-themed games with a Galentine’s Day twist?


Happy gifting, and happy Galentine’s Day!