How to Design an Inspiring Writing Space

For many writers, one’s environment can either enhance or inhibit creativity. Why not create a space that supports your writing practice? Whether you have an office, desk space, or nook, you can easily customize where you write. Here are some tips to help you design an inspiring writing space. 


Create a mood board


To inspire your writing, make a mood board—if you’re on a budget, DIY your board or thrift one! Search through publications for colors, words, or scenes that evoke emotion and mirror your specific writing sensibility. Print your favorite poems or poetry-related quotes to help you break through writer’s block. Consider pinning these items to your board so you can easily add and remove them. 


Write in a journal that you love


Although you might be accustomed to writing in a Word document, consider writing poetry in a journal when working in your space. Putting pen to paper can help you unplug and avoid distractions. If you don’t currently own a journal, search for one with a design you love, which can motivate you to reach for it more frequently. 


Choose a few poetry collections


Within your space, keep poetry collections that you can reference when you’re searching for inspiration. To limit clutter, choose a few of your favorite works that can be rotated from time to time, encouraging you to be intentional when curating your space. 


Keep snacks on hand


Keep a bin or basket that fits your space’s aesthetic stocked with your favorite non-perishable snacks and/or beverages. Once you enter a creative flow, having sustenance readily available can help you stay productive and remain in a writing zone. 


Bring the outdoors inside


Being around nature can encourage creativity and improve focus. Whether you place a simple to care for plant, dried or fresh florals, or a crystal with inspirational properties on a desk or shelf, there are many ways to bring nature into your space. Natural elements can create a calming atmosphere, allowing your mind to relax, and allowing your creativity to freely flow. You might even feel inspired to write poetry about these particular items, since nature is a frequent source of inspiration for poets. 


Decorate with inspiring artwork


As you design your space, decorate it with inspiring artwork. Invest in unique pieces and support a fellow creative by purchasing from small businesses or local artists. For a budget-friendly option, consider thrifting in your area—you never know what gems you might find in the home décor section. Whether you choose a specific theme, such as abstract or landscape pieces,, or curate a gallery wall with an eclectic mix of different styles, pick art that inspires you. Designing an artistic space can encourage your own creativity, which in turn supports your writing process.


Hopefully, these tips inspire you to creatively curate your writing space. No matter how much space you have, you can easily apply these ideas. For more poetry-related design inspo, check out our guide on how to design your perfect bookshelf.