5 Dreamy Writing Prompts for Pisces Season

If you’re feeling even more poetic than usual, it might be because it’s Pisces season. As the twelfth sign of the zodiac, empathetic, ethereal, and emotional Pisceans are more connected to the arts than any other sign, from poetry to paintings. Pisces are known for their powerful imaginations and their ability to transcend reality, drifting into the mysterious and magical. Classic poets throughout history, including W.H. Auden and Edna St. Vincent Millay, have fallen under the Pisces sign. This Pisces season, emulate their legacy and turn your most otherworldly inspirations into visionary creative work with these writing prompts. 


Lean into watery memories and imagery. 


The sign of the fish, Pisces is known for their watery nature — from the tears that run down their faces to the depths of their empathy and intuition. Pisces may also be the sign most likely to seek out water or to end up living near a beach or lake. To write a Piscean poem, think back on some of your water-related memories — whether that’s summer afternoons at a neighborhood pool, a memorable vacation, or a rainy day. 


Play around with innovative shape poetry. 


Slippery Pisces are known as the shapeshifters of the zodiac. As the last sign, they take certain qualities of every other sign and can fit in almost anywhere. Pay tribute to the many shapes Pisces can morph into with creative and highly visual shape poetry, also called concrete poetry


Write a poem set in your favorite fantasy world.


Pisceans are both sensitive and imaginative, which often leads to them being escapist. They struggle to face the darknesses and challenges of the real world, but their creativity helps them carve out new worlds, including through art and their closest relationships. In addition to possessing a strong ability to create art, Pisceans also delve into books, film, and even museum exhibitions at a deep level. Reflect on a fantasy world you’ve escaped into, then write a poem set within this vivid landscape. 


Pull a tarot card and write a poem based on it.


From astrology and tarot to ghost tours and spells, Pisces is the sign most capable of transcending the physical world and reaching toward the mystical. They may collect crystals, candles, tarot decks, and other spiritual items. Have a favorite tarot card deck? Pull a card and write a poem based on it. If you don’t have a deck, no problem — you can use an online tarot card generator.


Think back to some of your strangest dreams and their poetic symbolism. 


Pisces may feel more pulled into their dreams than any other sign. They’re also more likely to experience dreams with heightened realism and vividness. Do you have a recurring dream, a favorite dream, or a dream that still puzzles you? Let it be the starting point of a poem. Don’t remember your dreams? Keep a dream journal for a few nights or weeks, then expand a favorite entry into a poetic work. 


Happy writing — and happy Pisces season!