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Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring: A Literary Collection, Plainsongs Poetry Journal, and Number One Magazine. She has also published feminist criticism and personal essays.

Often called the field’s terminal degree, a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing has become an increasingly popular option for poets, especially for those wanting to enter academia.    The number of MFA programs has tripled since the ‘90s, and

Erasure poetry, also called blackout poetry, uses existing texts to emphasize new themes. Specifically, erasure poets take a text — which can range from government documentation to Shakespearean sonnets — and cross out or paint over words until a new

With the holiday season approaching, you may be wondering what presents to give (or to ask for yourself). If you’re shopping for someone with a passion for poetry—or if you’re a poet with an empty wishlist—let this roundup point you

Visual art and literary art have established a beautiful, long-standing connection. Famous poets like William Carlos Williams, W.H. Auden, and even the ancient Greek Hesiod drew inspiration from works like paintings, sculptures, and entire museums. Dubbed “ekphrasis,” this form continues

Happy National Coming Out Day! Founded in 1988, National Coming Out Day strives to increase visibility for LGBTQ people and groups. Robert Eichberg, a prominent gay rights activist who died in 1995 and who first commemorated the day, summed it

My dream job as a kid was to be a literary agent. It seemed cool, glamorous, and, hello, getting paid to read? But aside from the fantasy, what do literary agents actually do for writers? Do poets need them? And

When poets struggle with writer’s block, a poem that rambles, or the persistent instinct that a poem is still not as strong as it could be, they’re often greeted with an intimidating, yet interesting piece of advice: Experiment with form.    Though

Latinx Heritage Month, which started Sept. 15, invites us to celebrate the culture, traditions, and heritage of the Latinx community through Oct. 15 (and all year long, honestly). Founded in 1968, this month aims to honor and uplift the more

You know the poems you hear at readings that elicit gasps and snaps from the crowd? Or those poems that leave you lingering on a book’s page, rereading your favorite lines and leaving crowded, awestruck notes in the margins? You’ve

When you think of the beginning of fall, you might think of crisp leaves, cozy sweaters, and steaming apple cider, but do you also think of amazing work by women poets? If Twitter has anything to say about it, this