Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring, SWWIM, Pithead Chapel, Sprung Formal, and elsewhere. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in poetry at New England College's low-residency program, where she received the prestigious Joel Oppenheimer scholarship.

Submitting your work can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. However, putting your words out there provides an opportunity to hone your revision process, familiarize yourself with the publishing industry, and—above all—grow your poetry career. Whether you have a few polished, unpublished

Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old Black poet and Harvard University alumna, has made history by becoming the youngest inaugural poet, selected by President Joe Biden. Gorman has read for university events, holidays, and the Boston Pop Orchestra, making the inauguration the

For many readers and writers, anthologies are a reminder of the literary canon. The word can conjure images of thick, traditional textbooks—the ones filled with poems by dead, white men.    While literary history is important, the movement to include new voices,

Query letters can be an important step in finding an agent or reaching out to a small press. Simply put, the succinct and formal query letter (typically a single page) has one key purpose: enticing an agent or publisher to

Mindfulness is an important technique for poets to practice and harness within their work. The techniques of mindfulness can empower poets to tap into their inner voice, find comfort in taking risks, and prioritize self-care amidst the stress of writing

With the release of Taylor Swift’s ninth studio album, evermore, the multi-genre musician has further cemented herself as a star songwriter. From “dorothea,” an exercise in voice, characterization, and fictional storytelling, to the emotional highs and lows of “champagne problems,”

Let’s face it: This year has been seriously challenging. Though the holidays can highlight these struggles—especially in isolation—poetry invites us to connect and find hope. In fact, studies regularly show that poetry increases empathy, which can help us be there

From workout routines to meditation reminders, there’s an app for almost everything. This technology can inspire us to make time in our schedules, commit to a regular practice, and continually improve upon any talent or activity. For these reasons and

In Major Arcana: Portraits of Witches in America, published by Andrews McMeel last month, renowned photographer Frances F. Denny has gathered more than 50 portraits of modern-day witches from across the U.S. Alongside these fascinating, intimate shots, quotes and stories

The holidays are here, and with them comes no shortage of poetry prompts. If annual traditions, snowy landscapes, and festive decorations have you feeling inspired, you’re joining a long line of poets—from Emma Lazarus to John Milton, writers throughout history

Finding inspiration can be difficult for all poets, whether they’ve been writing for weeks or for years. Turning to seasonal images and ideas can make the process easier and more festive. Whether it’s the swirling snow outside, the bundle of

The year may be wrapping up, but there’s still time for plenty of 2020 poetry releases. December offers poetry from both emerging and established voices, making room for collections ranging from stark to hopeful. When you need to reflect or