Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring: A Literary Collection, Plainsongs Poetry Journal, and Number One Magazine. She has also published feminist criticism and personal essays.

Poetry is known for its depth, its imagery, and its many different forms. Unfortunately, the genre doesn’t have a reputation for approachability. People frequently label poetry as “dense” or “intimidating,” a perspective that may limit how many people gravitate toward

Recently, both controversy and curiosity swept across social media when four-year-old Nadim Shamma-Sourgen landed a book deal with British children’s book publisher Walter Books. Shamma-Sourgen, who hasn’t yet learned how to physically write, dictates his poems to his mother. With

A new month means making room on your shelf for great new reads. September promises plenty of intriguing titles, from a beloved celebrity’s poetry debut to much-anticipated collections from two former U.S. Poet Laureates. With subject matter spanning romance, race,

The Enneagram has become a popular method of understanding both others and ourselves. Comprised of nine personality types, the Enneagram system revolves around the idea that each type has a central worldview that informs their thoughts, actions, goals, and relationships.

Written in the aftermath of a breakup, Vincent Hunanyan’s first collection, Black Book of Poems, hoped to transform deeply personal feelings into a cathartic, communal experience for his many readers. Now, with more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram, Hunanyan

Poet Aija Mayrock boasts 250 thousand followers on Instagram, where she posts powerful spoken word videos and written poems about the fierce feminine spirit and women’s empowerment. Mayrock builds on this following in the resilient and bold Dear Girl, a

The start of the school year represents many different feelings, fears, and first experiences. It offers opportunities to meet new friends, explore passions, and fully indulge in the thrill of learning. With many personalized schooling plans popping up to accommodate

If our Instagram feeds are any indication, it’s clear that plants have blossomed into a trend that’s here to stay. From succulents to snake plants, these green creatures pack beauty, versatility, and popularity. Plant subscriptions and gardening surged during quarantine,

Words can excite us, ground us, give us hope, and serve as companions in challenging times. In particular, the growing popularity of poetry throughout the coronavirus pandemic showcases the deep need for the art form, as well as the comfort

It’s important to support Black-owned businesses now more than ever. While the effects of coronavirus have touched nearly every business, especially small businesses, shutdowns have impacted Black-owned businesses at disproportionate levels, The Washington Post reported. More than 40 percent of

The month of August promises poetry releases with unique themes and powerful messages from both emerging voices and well-known writers. Collections celebrate Native American culture and Black linguistics, contemplate mortality and meaning, and embark on journeys toward healing and queer

The Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Poetry has represented one of the top honors in the genre since its inception in 2003. Like past winners Orlando Ricardo Menes and Kathleen Flenniken, this year’s recipient, Korean-American poet Jihyun Yun, seems poised