Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring, SWWIM, Pithead Chapel, Sprung Formal, and elsewhere. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in poetry at New England College's low-residency program, where she received the prestigious Joel Oppenheimer scholarship.

February 2023 marks yet another exciting month in poetry. As winter continues, warm up with a hot new release from some of the genre’s most established voices, including Patricia Smith, Mahogany L. Browne, and Alice Notley. Whether you’re looking for

If you’ve been on #booktok or browsed the themed tables at your favorite indie bookstore in the last few years, you’ve likely seen magical realism mentioned. The powerful and increasingly popular literary device has been popping up everywhere in bestselling

Within days of its Netflix release in late November, Wednesday catapulted to the top of viewers’ most-watched lists. The eerie, nostalgic series has already inspired so much fandom that it’s been renewed for a second season. The show follows the

Writers have numerous reasons they need to find time to destress: They’re more likely to experience anxiety and depression than the general population, spend a lot of time staring at screens, and often juggle their time-consuming passion for writing alongside

Whether you love to read formal poetry or have dabbled in different forms yourself, you’ve probably heard of the sonnet. A mainstay of anthologies and English classes, which takes its name from the Italian word “sonetto”—“a little sound or song”—the

As the new year starts, it’s the perfect time for both reflection and reinvention. January’s poetry releases fall on both sides of that spectrum, with anthologies celebrating historic forms and legendary presses, as well as modern, risk-taking collections speaking to

Attachment style theory originated in the 1950s and continues to remain relevant. Chances are you’ve heard of the attachment styles—which include secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant, fearful-avoidant, and disorganized—and understand that they represent a person’s relationship patterns and responses. You can determine

Being home for the holidays can be peaceful and relaxing—but it can also be stressful, complicated, and can sometimes dredge up painful emotions. However, poetry can help you remember that you’re not alone in these situations, even if it may

It can be difficult to shop for readers and writers. If you’re looking for something a little more creative than a bookstore gift card, these ideas pack literary charm and usefulness.    1. A copy of The Best American Poetry 2022, edited

Oftentimes, poetry stands out as a way to explore complex, painful emotions and arrive at catharsis. However, writers also use poetry to express their happiness, excitement, and gratitude—feelings that can be just as nuanced and personal. As we enter the

The end of the year may be nearing, but that doesn’t mean that the poetry world is winding down. In fact, some of the year’s most exciting releases hit shelves this month. Queer poets, Jewish poets, and poets of differing

Trigger warning: This article briefly mentions disordered eating.   Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, hit shelves and streaming services a little over a month ago, and it’s easy to see its ties to poetry. Swift—a notorious reader who has included nods