Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring, SWWIM, Pithead Chapel, Sprung Formal, and elsewhere. Currently, she is an MFA candidate in poetry at New England College's low-residency program, where she received the prestigious Joel Oppenheimer scholarship.

Poetry can be a complicated and arduous field to get into. There’s the stress of balancing writing with all the other commitments in your schedule, plus the challenges of imposter syndrome and rejection. One of the best ways to navigate

Colleen Hoover is a favorite on #BookTok and her books regularly soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. With more than 10 books spanning from romance to thriller, it’s easy to see why Hoover has captured

Your relationship to reading has probably shifted since you started writing poetry. Maybe you have a stronger appreciation for the collections on your shelf now that you know how long it can take to write, revise, and submit a manuscript.

Debut authors play a pivotal role in the poetry community. Their new and innovative collections show us where the genre is heading, speaking to literary movements and trends, as well as the future of the genre. You can buy some

Since the last two episodes of Stranger Things’ second season dropped this summer, the fandom around the suspenseful and nostalgic show has resurged. From the “Chrissy, Wake Up” song trending on TikTok to the fourth season being viewed for more

Self love is a continuous, ever-evolving journey. No one understands that better than Melody Godfred, a poet and entrepreneur who has spent the last decade exploring the concept of self love and raising awareness about its importance. In The Shift,

Though writers might not think of themselves as activists, poets frequently contribute to and even lead social movements. From Langston Hughes’ powerful anti-segregation poetry to the modern-day rise of ecopoetics, poets continue to speak out on the biggest issues of

Fellowships play an important role in the field of creative writing. Often seen as prestigious resumė-builders, these honors can definitely help you get into an MFA program or find a literary agent. But fellowships are also so much more than

If you grew up loving to write, you might have studied English at the undergraduate or even graduate level. From there, maybe you found yourself in a writing or writing-related career, like copywriting, editing, or content strategy.    While it can feel

If you’re on TikTok or Instagram, chances are you’ve heard of the Hot Girl Walk. Simply put, the trend elevates the simple exercise of walking into a confidence-boosting ritual and the best part of your daily routine. Popularized by influencer

If you’re a book lover, chances are you can’t stop spotting Sally Rooney novels on social media, in the front windows at your local bookstore, and even on your TV screen—Conversations With Friends was released as a Hulu series in

Readers can trust that August’s poetry releases will showcase evocative writing and poignant themes—they’ve garnered praise from writers like Jericho Brown, Melissa Febos, and Craig Santos Perez, as well as won some of the genre’s biggest awards. These collections look