Kara Lewis is a poet, writer, and editor based in Kansas City. Her poems have appeared in Stirring: A Literary Collection, Plainsongs Poetry Journal, and Number One Magazine. She has also published feminist criticism and personal essays.

Coronavirus has changed nearly every aspect of our lives within months. We celebrated Pride Month and National Poetry Month from home, struggled with mental health, and found new, imaginative ways to share support. But as much as the pandemic challenges

Artist and writer Hiral Patadia, founder of the platform POP by hiral, takes a unique approach to poetry. Through her website, her wide array of products (from wall art to phone cases), and her partnership with Swarovski, Patadia showcases how

Ariana Grande, Solange Knowles, Princess Diana . . . these and other Cancer icons showcase all there is to love about the intensely dreamy star sign. These compassionate crabs, born between June 21 and July 22, possess a reputation for

A new month ushers in original and innovative poetry releases. This month, themes explore everything from female empowerment, fairy tales, and automation, to the very role of language itself. The end result? There’s a poetry collection for anyone and everyone.

On grad school applications, writing residencies requirements, and academic job posts, a new question is emerging: How do you engage with a larger writing community? It’s no longer just about writing strong literature, it’s also about being a strong literary

Most writers have a favorite genre, whether that’s poetry, fiction, memoir, screenwriting, or many other forms. But what happens when writers push past the boundaries of these literary traditions? Major publications like Writer’s Digest have argued that the art of

After getting its emergence in the 1980s, slam poetry continues to grow in popularity across the globe. From New York City to the middle of the map, most cities boost a spoken word poetry presence, and the art form continues

People often call the solar plexus chakra the “power chakra.” With this in mind, its location at the diaphragm makes perfect sense: This chakra literally invites us to speak up and assert ourselves, overseeing everything from our belief systems, to

Oh, Geminis. As the inspiration behind hundreds of memes and one of the most frequently referenced zodiac signs, the Twins can have an infamous erratic streak and a penchant for drama. Behind these tweet-worthy stereotypes, however, Geminis also carry traits

At their most fundamental level, the seven chakras represent where energy flows in the body. Controlling elements from love and inner-peace to communication and self-expression, the chakras hold high importance. Spiritual teaching tells us that when these chakras are open,