4 Writing Prompts to Inspire Gratitude

As many of us celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones this week, we’re reminded of the importance of gratitude. You might even feel inspired to explore this theme in your poetry. Whether you write about a friend or family member, a lesson you learned this year, or everyday moments you’re grateful for, here are a few writing prompts to inspire gratitude.


Create an acrostic GRATITUDE list poem 


Making gratitude lists is a popular self-care tool many use to find joy in the everyday. Create your own gratitude list in the form of a GRATITUDE acrostic poem. Although this structure has limitless possibilities, as a starting point, consider writing about multiple memories you’re grateful for, either exploring different memories in each line or in every few lines. Keep your poem consistent by choosing a specific setting, such as beloved memories in nature, which provides opportunities for creative poetic choices, like imagery and metaphor.


Write a poem to someone you’re grateful for


Dedicate a gratitude poem to someone you’re grateful for, keeping your tone conversational and personal. Take this tonal choice a step further by structuring your poem as a letter. Explore an appreciated characteristic of a loved one you have gratitude for, a challenge they helped you through that inspired gratitude for them, or a moment you both shared that you feel grateful about. 


In a poem, explore a lesson you learned from this year that you’re grateful for 


As 2023 comes to an end, reflect in a poem on a lesson you learned this year that you’re grateful for. In your writing, consider the ways in which this lesson provided you with a new perspective or put you on a different, more fulfilling path. As you write, explore the experiences that led you to these realizations. What emotions did you feel? Who helped you navigate this time? What metaphors might you incorporate to creatively tell this story? Be sure to end your poem with a statement of gratitude, driving home the piece’s message. 

Capture an everyday moment you’re grateful for in a poem


We often take everyday moments for granted — a calming cup of coffee in the morning, the comforting warmth of the sun’s rays on your face, a grounding walk in the woods, or a humorous moment that brought you joy and laughter. Capture the magic of and gratitude you feel for these everyday moments in a poem. To create a vivid scene, employ rich imagery throughout your poem. What flavors do you taste? What colors do you see? Who do you hear? What do you feel? 


Although life has its ups and downs, finding gratitude can help us cope and give us hope. Hopefully, these prompts inspire you to find more gratitude in your life. For even more writing inspiration, check out our fall writing prompts that will leave you inspired.