Fall Poetry Prompts That Will Leave You Inspired

Fall is here! We’ve bid adieu to scorching days and have welcomed in cooler temperatures, beautifully-colored treescapes, and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes. The recent change in season might also have you feeling motivated to write. To inspire your creativity, we’ve created a list of fall-themed poetry prompts that will leave you inspired.


Write a poem about a positive change you’ve experienced, using the fall season as a backdrop


Throughout literature, change is a consistent autumn theme. This fall, write a poem about a change you’ve experienced from a positive perspective, using the transitional season as a creative backdrop. Although change can present challenges, writing about a positive life change can feel refreshing. The poetic possibilities are endless—maybe you’re walking through the newly transitioned woods on a sunny fall day, thinking about a particular change in your life. Or, perhaps you could personify trees and leaves, using them as a metaphor in a poem to represent your experience. For even more inspiration on writing about change, check out these fall-inspired poems to help you accept change


Write a fall-themed acrostic poem


An acrostic poem uses the letters of a particular word to start each line of a poem. If you’re struggling to break through writer’s block, this is a great way to spark inspiration, providing you with a structure to follow and themes to guide your writing. Whether you use AUTUMN, FALL, LEAVES, CRISP, or HARVEST, explore an autumnal theme like change in your poem. Consider delving into a beloved fall memory, exploring a fall activity you look forward to each year, or simply writing a poem detailing a fall landscape near you (check out these tips for writing outdoors-inspired poetry).


Rely on fall imagery to help you paint a vivid picture, incorporating your senses—what do you see, hear, feel, taste? Adding these rich details to a poem allows your readers to feel immersed in your poetic world.


Write a humorous ode to pumpkin spice lattes


Who doesn’t love a warm pumpkin spice latte on a chilly fall day? Embrace your humorous side by writing an ode to pumpkin spice lattes. In this fun, relatable poem, write about the high number of lattes you drink throughout fall, appreciating the drink’s earthy flavors and the joy pumpkin spice lattes bring you. You might even feel inspired to write from the perspective of frequently visiting your favorite coffee shop for the same drink. Or, if you’re struggling with form, you could employ an acrostic structure by choosing the commonly used acronym, PSL. Be creative with this ode and let yourself experiment with your writing. 

We hope these poems encourage you to find inspiration in the fall season. For even more fall-themed poetry content, check out our guide on how to organize a fall-themed book club as well as our blog of five poems to inspire a cottagecore fall. Happy fall, and happy writing!