A Spooky Season Gift Guide For Your Witchy Poet Friends

As spooky season approaches, you’re probably lighting your witchy candles, laying out your tarot spread, or enjoying witch-inspired poetry with a cup of herbal tea. You might even feel encouraged to share the love with your coven. If you’re struggling to conjure gift ideas this season of the witch, peer into this witchy poetry gift guide. 




Every witchy poet needs a collection of soothing, healing candles. Candles create a grounding atmosphere, which can encourage relaxation and creativity. Whether your giftees are deepening their spiritual practices through witchcraft and poetry or are simply seeking stress relief, candles are a go-to. Be sure to purchase candles crafted with natural ingredients, allowing for a toxin-free burn. As you shop, search for small, preferably women-owned businesses. For some options, check out these on Etsy. Yay for witches supporting witches! 


Herbal tea and witch-inspired mug


Throughout history and across cultures, witches are widely known for their spiritual healing practices, including practicing herbal medicine. Cultivate good energy by gifting herbal teas with therapeutic properties. Your fellow witchy poets will enjoy sipping a warm, healing beverage as they develop their poetry craft. Complete your tea gift with a witch-inspired mug, such as these


Witchy journal


What poet doesn’t crave the feeling of opening a brand new, blank journal, ready to be filled with musings, drafts, and beloved poems—maybe even a spell or two? Add a witchy twist to this gift with this customizable ‘Midnight Mysticism’ notebook from Papier. Or, for a more structured option, consider this soul care planner by Bella Deluna, complete with journal prompts, to-do lists, and astrological insights.  


Amanda Lovelace tarot decks and the witch doesn’t burn in this one book


Poet Amanda Lovelace is known for her witchy and fantasy-inspired writing. But did you know that she also created two tarot collections? Give the gifts of insight and foresight with the cozy witch tarot deck or the believe in your own magic tarot deck


As a companion item, add Lovelace’s poetry collection the witch doesn’t burn in this one to your witchy poet gift. The book’s description says it all: “The witch: supernaturally powerful, inscrutably independent, and now—indestructible. These moving, relatable poems encourage resilience and embolden women to take control of their own stories. Enemies try to judge, oppress, and marginalize her, but the witch doesn’t burn in this one.” 


Witchy tote bag


All witchy poets need a tote bag to easily bring their journals and poetry collections from place to place. Whether you choose a tote abstractly related to witches, with nature-inspired themes like plant or moon designs, or one that’s more overtly witchy, consider supporting an independent artist through platforms like Etsy or directly from a designer’s website. 

These gifts are sure to put a spell on your witchy poet friends. For even more poetry gift ideas, check out our other gift guides. Happy spooky season, and happy gifting!