How to Organize a Fall-Themed Book Club

As we officially welcome autumn, many of us enjoy the season’s colder temperatures, colorful landscapes, and seasonal drinks. If you’re a poetry enthusiast, why not apply your love for fall to your book club this season? For inspiration, consider these tips on how to organize a fall-themed book club. 


Create a fall-inspired TBR list


Fall is a rich source of inspiration for poets, considering the season’s themes and beautiful natural scenes. Meet with your book club members to compile a to-be-read list for fall, encouraging each member to propose a fall-themed poetry collection your club should read. Whether the books explore topics generally related to fall or directly reference the season, put together a diverse list of collections all members can enjoy. 


Curate a fall playlist


To enhance the reading experience, curate a shared fall playlist that each book club member can contribute to. Find inspiration in the collections you’ve chosen. To start, search for atmospheric, relaxing, and nature-inspired songs


Members can listen to the playlist on their own while they individually read your club’s selections. Additionally, your club can play these songs as background music during meetings to create a sense of autumn ambience. 


Create fall- and poetry-themed appetizers and drinks


If your club is gathering in-person at a member’s home, consider providing fall- and poetry-themed appetizers and drinks. 


Pumpkin spice latte season is here, so why not spend some time crafting coffee recipes inspired by your club’s collection selection? If you’re reading classics, a simple espresso latte with cinnamon might suffice. Or, if modern works are on your list, create the popular, widely beloved PSL. As you’re considering appetizers, baked goods are quintessential fall. A pumpkin transcendentalist tart, complete with earthy spices, referencing the genre’s nature themes, is sure to impress your club.


Plan book club meetings at local outdoor and indoor spaces


As temperatures drop and leaves change, many of us look forward to spending more time outside, so why not bring your book club outside? Research local outdoor spaces where you can hold meetings. Depending on the size of your club, consider places like parks or lakes that provide seating, or, if your club is small enough, bring your own. Take this experience a step further by choosing spaces similar to those referenced in your club’s fall collections. 


The colder weather might have you craving warm drinks in a cozy environment. If you prefer an indoor setting, consider seeking out locally-owned coffee shops where your book club can hold gatherings. Create a shared list of coffee shops that you and your club’s members have been wanting to visit. Since most coffee shops have seasonal menus, they’re the perfect place to add some fall to your meetings. 


Hopefully, these tips encourage you to embrace the fall season with your book club. If you don’t yet belong to a club, ask some friends if they’d be interested in joining—starting with your network is a great first step to building community. Happy fall, and happy reading!