5 Comforting Writing Prompts for Taurus Season

Taurus season arrived on April 20 and lasts until May 20. After the turbulence and speed of Aries season, this new Taurus energy invites us to slow down, indulge in luxury, and experience life at the height of our senses. Taureans are known for their love of relaxation and coziness; their ability to engage taste, touch, sense, and more; and their connection to the earth and natural world. Simply put, Taurus season comes as a directive to be soft and gentle with ourselves and others—and to see this approach as an inherent strength. Here are five prompts to help writers and poets do just that.


Write a poem about an environment where you’ve been most at peace


Tauruses care deeply about their surroundings and are profoundly affected by their environments— whether natural or self-created. This sign is likely to have a flair for decorating, and even feel a sentimental attachment to the unique, hand-picked items in their home. Outside of the home, they may opt for intimate coffee shops, patios draped in twinkle lights, and lots of time spent in nature. Think back to where you felt the most content. Then, depict it in a poem and bring the reader there alongside you.


Start your writing session with a bath


Grab your notebook—and your bath bombs, candles, and fuzziest robe. While writing can be hard work, Taurus season encourages us to move into spaces and tasks from a place of ease. Steam and exfoliate your skin, try out a new hair mask, and play music that makes you feel like you’re at a spa. After this full-scale pampering, dip into poetry. 


Draw on all five senses within a poem


All kinds of imagery are important in a poem. It’s natural to focus on visual imagery but challenge yourself to incorporate all five senses in some of the pieces you write during Taurus season. How can you help a reader tap into sight, sound, touch, scent, and taste? What does bringing each of these to a poem add? Think about setting a poem somewhere where all of these aspects are naturally present—like in a bakery or on a walk in nature. 


Write a poem at a slow pace


Some writers have a natural urge to not put down their notebook until a piece is done. Taurus season pushes us toward the opposite of this impulse, opting for all things to be gradual and smooth. Consider switching up your writing process this month and seeing how it changes. What would it feel like to write one stanza of poetry a day, or even one couplet? How could this slow process build up to something whole and amazing?


Pair yoga and poetry


We’re big fans of yoga here at Read Poetry—just check out our yoga pose and poetry pairings. With their love of all things earthy and grounded, Taureans might be the biggest and most natural yogis of the zodiac. Grab your notebook after your yoga session to see how the practice plays out in your writing, or take a more direct approach by writing a poem inspired by your favorite pose. 


Happy writing—and happy Taurus season!