5 Fun Poetry-Inspired Dates

Whether you’re going on a first date, settled into a long-term relationship, or somewhere in between, implementing poetry into your dating life can be a fulfilling, natural way to let someone in on your interests or cultivate a shared passion. Poetry is also romantic, emotional, and personal — an ideal topic for bringing up deeper conversations, getting to the heart of what you value, and more. If you want to bring a poetic side to your next date, here are five activities to try. 


Go to a local reading or open mic


A local poetry event is a fantastic way to spark conversation between you and your partner. You’ll be able to ask them what they enjoyed about the writing, what images stuck out to them, and more. It’s also a way to expose your relationship to new experiences and to learn something together. To find a poetry reading or open mic, use the Academy of American Poets’ Poetry Near You search feature, browse Eventbrite and Facebook, or take a look at the event calendars for your local library or indie bookstore. 

Pick out collections for each other at an indie bookstore.


Speaking of indie bookstores, is there anything more romantic than wandering their intimate, crowded stacks and taking in the smell of books? At a lot of indie bookstores —especially used or rare ones —you have no idea what you’re going to find, making for a date that’s both cute and packs a bit of an unpredictable thrill. Incorporate a twist on the bookstore date by picking out a poetry collection that you think your date will like and instructing them to do the same. 


Write together


For most poets, being able to dig into their creative work around another person is a sign of true vulnerability and trust. If you’re ready for that step with your date, it’s not only fun, but also offers a meaningful way for them to showcase their support of your poetry. Bring on the spontaneous vibes with a random writing prompt generator. You can also decide to trade notebooks halfway through your writing date and each add to the other’s creation. Many writers note that writing can be lonely, so shaking up this solo activity can be great for both your relationship and your craft. 


Get crafty with magnetic poetry or found poetry


Another low-pressure way to create together and to indulge your inner child is through grabbing some magnetic poetry or some old magazines, construction paper, and glue. See what poetic combinations you can string together on your fridge or through a found poetry collage. You can each make your own or work together as collaborators. These childhood activities are also a way to enliven the playful aspect of your relationship. 


Lean into coziness with a poetry movie night


Who doesn’t love a themed movie night? Interrupt the regular Netflix routine by opting for something poetry-inspired, like Dead Poets Society, Wild Nights with Emily, or Kill Your Darlings, just to name a few. Commit even more to the theme with literary cocktails or a relaxing, steaming cup of tea


Feeling inspired? In addition to letting poetry inform your next date, you can also let your dating life or relationship inform your next poem – check out our tips for how to approach writing a love poem.