poetry and tea

4 Poetry and Tea Pairings to Soothe Your Soul

A good cup of tea can be made even better when it is paired with poetry. Every cup of tea is unique in substance and flavor profile, and each one has characteristics that make them a great complement to a specific poetic collection. I explored some of my favorite tea flavors and found them their poetic mate based upon similar style and experience. So, put the kettle on and settle in to explore poetry in a fun, new way. 



When I think of chamomile tea, I think of nurturing and healing. This tea is often a go-to for a wide variety of ailments from the common cold to inflammation. With floral and apple flavors, this earthy tea has a soothing and agreeable flavor profile that keeps tea drinkers coming back for more. With its healing properties and earthy undertones, the perfect poetry match for this tea is Inward by Yung Pueblo. Like chamomile, Pueblo’s writing nurtures the soul of the reader. He discusses the art of letting go, the importance of love, and the wisdom needed on the way to transformation. 


Earl Grey 

This tea is actually a flavored blend using a fruit called Bergamot. This combination gives Earl Grey a unique, malty, tangy taste. It can be enjoyed with milk, but most people recommend using lemon to bring out the full flavor profile. This tea is often associated with royals and has a sophistication surrounding it. I pair this tea with Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty because his work focuses on making all women feel empowered and confident in their own skin. He reminds readers that every person is valuable and beautiful, flaws and all.



Green tea tends to have a more earthy flavor and keeps its green color. Green tea can be sweet, fruity, or even have a vegetal taste. There are many different varieties of green teas and they also tend to have less caffeine. What stuck out to me most is that they are said to be good for your heart. A poetry collection that I feel fits into this category is Courtney Peppernell’s The Road Between. Peppernell writes about finding your way through pain and back home to yourself. It is a collection that gives you that little bit of energy that you need at the end of your journey to help you take those crucial steps into healing. 


Hibiscus Tea 

The first thing that draws your eye to Hibiscus tea is its deep red color. This tea can be both sweet and tart and is full of antioxidants that make it an attractive option for any tea lover. This herbal tea boasts many potential health benefits and can be enjoyed hot or cold. A perfect poetry complement to hibiscus tea would be Words Unspoken by Madalina Coman. Like the vivid colors of the hibiscus, Madalina’s work is stunning in both aesthetics and imagery. Her words paint pictures of resilience and love, touching on the sweet and the bitter aspects of each. 


Do you have a favorite tea that you think would pair well with a specific poetry collection? Share it with us in the comments. Poetry and tea pairings are soothing in every sip and with every turn of the page. Enjoy!