Poetry Pairings: Holiday Beverage Edition

Between Zoom reunions, weekends in, and a little extra time on our hands, 2020 has turned many of us into bartenders and bookworms. With the year coming to an end, we’ve got one last round of books and drinks to add to your arsenal. We’ve paired 10 inspiring poets with classic winter cocktails to help you vibe and imbibe this holiday season.


Aija Mayrock – Eggnog

Eggnog: a classic holiday drink with an optional kick. It’s the perfect pick for those who love the heartfelt and empowering poetry stylings of Aija Mayrock. Sip your drink (with or without a splash of bourbon) as you read her latest collection, Dear Girl (August 2020). 


Amanda Lovelace – Gingersnap Martini

Add a little spice to a familiar favorite with Amanda Lovelace’s poetry in one hand and a gingersnap martini in the other. Her latest collection, break your glass slippers (March 2020), is a prime example of how Lovelace breathes new life into fairytales as she shatters the old “damsel in distress” narrative. 


Cody Simpson – White Russian

Youthful yet mature, the bitter-boozy-sweet White Russian hits the spot when you’re reading Cody Simpson’s work. His collection, Prince Neptune (April 2020), brings together themes of life, love, fame, and nature through the eyes of a young man with an old soul. 


Courtney Peppernell – Apple Cider

Served hot or cold, spiked or simple, apple cider is among the most versatile winter drinks. Like Courtney Peppernell’s Pillow Thoughts series, it’s good just about anytime—but it’s especially comforting in the fall and winter. 


Dakota Adan – Holiday Sangria

Holidays are, of course, a time to get together (virtual or otherwise). Sangria and Dakota Adan’s Be(Loved) (September 2020) make the case for reuniting with and loving each other as well as ourselves this holiday season. 


Emily Dalton – Cranberry Mule

Expect the unexpected with a festive cranberry mule and Emily Dalton’s debut novel-in-verse, Be Straight with Me (May 2020). While the cranberry mule calls for a few playful touches, Be Straight with Me keeps a sharp wit and sense of humor about it while tackling the complex themes of love and sexuality. 


Greta Bellamacina – Mulled Wine

The female identity falls under the microscope in Greta Bellamacina’s collection, Tomorrow’s Woman (February 2020). A contemporary take on the classic poetic form, the collection pairs well with a cup of mulled wine for a cozy and thoughtful evening. 


Justin Wetch – A Classic Cabernet

Universal themes of love, heartbreak, and self-transformation are stripped down in Wetch’s latest collection, Our Naked Souls (July 2020). For this pairing, let’s keep it simple with a classic glass of cabernet sauvignon. Warm, full-bodied, and complex, the character of a cabernet perfectly underscores Our Naked Souls


Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol – Pomegranate Paloma

Add some zest to your winter cocktail list with a pomegranate paloma. Ginger, mint, and pomegranate bring brightness and life to the classic paloma. Sip this sweet drink while you flip through Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol’s latest collection, Eighteen Inches (September 2020). Exploring the head and the heart, the author finds lightness and hope within longing and pain. 


Renaada Williams – Champagne Fizz

Celebrate your growth this year and the new beginnings on your horizon by pouring yourself a Champagne fizz and cracking open becoming. (May 2020), Renaada Williams’s latest poetry collection. becoming. commemorates the journey of loss, life, and love.