Viral Verse: 5 Spoken Word accounts to follow on TikTok

Spoken word poetry has found a vibrant home on TikTok, where artists blend their lyrical prowess with captivating visuals. Here are five spoken word poets whose TikTok accounts are worth following:


Christi Steyn (@christi.steyn.poetry)

Christi Steyn’s bio boldly declares, “I’ll help you fall in love with poetry.” And she delivers on that promise. Her account is a delightful mix of both published and original poetry. Steyn brings classic and contemporary poems to life, infusing them with her passionate energy. Her unique approach combines the eloquence of poetry with the vibrancy of musical theater. Plus, she thoughtfully displays the text on-screen as she reads, making poetry more accessible for viewers.


Ethan Jewell (@jewellboi)

Ethan Jewell, a poet, and singer-songwriter, pairs his spoken word lyricism with evocative piano melodies. His vulnerability shines through on his page as he shares honest poems about mental health, depression, and anxiety. With over 700,000 followers, Jewell’s emotional depth resonates with his audience, his content reminding them to prioritize self-care.


Michaela Angemeer (@michaelapoetry)

Michaela Angemeer, an accomplished author, explores the intricacies of modern dating and relationships through her poetry. Her TikTok account, with more than 100,000 followers, offers glimpses into the personal and vulnerable aspects of her work. Angemeer also curates poetry recommendation videos, selecting pieces based on her followers’ moods and situations.


Poetry of Beauty (@livinginsong)

Poetry of Beauty’s TikTok account celebrates the art form of poetry with a focus on aesthetics. The account features powerful spoken word performances alongside visually captivating images and video clips. The natural imagery—such as growing leaves and flocks of birds—enhances the impact of each poem.


#spokenwordpoetry Community

Beyond individual poets, explore the broader #spokenwordpoetry community on TikTok. Here, you’ll find a diverse range of voices sharing their poetic expressions. From raw emotions to thought-provoking themes, this hashtag unites spoken word enthusiasts worldwide.


TikTok has become a powerful platform for poets, allowing them to reach global audiences and ignite a love for poetry—one short video at a time. So, whether you’re a seasoned poetry lover or a curious newcomer, these poets will inspire you to explore the magic of spoken word.


Learn more about how to be part of the poetry community on TikTok here.