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5 Fun Ways to Be Part of the Poetry Community on TikTok

TikTok continues to grow in both its popularity and influence. According to Hootsuite, the digital community is the seventh most-used social media app—and stood out as the most frequently downloaded throughout 2020. TikTok blends wide-ranging creativity with a global outreach, broadcasting its humor, dances, art, and more across over 200 countries. 


Of course, poetry has its place on TikTok, with the hashtag garnering 23 billion views as of June 2021. The app, which centers around short videos, offers an opportunity to expand the poetry community to new audiences, as well as make the genre more exciting, modern, and accessible. If you want to share your love for poetry and build your platform, here are five ways to get started.


1. Give a reading or slam performance.

Ready to build your confidence in reading and performing your poetry? TikTok presents the perfect chance. Get a feel for your stanzas’ sonic qualities and sense of rhythm by reading your work. If you’re a slam poet, take it one step further by experimenting with movement and tone of voice. In fact, many poets on TikTok have built a following with this straightforward and intimate approach. 


2. Share your poetry recommendations.

In addition to sharing your own poetry, you can publicly appreciate the work of other writers. Let viewers know your favorite titles and analyze what makes them great. If you’re passionate about a particular community or type of poetry, you can lean into a specific subsect, like LGBTQ+ poetry, humorous verse, or genre-bending poetry. For a fun TikTok series idea, consider relating poetry to pop culture. What poetry collections should your audience read based on their favorite TV show, favorite album, or go-to brunch order?


3. Provide writing tips.

If you have experience in the world of writing and poetry, breaking it down for others can benefit many TikTok users. Do you have a talent for explaining potentially complicated topics? Give your 60-second guide to writing a sonnet, crafting vivid imagery, or using literary devices like metaphor and simile. 


4. Shine a light on the writing, publishing, or revision process.

All too often, the solitary nature of writing and publishing can make it feel mystifying and exclusionary. Speaking out about what this process looks like for you can break down barriers and raise awareness. If you published a book, how long did it take? What’s your strategy behind submitting to literary magazines and journals? How do you establish a writing routine? Approaching these questions with authenticity and openness can make you TikTok’s beloved poetry guide. 


5. Create a collaborative poetry project. 

TikTok’s inventive duet feature allows you to imbed another user’s video with your own. Write one stanza and invite a friend or favorite creator to add another. This can lead to surprising, multivoiced poems, as well as build your online connections with other writers. 


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