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6 Poems for Galentine’s Day

As women, our friendships with each other are nothing if not sacred. We’re there for each other through the whole shebang—the good, the bad, and everything in-between. While significant others may come and go, the most fearsome friendships can last a lifetime, and as such, it is my belief that they should be held to a similar importance as romantic relationships.


Lovers have Valentine’s Day.


We should take the time to show our sisters a little appreciation, too.


Thank you, Leslie Knope, of Parks and Recreation, for inventing a celebration for this very special purpose—Galentine’s Day, which takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day!


In honor of the occasion, I’ve taken the liberty of gathering a few poems you can post or send to your Galentine this year:


“medicine” by rupi kaur

“we need more love

not from men

but from ourselves

and each other.”


“Untitled” by Danielle Doby

“standing on the shoulders of giants


to the women before me

thank you for leading the way


thank you for using your voice

to carve out room for mine to exist


today and every day

i march for you


i march for you

because you are her

i am her

and she is her, too”


“Untitled” by Orion Carloto

“They spent a lifetime

striking us down

like matches


Mistaking our passion

for rage and madness.


But never underestimate

the magnitude of women


For only fools forget

that even a lonesome flame

can swiftly turn into a

forest fire.”


“An Ode to Fearless Women” by Nikita Gill

“I think your bones

were made in an elsewhere place.

How else does one explain

this inconceivable strength that makes you.

The way you look into danger’s mouth

And see no cemetery or death.

Instead, carve your name into

its teeth with a switchblade,

defeat it so effortlessly and

throw your head back and laugh.

Paradox girl, mighty woman,

you are the thing that terrifies them.

Both monster and maiden, both cure and poison,

all of these things, and at the same time human.

Defined by no man, you are your own story,

blazing through the world, turning history into herstory.

And when they dare to tell you about

all the things you cannot be,

you smile and tell them,

‘I am both war and woman and you cannot stop me.’”


“A Woman” by Lang Leav

“The day you become a woman, they hand you a grenade. And you must choose between hurling or holding. Between want and expectation. Excise your desire, while you are hungry for everything. Give up your life for a version of you, that isn’t you at all.


Think twice about the imposition when they tell you, there is nothing worse than a fallen woman. Nothing worse than a woman who doesn’t know her place. You will leave when you trade your truth for an ideal that no amount of good you do will ever be enough anyway—


So, fuck them. And make up your own rules. Don’t be afraid to hurl, to fall, to get dirt on your face. Sweetheart, let this be your one glorious mess because in the end the only person you should answer to, is yourself—after all,


     you are a woman


and long before they punish you for what you’ve done, they will punish you for what you are.”


“Untitled” by alex elle

“celebrating another woman’s

triumphs or success will never

take away from your shine

or glory. if anything,

it’ll add to it and create

more light.”


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