7 Poems For Letting Go and Welcoming Change

The fall season encourages us to embrace the art of letting go. Change can be painful, and sometimes—despite our desire for it—we resist it. Letting go is often not a passive choice but a very active one that requires our time, effort, and energy. It’s not easy; it challenges us to our very core, and knowing when and what to let go of requires wisdom. If you are at a point where you feel it’s time to move forward into something new, these poems about letting go may be just right for your heart. 


1. e.h


Hold on, hold on, hold on,” they said,

“You’re a dandelion in the breeze,

Look what the winds of change have done

to all these autumn leaves.”


Hold on, hold on, hold on,

This big wide world is not for you,

Hold on for long enough

for the last gust to dance on through.”


So I held on, held on, held on,

They said that’s how you know you’re strong,

But not until I wilted

did I notice something wrong.


I thought holding on was bravery,

But when winds of change do blow,

Sometimes it’s even braver still

to let go, let go, let go.



2. Alexandra Vasiliu 


Letting go will teach you

the art

of being soft and humble,

yet powerful and free.



3. ntmpoet


the birth of 

something new


always feels 

like death at first


the way winter 

sacrifices itself

for spring.



4. April Green


Let it go 

then see what kind of magic

returns in its place.



I promise that

what’s for you

will never reach you

while you’re clinging

to something else.



4. Vic Lejon


change is inevitable

every living being grows


do not pretend 

you have not

noticed the patterns

in nature


we all become

someone else

after we have been











5. Lang Leav


Thoughts On Letting Go


It’s possible to move on from someone even if your heart refuses to let go. And it’s not something you need to consciously do. It will just happen gradually, over time. The ache will always be there but the intensity will fade and you’ll find other beautiful things to fill your days with.



6. Mary Oliver


To live in this world


you must be able

to do three things:

to love what is mortal; 

to hold it


against your own bones knowing

your own life depends on it;

and, when the time comes to

let it go,

to let it go



When uncertainty abounds, it can be so difficult to let go. When we don’t know what comes next, taking that leap of faith can feel impossible. I hope these beautiful poems have been full of insight and inspiration for you as you think of what your next move will be. We live in cycles of holding on and letting go, but these words will be there to encourage you on your journey through each new season.