Lavender flowers mixing in with parchment-paper wrapped gifts

Earthy Poetry Gifts: A Spring Gift Guide

When you think of spring, blooming flowers, green forests, chirping birds, and—if you’re a poet—nature-inspired poetry might come to mind. Spring also brings with it times for celebration—whether you’re searching for a Mother’s Day gift or simply want to treat a friend this season, why not draw inspiration from both poetry and the natural world? 


Bouquet of poetry


As a twist on the traditional flower bouquet, consider creating a bouquet of poetry. Purchase a narrow, tall basket that gives the impression of a vase. Then, collect your giftee’s favorite poetry books, or to be consistent with the theme, nature poetry collections. Arrange the books in the basket in a fan-like pattern, similar to the appearance of a bouquet. 


Plantable bookmarks


Spring is the perfect season to get outdoors. Encourage your poetry and nature-loving giftee to spend time in the sun while honing their gardening skills. 


Help your loved one grow a garden with a plantable bookmark! This meaningful gift is a unique way to support your giftee’s beloved hobby. 


Place the bookmark in a nature poetry collection, preferably a book that features the bookmark’s seeds. Once they’re done reading, give the bookmark new life by placing it in soil, watering regularly. Before they know it, plants will begin to sprout. 


Custom seed packets


As another gardening option, consider gifting custom seed packets—you can purchase seeds from your local garden center, then pour them in the new packets. Customize the packets with poetry! 


If your loved one is a poet, write their own poems on the seed packets for a thoughtful, encouraging gift. This shows your support and appreciation for their work in a creative, personalized way. 


Or, if they simply enjoy reading poetry, type their favorite poems on seed packets—specifically, poetry that relates to the seeds, either literally or figuratively. For example, if your giftee is a fan of modern poetry, customize a sunflower seed packet with Rupi Kaur’s poem: there is nothing left to worry about/the sun and her flowers are here. 


Lastly, you could choose a few quotes from their favorite poets, referencing plants, spring, or themes associated with the season, such as happiness and new beginnings. 


Tip: take the poetry theme a step further by creating seed collections, like poetry collections. Choose seeds that complement one another, the way a poet would curate their book.


Magnetic nature poet kit


Write a new poem each day using this magnetic nature poet kit. With over 200 nature-themed word tiles, which can be placed on any magnetic surface, this kit is a fun option as a gift, providing endless creativity and entertainment. 


Hopefully, this guide inspires you to gift in a purposeful, creative way. If you’re able to, shop thoughtfully as well. When searching for these items, consider supporting small, independent businesses through, Etsy, and your local garden center, for example. Happy making, and happy gifting!