7 Emerald Verses: A Collection of St. Patrick’s Day Poetry

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, what better way to celebrate the Irish spirit than with a collection of enchanting poems? Delve into the rich tapestry of Irish culture and tradition with these seven poems, each brimming with the essence of Ireland and a touch of luck.


“The Wearing of the Green” – A St. Patrick’s Day ballad

This traditional Irish folk song laments the suppression of Irish nationalism and celebrates wearing green as a symbol of pride in one’s Irish heritage. Listen to a cover by the Wolftones, and let the stirring melody transport you to the verdant hills of Ireland, where the spirit of resilience thrives.


“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

Written in 1912 by Chauncey Olcott, George Graff Jr., and Ernest R. Ball, this popular song is a tribute to Irelands known for its upbeat and cheerful tone. Bing Crosby’s rendition from 1939 still brings smiles, reminding us of the enduring joy found in the simple pleasures of laughter and camaraderie.


“St. Patrick’s Breastplate”

Attributed to St. Patrick himself, this powerful prayer expresses unwavering faith. It’s recited on St. Patrick’s Day to honor Ireland’s patron saint. The prayer offers a glimpse into the spiritual heritage that continues to inspire generations.


St. Patrick’s Day Blessing

A heartfelt blessing for the occasion. May luck and joy follow you wherever you go, weaving a tapestry of blessings that brighten your path and fill your heart with gratitude.


“St. Patrick’s Day” by C. C. Hassler

A nostalgic reflection on the journey from Ireland to a new land, this poem is adorned with shamrocks and rollicking tunes. Through the verses of this poem, we embark on a journey of remembrance and celebration, honoring the resilience of the Irish spirit across oceans and generations.


“Four Leaf Clover” by Ella Higginson

As legend has it, finding a four-leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day doubles your luck. Keep an eye out for these magical symbols, for in their delicate leaves lies the promise of good fortune and the whisper of ancient tales.


“The Leprechauns Are Marching”

A whimsical ode to mischievous leprechauns parading through the emerald hills. Their antics bring joy to St. Patrick’s glad day in the morning, infusing the air with laughter and mischief as they dance in celebration of the magic that surrounds us all.


As you immerse yourself in the joyous festivities, may these poems serve as a reminder of the rich heritage and enduring spirit of Ireland. Feel the Irish spirit, embrace the green, and may luck be your faithful companion this St. Patrick’s Day!