Alicia Keys

4 Female Musicians Who Are Also Powerhouse Poets

It’s no surprise that musicians are often talented poets in their own right. Their skill for creating melodies and lyrics can translate beautifully to written pieces, leaving the reader feeling the harmony and intentionality of their art, no matter the form. These female vocalists have stolen our hearts through song—but have you checked out their poetry collections? Take a look at these amazing poetry collections from women who were musicians first. 


1. Morgan Harper Nichols

Many people may be familiar with Morgan Harper Nichols’ poetry and prose—often shared in beautiful artwork on her Instagram page—but did you know that she started out as a Christian singer-songwriter? Her creative journey began on the road as she was touring, and that is where she says she began to nurture her writing as another form of expression. Her self-titled album was released in 2017 and is a beautiful representation of the themes of all of her creative work: hope and grace amidst changing seasons. Her latest poetry collection, All Along You Were Blooming: Thoughts for Boundless Living focuses on the healing power of renewal for the heart and soul as we navigate the ups and downs of life.  


2. Florence Welch

Florence + the Machine is an unstoppable indie rock band, with music appearing in popular TV shows and movies such as Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones, The Great Gatsby, The Vampire Diaries, and A Million Little Things. However, Florence Welch—the lead singer—also has a published collection of lyrics, poetry, and sketches called Useless Magic. The book’s tone and aesthetic complement Florence’s musical style and flair beautifully. Her book of poems is a perfect continuation of her creative expression for fans of her music to experience even more of her heart through words and drawings. 


3. Alicia Keys

In 2005, singer-songwriter Alicia Keys found a home for another piece of her heart through a published collection of poetry called Tears for Water: Poetry & Lyrics. Alicia describes the collection as a work of appreciation for her fans, where she can share her most vulnerable thoughts and experiences. The title of the book was inspired by one of her poems, and she explained in an interview with The Early Show that every form of expression comes from some form of tears: joy, pain, frustration, happiness. Tears have been present through her journey—through the good and the bad—and she wanted to find a way to give some of that back to her fans through this vulnerable collection. This book is a great way for fans to get to know Keys on a more intimate level while also preparing to dive into her new memoir, More Myself: A Journey. 


4. Halsey

Halsey is a singer and songwriter who is not afraid to use her creative platform to stand up and speak out for those who are often unheard or ignored. Her music and poetry both focus on topics such as mental health, identity, heartbreak, and painful family relationships. She bravely speaks about her personal experiences and on behalf of others through her art—both in music and poetry. Her new album, Manic, describes some of her personal experiences with manic episodes and bipolar disorder. She is very open about her story and wants to help educate others on bipolar disorder, breaking through the stigma and giving so many people a voice. Her debut poetry collection, I Would Leave Me If I Could, is a continuation of her story and her experiences with bipolar disorder, mental health, heartbreak, and relationships. The book will go on sale Nov. 10, so mark your calendars! 


These beautifully talented women have shared their art with us in many forms over the years, and I hope this list has inspired you to add some of their poetry collections to your TBR list. Do you have another favorite musician who is also a poet? Let us know in the comments.