7 Unexpected Prompts for Aquarius Season

Aquarius season spans January 20 through February 18, and it can often be one of the most transformative parts of the year. Reflecting its placement near the start of the year, Aquarius season is all about embracing new beginnings, making active changes, and looking toward the future. In the dreariness of winter, it can provide an added burst of inspiration, often with an otherworldly element. 

Affectionately referred to as the “alien” of the zodiac, an Aquarian can seem strange in this world — but that’s because they’re actively building another. These cerebral and individualistic air signs are known for being progressives and humanitarians, as well as for thinking deeply and intentionally creating community. It’s fitting that both Audre Lorde and Langston Hughes are Aquarians, with their poetry serving as a protest and as a bold, urgent vision of justice. As the most forward-thinking sign, Aquarius offers a confident look at what’s to come — a reality we can also access and affect through poetry. To embrace your inner-Aquarius through poetry, test out these seven prompts. 


Write about what your revolution would look like.

Aquarius is known as a revolutionary sign. Draw on this powerful and enlightened reputation to write about the changes you want to see in the world. How could they be fought for and attained?


Write about a time you felt hopeful because of your community, or grateful to be in community. 


Though people often find Aquarians difficult to get to know, once the air sign opens up to a friend, they usually remain close and loyal for life — and Aquarians are known for bringing big groups of people together easily. They often form an especially tight-knit community or a kind of chosen family, which motivates them in their ideals. What does your circle mean to you?


Write about a time you rebelled, or write about what you most want to rebel against now. 


Aquarians aren’t afraid of taking a stand. Though they can be seen as simply contrarian or striving to be different, Aquarians have a rare, valuable ability to question the status quo, break cycles, and take approaches that never occurred to anyone else. What streaks of rebellion have you observed in your own life?


Write a poem that rebels against traditional forms by “breaking” or “pushing” a classic form in a significant way. 


Just as Aquarians rebel against individuals, organizations, and hierarchies, they can also rebel against ingrained ways of making art. They’re not too intimidated to question the literary canon or forge ahead as part of a new movement. Take a classic form — like a sonnet or villanelle — and add your own twist. How does reinventing a form, or rejecting parts of it, give more dimension to your work?


Write from the perspective or voice of a humanitarian figure you admire. 


As people who strive to make social change, Aquarians look up to the trailblazers and history-makers who have done it previously. They’re also likely to understand the nuanced emotions, sacrifices, and challenges that come with social organizing. Bring this complexity to one of your role models by writing a persona poem.


Write a poem informed by science.


There’s nothing too dense for an Aquarius. These scholarly signs are life-long learners and insatiably curious. They likely read every genre — and take notes in the margins. Aquarians also share a special affinity for and fascination with science. If there’s a new and notable discovery, experiment, or piece of technology, they’re reading about it, and most Aquarians likely had a childhood phase where they wanted to be archaeologists or inventors. Honor that by blending the poetic and scientific. 


Write about a time when things shifted suddenly. 


Aquarians are a sign of change, oftentimes seismic and big-picture. It’s common for major shifts to occur during Aquarius season when planets are moving through Aquarius, and many times in the lives of people with this sign. This turbulence can feel incredibly unexpected and sudden but is a core contributor to Aquarians’ adaptability and wide array of experiences. Have there been major, fast-paced periods of change in your life, and how did they shape you?

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