Hand-Picked Poems for Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you check your horoscope daily or once in a blue moon, it can be fun to see how your personality lines up with what the stars spell out for you. Each zodiac sign has unique personality traits and an individual approach to life. To offer up a deeper dive into your zodiac sign and its said characteristics, we’ve hand-picked a special poem for each of the 12 signs. 



The ram. Aries are known as bold and ambitious creatures who aren’t afraid to face problems head-on. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou is easily an Aries’ anthem. The proud and unapologetic tone of this poem reminds readers the only person we truly need approval from is ourselves. 



The bull. Taurus is famous for being stubborn and immovable, but with that also comes patience and a love for serenity. “Mouthful of Forevers” by Clementine von Radics offers the steadfast passion and stoicism true to Taurus’ true nature. 



The twins. Geminis are known to have varied interests, hobbies, and friend groups. Social in Nature, it should come as no surprise that our pick for Gemini comes from a poetry duo. “When Love Arrives” by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye is a fun and open-armed reminder to greet love as it comes, and as it goes. 



The crab. Cancers are great at reading energies and finding balanced the emotional and material world. “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold describes well the line that cancer walks between sand and sea, between mind and matter. Meditative and transcendent, this poem is the Cancer’s hymn. 



The lion. Spirited, theatrical, passionate, Leos love to be in the spotlight. “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath is the perfect poem to go toe-to-toe with any Leo personality. The spectacular blood-and-thunder tone Plath lets loose in this poem is an easy beat for any Leo to step to. 



The maiden. Logical, practical, systematic, Virgos are known to be detail-oriented and stoic. But that doesn’t mean Virgos won’t let their emotions peep through. “Patience, Though I Have Not” by Sir Thomas Wyatt offers up true Virgo tone as the poem depicts the struggle to hold peace under times of duress. 



The scales. A representation of balance and harmony, the Libra seeks equilibrium at every turn. “Balance” by Alice B. Fogel is pretty on-the-nose for any Libra. As the speaker has weighed all options, she finds that balance is “the only way to hold on.” 



The scorpion. Passionate and powerful, Scorpio energy is embodied by “Game Changer” by Solli Raphael. Raphael pulls no punches in this fiery poem, and neither would anyone who’s a true Scorpio at heart. 



The archer. Saggitarius signs are always on a quest for knowledge. With a strong will and a level head, “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer” by Walt Whitman turns out to be just the right fit. 



The goat. With the spirit of the mountains buried inside, Capricorns are known as ambitious creatures, ready to climb. “Complainers” by Rudy Francisco is the Capricorn’s true match—as their DIY attitude rarely leaves room for excuses. 



The water-bearer. Free-spirited, eccentric, and generous, Aquarius approaches the world with arms wide open. “Good Morning” by Edwin Bodney embodies the Aquarius mindset with its kind, gentle, and loving tone. 



The two fish. Pisces seem to split their attention between fantasy and reality. “I’m too busy to sleep…” by Bridgett Devoue captures Pisces’ compassionate and dreamy nature to a tee. For the Pisces poet, dreams take center stage.