6 Podcasts for Writers to Cultivate Growth and Creativity

Podcasts have been growing in popularity for the last several years with good reason. The platform provides listeners with great content that can be enjoyed on a busy schedule. Whether you prefer to listen while you drive to work in the morning, work out at the gym, or fold laundry, podcasts are full of hands-free possibilities. From the practical to the profound and inspirational, the right podcast can catapult you into a more creative headspace and encourage you on your writing journey. Here are a few great ones to check out.


1. The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers with Joanna Penn


This podcast has it all. Host Joanna Penn welcomes writers into the publishing world and encourages them through inspirational interviews and practical tips to navigate the constantly changing landscape of publishing. Episodes span different genres and topics, but every episode is thoughtfully put together with every writer in mind. You’re sure to walk away with new insight every time you tune in. 


2. Self Publishing School with Chandler Bolt 


Chandler Bolt is the founder of Self Publishing school and strives to equip writers with the information and tools they need to be successful in the writing world. This podcast takes you behind the scenes of what truly goes into publishing and marketing your book. Bolt as well as the authors he interviews share their best tips and strategies that are sure to be an incredible resource for every aspiring author.


3. Grammar Girl Quick and Easy Tips for Better Writing with Mignon Fogarty


You just can’t beat the basics. Grammar Girl is a great podcast to listen to when you want to explore the more technical side of writing and grow your love for the written word. The more we understand the English language and its grammar rules, the better equipped we will be to tell our stories in a clear and concise manner. This podcast takes a seemingly dry subject and makes it fun and practical.


4. So You Want To Be A Writer? with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait 


In this fun podcast, cohosts Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait share their perspectives on the writing industry and discuss current issues and trends in the publishing world. They also interview established authors and publishing agents, giving listeners a well-rounded look into the ever-evolving world of writing.


5. Write-minded with Brooke Warner and Grant Faulkner 


Write-minded is a great balance of inspiration and commiseration. They spur on writers to continue to pursue their unique voices while being honest about the challenges they might face along the way. With insightful interviews and an uplifting atmosphere, you’ll find yourself connecting with the hosts and writers as you share in this unique journey together. 


6. The Writer Files with Kelton Reid


The Writer Files is a real treat as it digs into the practical and motivational aspects of writing as well as the neuroscience behind productivity. Kelton Reid does a deep dive into the mind of successful writers and what keeps their creativity engaged and their productivity high. Aspiring writers get an awesome opportunity to hear how some of the greats create their best work. This show is sure to inspire your own creative process as you learn more about the inner workings of some influential and successful authors.


Listening to podcasts is a great way for aspiring writers to hone their craft, and it fits into busy schedules. No need to sideline your writing goals when you can tune into quality content as you go about your day. Happy listening and happy writing, friends!