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Poetry and Music Pairings: Beatles Edition (Vol. 2)

In our first installment of Beatles songs and poetry pairings, we introduced six Beatles songs—including “Hey Jude” and “Dear Prudence”—to their perfect poetic counterparts. To continue the saga, let’s dive into a few more beloved Beatles songs and the poets whose voices and messages harmonize with this timeless rock band.


Help & Gemma Troy


Gemma Troy is a talented poet whose writing is transparent and honest. She writes about mental health and reflects on the raw yet deeply relatable struggles so many of us face. Her poems are profound and seek to find the purpose in pain. She encourages her readers, reminding them that they are never alone. We all feel broken sometimes, but there is so much light seeking to enter into those dark spaces. We find that light as we step forward in resilience, in faith, and beside others who are hurting, too. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, and we can be that support for one another. Troy’s poems are a perfect complement to the “Help” lyrics we sing when our hearts are breaking. 



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Yesterday & LE Bowman


“Yesterday” is a sorrowful song about lost love and how it changes us when we experience it. L.E. Bowman’s poems delve further into the topic of heartbreak and its painful aftermath. Although the song lyrics go on to say, “I believe in Yesterday,” Bowman’s poems give readers a hopeful perspective on moving forward and finding love again. Sometimes, this love may be romantic; other times, it may be through healing and self-love. Either way, pain is coupled with purpose in the eyes of these artists. 



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I’ve Just Seen A Face & NR Hart 


“I’ve Just Seen A Face” captures the excitement of falling in love in an upbeat and passionate way. N.R. Hart’s romantic poems are the perfect pairing, as they capture all the emotions of this exciting time. Her poems about “twin flames” and souls that feel like home are the perfect way to complement the love described in this Beatles anthem. The song, much like Hart’s poems, helps remind us how it feels to fall in love. The words and lyrics help us reflect on the immensity of love and the way it awakens something special in our hearts. 


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All You Need Is Love & Lalah Delia


Lalah Delia is a writer who focuses on soul care and wellness. Her words highlight the importance of healing and the crucial role love plays in the process. The message in “All You Need is Love” is simple, yet profound. There will be so many things that threaten to steal our time and attention, but at the end of the day, love is what truly matters. Delia’s writing also stresses this as she encourages readers to keep moving forward in light and love, seeking to love fully and abundantly each and every day.



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I hope these poetry and music pairings have brought you some joy and that you find yourself singing along to the songs for days to come. So much of what we do as artists is displayed through complementary songs or poems. Music and poetry work wonderfully together in our hearts to bring healing and harmony to our hearts.