Morgan Harper Nichols illustration

7 Morgan Harper Nichols Poems for the Person Feeling Discouraged

Do you ever feel stuck in a season of life you weren’t expecting? Do you ever feel pressure to tie your worth to your accomplishments? Do you feel a constant pull to compete and compare that leaves you miles from feeling content? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, please know that you are not alone. All of us battle these types of toxic thought spirals from time to time. There are so many of us who experience moments of discouragement and discontentment. 


One poet who speaks to this sentiment so beautifully is Morgan Harper Nichols. Her words are relatable, truthful, and encouraging. Next time you’re feeling discouraged, I hope this list of poems can serve as a comforting reminder: Your worth is not measured by productivity or performance. Your heart can find rest and peace even in uncertain or challenging seasons. And right in the messy middle of things, there is still hope and grace to be found for us all. 





“While you are waiting,

you are not merely waiting.

You are growing in your

capacity to receive 

what was meant for you

in the right timing.”






“You are not

a burden.

You are not

too much.

You are free

to feel and trust: 

Even here,

you are worthy 

of love.”






“You are free

to challenge yourself

while also being

gentle with yourself.”






“I cannot tell you what lies ahead,

but I can tell you: you will grow.

Your ability to keep going each day

is a sign of courage on its own.

I know that peace feels far away

as you try to make sense of all the change,

and I just hope you can remember this:

You do not have to make sense of it all

in order to be worthy of peace.

To be the one who keeps breathing

in the unknown is a brave and miraculous thing.

Learning to exhale is no small feat.

You are doing brave things.

Yes, you are doing brave things

even though it doesn’t always feel that way.” 






“You matter 

in this space

right here, 

as you are.” 






“I will sow

good seeds

even in 







“I do not know where tomorrow 

will lead,

but I know I am free

to give my all

with audacious hope

for what could be.

And maybe I do not

have to know

how it all works out

in the end

to let this time in my life be

something worth remembering.

The fear does not

have to go away

before I choose

to practice courage

with what I create.

And whenever I

start to feel that I am not

good enough,

I will work to remember:

it still matters

to show up with love.

I am not the only one 

who feels like this

and when I choose to practice courage out in the open

it makes a difference.”


To the person feeling discouraged today: I hope these poems make you feel seen right where you are. I hope they remind you that you are worthy of love in every phase of your life and in every season. And I hope that they encourage you to keep dreaming and hoping even when growth or change comes a little slower than you anticipated. 


Above all, I hope these poems rekindle your hope and your peace as you courageously move forward in love and light. 


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