5 September Poetry Prompts to Usher in The Fall Season

September marks a change in weather but also a change in our hearts as we learn to let go and embrace a new season. Whether you are sad to see summer go or ready and waiting with your fall flannels, I hope these poetry prompts can help you usher in this next season with some brilliant writing. 


1. Write a poem about transitions

This can be a poem that says goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It can illustrate the transition that nature goes through as the leaves change color and the nights grow longer. For a more figurative approach, use this prompt to write a reflective poem: changes in the seasons mean we let go of one thing and grab hold of another. What are you letting go of at this time in your life? What does it mean to leave one phase of your life and begin another? 


2. Use the concept of duality in a poem

Duality is the contrast of two concepts that are often opposites. What duality do you see in the fall that you could write about in a poem? Some examples include the crisp night air versus a warm flannel, scary movies versus the comfort of watching comedies with loved ones, darkness versus flickering candlelight, or even a tart apple versus sweet caramel. (Some opposites truly do belong together—yum!) 


3. “A Series of Septembers”

Create a poem where each stanza represents its own September. Feel free to pull from your own life experiences as you begin. What would a poem that described your last three Septembers look like? What would a poem that described your hopes for the next three Septembers look like? Alternatively, create a fictional poem and explore different themes or experiences across Septembers. These can be very specific descriptions or more general. Whatever speaks to you most as you’re writing will work beautifully.


4. “9-9-9”

As we all know, September is the ninth month of the year. It is also spelled with nine letters. It is the only month whose number in the calendar year is the same as its number of letters! Let’s take this one step further. Create a poem about the ninth month of the year with nine lines. If you’re feeling stuck, try and make it an acrostic poem with the first letter of each line spelling out SEPTEMBER.


5. Use your senses to set the scene for a September poem

As you sit down to write, think about some of the different ways you experience September with your senses. Maybe you listen to the wind blowing through the trees. Perhaps your eyes are drawn to the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Do you remember the prickly feeling of hay bales as you sat in a wagon? Does the smell of a crackling fire fill your heart with joy? Or is your defining fall treat anything with the taste of pumpkin spice? Reflect on all of the sensory memories you have with September, then bring your poem to life with rich imagery and storytelling. Let the readers experience the magic of September through the finer details you bring to life in your poem.


I hope you soak in these September poetry prompts and allow your writing to be refreshed with this changing season!