Love By Night poetry collection

The Perfect Poetry Collection to Read with Your Significant Other

What activities come to mind when you consider fun date ideas with your significant other? Maybe you think about long walks on the beach, a homemade dinner for two, or a movie night—but have you considered the idea of reading a poetry collection together? You can take turns reading aloud to one another as you cuddle up on the couch, or you can read separately throughout the week and come together over a cup of coffee or a shared dessert to talk about your favorite pieces. Reading and sharing poetry together can serve as a unique and romantic way to connect with your significant other.


A great poetry collection to start with is Love By Night by SK Williams—the pen name for a couple who reside in Bellingham, Washington. Love By Night is a book of poetry that follows one couple’s journey through love, growth, hardship, healing, hope, and resilience. The poems are written to depict each individual’s point of view, drawing readers into a unique story told from two different perspectives. 


Here are a few of my favorite poems from the collection. I hope this sneak peek inspires you to dive into the collection together. 




“Come inside

take off your shoes

rest your feet;

my broken heart

is open

for you”




“He began to share pieces of himself with me

he didn’t realize he was sharing


the way his eyes lit up

when he was talking about something

he loved

the way he talked to our pets

when he didn’t realize I was watching

the way he cleaned up after me

without keeping score or being bitter— 

just because he cares

just because he wanted to help


I could do this with him

I could do this forever.”




“Find me

    in that dark place

    you’re spiraling toward 


    I’m a dim light 

    a faint glimmer 

    a starlight

    but I’m down here with you


Find me

   and come back to yourself

   I’m here with you”



“Your hands are cozy autumn evenings

    sitting fireside in sweaters

    while the leaves fall outside


Your kisses are early spring dewdrops

    from last night’s gentle rain

    blossoming beauties from deep within


Your heartbeat is a warm summer day

    wild and full of a youthful energy

    to soak our basking bodies beneath the 



Your eyes are merry winter songs 

   singing wordless over the chill 

   of the promise of the long winter night”



“I don’t know quite 

   how many days, or months, or years

      I have left

     but I want to spend every last one

       with you


here’s to the days to come

here’s to the days we’ve had


here’s to everything we will be

     whatever it is 

     I know for sure 

     it’s made better with you.”


SK Williams’s poems are deeply personal, yet so relatable. Love By Night focuses on romance and passion while also taking the time to be honest about the struggles that accompany love. The collection also offers great conversation starters about the importance of growing as a couple and as an individual. Exploring this book together will be an exciting way to revisit some of your favorite memories together and remind you about the beauty of love and why it’s always worth fighting for. 


I hope you enjoy this unique date night idea, and happy reading!