person holding a sparkler

4 Poetry Prompts to Spark Creativity

With July in full swing, fresh poetry prompts are top-of-mind. Whether we are reflecting on celebrations observed in July or considering experiences that mark the season for each of us personally, there is much to draw inspiration from in this summer season. To get started, let these four poetry prompts inspire and challenge you poetically. 


1. Let “fireworks” be the guiding force of a poem. 

Whether at a baseball game or day out on the lake, fireworks are a staple of the season. Allow fireworks to inspire a poem. Maybe you are watching fireworks with a loved one, or maybe you are filled with fond memories as you watch the dazzling colors illuminate the summer sky. Consider drawing a comparison between a personal experience and the life of a firework: a flash of light in the night sky, here and then gone. Use strong imagery or symbolism in a poem that centers around your chosen representation of fireworks.


2. Create a “soundtrack of summer” poem.

Do you have a summer playlist or a song that immediately takes you back to the season? Create a poem that draws inspiration from these songs. Soak in the nostalgia you feel as you listen to the music, and allow that to drive your writing. What emotions does this bring out in you? What experiences does it bring to mind? How did this particular song become part of your summer soundtrack? Create a poetic mix-tape dedicated to the feelings of those summer songs and how they impacted the season for you.


3. Write a poem reflecting on loneliness.

July 11 is National Cheer up the Lonely day each year. Loneliness is an isolating experience, yet it’s something that so many people feel. Write a poem describing this emotion, but consider giving it a hopeful ending. Write words of encouragement for anyone who feels unseen or alone in this season. Write a poem about the importance of community and authentic connection. Then, allow your writing to overflow to the people around you: take a moment to share a kind word with someone who may be struggling. Offer encouragement to someone in your life. Take the time to comment on a few extra peoples’ Instagram stories. Allow this writing exercise and this day to help you keep an eye out for opportunities to connect with others, no matter how big or small the gesture is.


4. Draw Inspiration from ‘International Day of Friendship’

July 30 is International Day of Friendship. This provides a great opportunity to let the theme of friendship take center stage in your writing. Focus on a friend who has had a positive impact on your life. Write about the ways this relationship is special to you. Highlight the friendship’s strengths and what makes it resilient and long-lasting. If you have more than one person in mind, try and write different stanzas for different people, or write separate poems entirely. Alternatively, write a poem chronicling the evolution of one of your friendships.


We are all familiar with the ever-popular summer reading list, but I hope this gives you some ideas to add to your summer writing list. 


Happy writing, friends!