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Advantages and Dangers of Writing in A Tech-Centric World

The rise of technology has given writers lots of new opportunities to share their words with the world and connect with readers—but with its many advantages, there are also some pitfalls to be aware of as we write in this space.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media 


Social media has provided writers with a platform to share their work with others. Whether someone has one follower or one million, they have a space to share their writing. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for immediate feedback on a poem or who wants to put themselves out there. It is also a great way for writers to connect with their audience and create a brand or presence, whether they have an agent or not. Social media has given the individual more strategies with which to achieve success through writing in less traditional ways. However, there is also a danger to this. 


Social media works through “likes,” “shares,” and “interactions.” Because of this, there is a psychological response tied to what we post. Writers can easily gauge whether their work is any good based on how big of a following they have or how many likes a poem gets. It is also easy to fall down a rabbit hole of comparison by looking at other writers’ pages and internally competing with others in the same niche. 


There is also the issue of the algorithm. Now, it is not just about having the right number of followers. You also have to keep in mind how often you post, which hashtags you use, the time of day you post, and the number of interactions your posts achieve to boost visibility on other feeds. These considerations can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially as they continue to change and evolve over time. 


It might make you wonder: do the advantages outweigh the dangers of writing in this tech-centric world?


Moderation and Weighing Your Options


As with most things, the answer is likely found through proper discernment and moderation. Writing in a technological world is constantly evolving, but the heart of what we write about stays the same. Readers still want to read things that make them feel genuinely seen and heard. They want to connect and resonate with the poems they see. 


While the ins and outs of algorithms and posting schedules can feel tedious, there is nothing like the genuine connections you can make with real readers who appreciate what you do. Social media helps bridge the gap between you and potential readers in amazing ways. And while growing a following can be exciting, it is important to remind ourselves why we write and why it matters. Even though we don’t always think this way, one genuine connection with a reader matters. Quality over quantity in this space still matters. 


Sometimes, maintaining proper perspective will require unplugging for a while. Another danger of writing in this space is losing the ability to step away from it and recharge for your own mental health. This may be an important thing to consider when weighing the pros and cons of writing in this space. 


At the end of the day, there is so much to be grateful for. Writers have more opportunity for growth and connection than ever before—but with that opportunity, we want to be careful to guard our hearts and be mindful of how we navigate this space. 


We can use this tech-centric world for good as long as we hold on to our “why” and remind ourselves over and over again that authentic connection will always be more important than a follower count.