Enneagram Type Seven

4 Poems for Enneagram Sevens

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The Enneagram Type Seven is known as “The Enthusiast”: extroverted, fun-loving, and ready for adventure. Sevens are high-energy and hard-working. At their best, they feel focused on their goals and fulfilled with the pace of their lives. They are free souls who thrive on spontaneity and joy. However, they often fight the nagging fear that something is missing. They are afraid of things going wrong and the pain that would follow, and they avoid it at all costs. Let’s look at some poetry through this Type Seven lens.


1. John Mark Green 


“Set fire to all your maps,

forget how it’s always been.

We’re explorers of the heart,

learning to dream again.

The adventure of a lifetime,

with Love alone as our guide.

Exotic places beyond imagination — 

ones we’ve longed for deep inside.”


This poem is the heartbeat of a Type Seven. Our “Enthusiast” friends love a life of adventure and live for the thrill of it calling out to their hearts. They are highly adaptable and don’t miss a beat when the course changes. They usually see change and the unknown as an adventure waiting to be had and are the first to lead the way into new territory. 


2. Alicia N Green


“The world is calling

and you must go;

I understand if you wish

to adventure alone.

Climb the mountains 

and swim the seas,

but always remember

to come back to me.”


This piece is a beautiful complement to the previous poem, from the perspective of a non-Seven speaking to a Type Seven. It reminds Sevens to maintain a home-base and a steady foundation. This can be through family, a specific place, or just a state of mind. In an effort to see and do it all, Sevens can easily lose their way and burn out. This call to return feels like an invitation to journey back to the familiar and to rest between adventures. Even restless hearts need reprieve sometimes, and to remain connected to the places and people that matter most to them. 


3. Alison Malee 


“today, i choose to 

make space for rest.

to make room for silence.

to let go of doubt and 



and to cherish all of the 

people who instill joy

within me.”


This poem by Malee is a gentle reminder for a Type Seven to take a moment to welcome the stillness and silence. Sevens are always on the go, seeking out the new and exciting, but this can sometimes lead to impulsive decisions or impatience as they become overwhelmed and overextended. Taking a moment to be grounded in gratitude can recharge a Type Seven in surprising ways as they reflect on the people in their lives. 


4. April Green


“if you’re holding on to expectations

about who you are supposed to be 

or how things are supposed to turn out

then you’re holding up a barrier against

the life you deserve to live.” 


Even a spontaneous Type Seven can have certain expectations of how their life should look. They may put a lot of pressure on themselves to always be available for every opportunity that comes up, or may feel responsible for creating fun and exciting experiences for themselves and others. But our Seven friends need the gentle reminder that they deserve time and space to process everyday stress and heartaches, too. Our Seven friends avoid pain when possible, but sometimes they may need to take the time to grieve a situation’s unfairness or feel the weight of a disappointment. They won’t lose their vibrancy by taking time to slow down and to heal. They won’t lose their Seven-ness by breaking down the walls of expectation they have built around themselves. 


I hope these poems serve to highlight the personalities of our beautiful Seven friends while also encouraging them to strive for rest and balance between adventures.