Enneagram 6

4 Poems for Enneagram Sixes

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The Six is known on the Enneagram as The Loyalist. Sixes are fiercely devoted to their relationships and beliefs. Our Six friends are loving, hard-working, and reliable. They are compassionate, dependable, and steady sources of support, but their biggest fear is being left without the support that they give to others. They lack confidence in their decision-making skills and fear making the wrong choices, which sometimes leads to anxiety and doubt. At the end of the day, Sixes need to be reminded that they are strong and capable in their own right and deserving of the same love and loyalty that they give to others. 


1. Madalina Coman

“no one knows you better than
your own heart.

and yet,

you continue to look for answers in all
these other hearts.”


When it comes to major life decisions, Sixes tend to doubt themselves and their ability to make the right decision. This can lead to anxiety and fear when they are faced with a difficult choice. They often don’t trust their heart enough, so they will look for love, support, and guidance from people in their lives. This poem is a beautiful reminder to Type Sixes that their hearts have hard-fought wisdom to share, too, and that it is worth examining. 


2. Rupi Kaur

“you treat them as if
they have a heart like yours
but not everyone can be
as soft and as tender as you
you don’t see
the person they are
you see the person
they have the potential to be
you give and give till
they have taken everything
out of you and leave
you empty”


While their loyalty is admirable, this trait makes it difficult for a Six to walk away from someone, even if they are not receiving the same level of devotion in return. This poem by Kaur is a spot-on description of how Sixes invest so much of themselves into others. The way they love without conditions is beautiful, but it’s also important for them to remember to set boundaries so they don’t give all of themselves away to people who are incapable of loving them back. 


3. Silkche

“At some point you have to be
done with second thoughts
and maybes with

wishy-washy feelings
and halfway efforts
with part time love
and unavailable people.

The kind of loyalty, love
and passion you have to
offer cannot be wasted
on someone that won’t
see the value in you.”


This poem complements Kaur’s words beautifully, reminding the Type Six to seek a relationship of mutual efforts and affection. Love is meant to be valued and fought for by both parties. Sixes will sometimes get lost in a cycle of pouring into people who never match their efforts, completely depleting themselves in the process. This poem seeks to remind Type Sixes that their love and time is a valuable resource that the right person will respect and honor. 


4. Courtney Peppernell

“and I know you’re
a little insecure
and you think
just a little too much
but for all the times
you think you’re
not what someone needs
I’m thinking that
you are”


Insecurity and self-doubt can cloud the thoughts of a Type Six, especially when it comes to maintaining relationships or making big decisions. The Sixes in our lives are loving and consistent, yet they tend to view their own hearts as inadequate and conflicted. They fear losing the support of their loved ones and often make themselves anxious over worst-case scenarios. They may need to be reminded that, despite their self-perceived faults, they are loved and appreciated, flaws and all—and the unconditional love they offer to others is available in return in the right relationships. While some people may walk away or be unappreciative of the love a Six has to offer, others will stand the test of time and prove that they aren’t going anywhere.