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3 Poems for Enneagram Nines

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Enneagram Nines are known as the Peacemakers: they are loving and attentive friends who strive for peace and harmony in their relationships. While they are incredible at bringing people together, they will sometimes gloss over conflict and arguments for the sake of unity. They fight to maintain inner peace and positivity no matter the circumstances, which can sometimes cause them to feel disconnected, as they avoid feelings of pain or discomfort. However, Type Nines are loving, adaptive, and optimistic individuals with big hearts. Let’s take a look at some poetry through a Nine’s eyes. 


1. Amy Roberts


and anyway

who’s to say we won’t wake up happier 

and that life won’t take a turn

toward kindness?

maybe we’ll find something here

that makes us want to stay.

maybe by tomorrow

we’ll have learned how to be older

without forgetting what it felt like

to be new.


This poem by Roberts is full of the optimism and positivity that typically define our Type Nine friends. Nines always fight to see the silver linings in their situations, seeking the sunlight and the warmth of hope to guide them through.


2. Nikita Gill


How to Deal with a Painful Experience


Let it hurt.

Let it bleed.

Let it heal.

And let it go.


This piece by Gill can serve as a mantra and a reminder to feel the depth of our experiences, even when it hurts. Type Nines tend to avoid feelings or situations that cause pain, but it is a healthy part of healing to acknowledge even our most uncomfortable truths. We don’t have to remain in that painful place, but we also don’t want to skip over it or ignore it. Coping with grief, loss, or hardship is an immensely challenging process—but this poem is a beautiful encouragement to our Nine friends to set off on that journey of processing, because on the other side of it will be a deeper peace.


3. Morgan Harper Nichols


“You will still bloom in the way you were meant

to, no matter who does or does not notice you.” 


Type Nines have a fear of being overlooked and under-appreciated by others. This stems from a deep desire for connection, and the fear of loss shakes the heart of a Nine. This piece is a reminder that our growth does not depend on the affirmation or observation of others. It is normal to desire validation—and the right people will encourage us and cheer us on along the way—but there is comfort in knowing that those who don’t see us don’t stop the growth from happening. We can still bloom, and the right people will notice and encourage us in that process.


I love how these pieces highlight the core characteristics of Nines: peace-loving, sincere, and positive souls who strive for connection and harmony. They just need to be reminded sometimes that it is okay to confront uncomfortable feelings and circumstances. It is okay to acknowledge the things that scare them while bravely stepping forward anyway: fighting for authentic peace and genuine relationships, strengthened by deeper connections through truth and vulnerability. 


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