Inward by Yung Pueblo

11 Poetry Mantras from Yung Pueblo to End Your Day

Mantras are words, poems, or statements that you repeat to yourself frequently. A good mantra will help remind you of your core beliefs and values, shifting your perspective back to what matters. For me, the goal of a morning mantra differs from that of an evening mantra. Morning mantras are more likely to be motivational and action-based, whereas evening mantras are more likely to be reflective and focused on emotional healing. These 11 poems by poet, meditator, and speaker Yung Pueblo make perfect evening mantras to end your day.



“life hurts when you do not

allow who you are and what

you know to change and grow” 


This mantra serves as a great reminder to allow life to transform us. The growing pains of life will require releasing old habits and memories and embracing new ones.  Difficult as it may be, this will give rise to a more mature, humble heart that has known pain and change but has also weathered it with grace. 



“a change in environment can help

a change in mindset can heal”


Pueblo reminds us that we cannot outrun ourselves. In order to be transformative, true change needs to start within. While leaving a toxic environment or having a change of scenery is sometimes necessary, we owe ourselves the healing that comes from nurturing our minds as well. 



“i am not here 

to compete. 

i am here 

to grow 

and be free”


Comparison is often a knee-jerk reaction when we interact with other people. It can cut us down and keep us from truly stepping into our own journey. We need to remind ourselves often that we each have our own season of growth to experience and that we aren’t here to compete with anyone else’s process or progress. 



“where do good decisions come from? 

a calm mind”


This mantra is a great evening one, but also so important when we find ourselves being overwhelmed by the emotion of an encounter. Repeating something like this may keep us from saying or doing something on impulse. It’s a gentle nudge reminding us to breathe, collect our thoughts and composure, and then revisit the situation when we’ve had enough time to process it. 



“if you ignore it, you cannot heal it”


Simple, yet so profound, this mantra is a must for those of us who suppress our feelings. It reminds us that healing can be hard work that requires a lot of bravery, but this work is necessary for growth. This mantra encourages us to muster up the courage we need to confront even the hardest emotions or circumstances. 



“I am not fully healed,

I am not fully wise,

I am still on my way. 

What matters is that

I am moving forward.”


For longer poems like this, it sometimes helps to choose a line to focus on for your mantra. You may choose “I am moving forward” to encourage your heart when you’re struggling. You may choose “I am not fully healed” as a reminder to be gentle with yourself and those around you when dealing with daily hurts. 



“wanting always interrupts being”


This short mantra reminds us to reflect on the things that we are grateful for and to exchange expectation and seeking for solace. It encourages us to adopt a mindset of thankfulness and to be fully present in the moment. 



“observe. accept. release. transform.” 


This type of mantra is so grounding. We can reflect on each word as an exercise to help us take inventory of our day, beginning with a reflective word and ending with an action. 





let things happen organically

do not rush the process”


We live in a culture that often promotes instant gratification. This is a great reminder to have faith in the work and the process and to nurture patience as we grow. 



“do not be afraid of slow moments”


This mantra sets the stage for intentionality. It reminds us to be fully present with people and to not feel the need to fill our days to the brim with productivity. This mantra encourages rest and recharging, whether we are with a loved one or enjoying some alone time. 



“and so she moves forward,

with a little more wisdom, 

a heart that is more open 

to love, and with a mind 

that welcomes deep healing


r e l e a s e” 


Again, since this is a longer one, you may want to choose a focal point for your mantra. You might choose “a heart that is more open to love,”  “a mind that welcomes deep healing,” or simply “release”. This can be fine-tuned for what you need most on a specific day.


I hope that these evening mantras inspired by the words of Yung Pueblo will serve as encouragement and helpful perspective shifters as you unwind from your day. Let us know your favorites in the comments.