Veronica Suarez is a 2018 graduate of the MFA creative writing program at Florida International University. Her novella in verse, Nights in The City Beautiful, was one of the three poetry books she finished while in school, and she is currently looking for a publisher. Veronica works as a freelance writer and editor from her home in Miami.

Reading your poetry in public takes courage and vulnerability. You are putting yourself and your work in the limelight in front of strangers, and if the audience is large, there is more pressure to perform well. Confidence naturally arises when

Most poets who receive a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in the United States usually pursue one of two interconnected fields: publishing or academia. While these careers are related, the paths are different in the skills they require.

Films transport us to exotic places and distant time periods where we can experience life through the eyes of our favorite characters. Watching them can be an escape from our COVID-19 reality and a stress reliever in these challenging times.

Intuition is a mysterious and elusive experience that is often difficult to describe, and that’s one of the reasons it has captivated the interest of many writers, poets, and yogis throughout the ages. The singer Jewel wrote a song about

Fall is the perfect time to submit your work to poetry contests. Editors are fresh from the summer break, as most literary magazines resume reading in the fall, and contests where you can submit your book, chapbook, or poems are

Recording your poetry is a fun and exciting way to share your work, and doing so has many amazing benefits. By reading your poems out loud, you can listen to the lyricism, the line breaks, and the syntax. This is

Mental health issues were on the rise in the United States before the global pandemic, but with the coronavirus separating families and friends and keeping them in quarantine, loneliness is a problem millions of people are facing, along with depression

There are many literary presses in the United States that feature underrepresented voices and provide publishing opportunities for poets who experience discrimination or racism in the publishing industry; Latinx presses are one of them. Latinx presses are an empowering resource

The world needs empathy, now more than ever. Empathy helps us rise above our differences and encourages us to listen to others. It’s a skill, a value, and a trait we can nurture to increase our connection to other people.

The sensuous connection between literature and food has been featured in books such as the romantic classic Like Water for Chocolate and the verse collection The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink, edited by Kevin Young. The descriptive and visual

In 2020, we’ve seen how the coronavirus pandemic has become a health crisis throughout the world. Nearly every country has dealt with this crisis, and right now, the United States is the global leader in cases, according to CNN. States

The Black Lives Matter movement has increased social awareness about police brutality, systemic racism, and white privilege in the United States. The homicide of George Floyd ignited worldwide protests to mourn his death and to create change in our justice