Amanda Lovelace Oracle Deck

3 Amanda Lovelace Oracle Cards to Inspire You To Believe In Your Own Magic

Bestselling author Amanda Lovelace knows how to wield the magic and power of poetry. With her feminist and revisionist fairytale collections, she’s captured the hearts of readers worldwide. Amanda’s collections—which celebrate and encourage women’s empowerment—inspire a sense of resilience among her readers, reminding them that they don’t need a “prince” to save them and that they are the writers of their own stories. 


After writing a trilogy and two duologies that explore themes in the fantasy genre, it is only natural that Amanda co-created an oracle deck. Illustrated by Brazilian artist Janaina Mederios, the deck is designed so that “each card offers a daily message of empowerment to stir your inner princess, witch, or mermaid, while the highly accessible guidebook offers further insight. Whenever you’re in need of some inspiration or validation, this deck will be there to help you believe in your own magic” (Andrews McMeel Publishing).


As an admirer of the esoteric and ancient tarot, Amanda has been interested in the supernatural for a long time. In the introduction of her tarot deck, she writes, “for much of my childhood, my mother collected tarot cards as well as oracle cards. i found myself simultaneously fascinated & intimidated by the idea of them.” Amanda waited years to find the courage to learn the tarot because she experienced negative self-talk and doubt about whether she was psychic enough to read the cards, but she eventually set this fear aside: “walking away from them often felt like i was ignoring my life purpose.” Through exploring online tarot and witch communities, she discovered that all she needed was to listen to her intuition and not let her fears and doubts get in the way any longer. 


With Pisces season underway, it’s time for you to discover the power of Amanda’s oracle deck and explore your mystical side. Read below for three cards that reveal hidden messages that will awaken your intuition and inspire you to believe in your own magic. 



The message of the throne card is: “Your potential is endless.” This is a card you can use to remind yourself of your talents and strengths. If you feel fear, insecurity, or doubt, you can meditate on this card to remind you of all the great things you’ve accomplished in the past. Whenever you have a challenging day or you have to accomplish something that scares you, remember how much you’ve already overcome. When you see your potential as endless, you can explore new opportunities in life because you know you have the potential to achieve them. 


To meditate using this card, observe the witch, the princess, and the mermaid. They sit on the throne as if they belong there. They see themselves as confident queens, and they are not doubting their power. While fear and doubt can keep you from accessing your full potential, ultimately your potential is limitless. As a daily exercise, you can say positive affirmations in front of a mirror and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. While this exercise takes time, it will empower you to remain self-assured and focused on your goals. 



The message of the princess card is: “You can be your own knight.” When we were girls, Disney movies taught us that a prince would one day come to save us—but in reality, we have to save ourselves. Whether it be from negative self-talk, from our fears, or from a toxic environment, we are the ones best suited to rescue ourselves from the dragons of life. While people who love us can help us, ultimately, we are the ones who are responsible for our lives. The decisions we make, the habits we have, and the way we react and respond to challenges determine the course of our lives. By never giving up and continuing to pursue our dreams, we can become our own knight in shining armor. 



The message of the mirror card is: “Treat your body like the palace it is.” This message reminds us that when we’re tired, we can make mistakes, and our fears or anxieties can increase. If we don’t rest, it will be harder for us to make intuitive decisions that will benefit us, and our palace will not function in top condition. 


Treating your body like the palace it is means practicing plenty of self-care and sometimes saying “no” to events or outings if you haven’t had enough rest. Seeing your body as a palace also means embracing your body the way it is. This might mean you work to adopt the mentality of body positivity or body neutrality. While you can still get plenty of exercise and eat healthily, you can also accept your body in whatever shape or form it is and practice gratitude for all the incredible things your body can do. 


Even if we’re blessed with great health, a great job, and incredible friends, life can still feel challenging, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s important to make time to take care of ourselves: both in body and in mind. With the power of Pisces season, we can institute practices and rituals that will help us tap into our intuition. Amanda’s oracle deck offers an easy way to practice positive affirmations to guide us towards a more intuitive life.