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Kailey Brennan is a creative writer based in Plymouth, MA. She is also the creator of Write or Die Tribe, an online writing community for writers of any genre or background. She is currently working on a collection of personal essays.

When you think about poetry, you might be used to exploring themes of romantic, deep, complex emotions, mythology, self-love, identity and the like. But sometimes these explorations of the self or the world can be expressed through an otherworldliness lense:

If the work is going badly, I stay until 12:30. If it’s going well, I’ll stay as long as it’s going well. It’s lonely, and it’s marvelous. I edit while I’m working. When I come home at 2, I read

If you are like me, your moods seem to change many times throughout the day. Sometimes it is helpful to make the time to confront what you are feeling and take a gentle, introspective look at why you are having

As the popular phrase goes, “music is language.” But what about language as music? If you are an aspiring songwriter, reading poetry can help you a great deal. From sounds to rhythms to cadences, there are countless intersections between poetry

Poetry, as we know, can be healing and meditative, transformative and rejuvenating. Reciting poetry out loud can act as a type of meditation practice to keep the mind and body feeling centered. Therefore, here is a little information on each chakra

Parents are complicated. These flawed people that gave us life or provided us with a home can bring on series of emotions, ones that we can grapple with our entire lives. 

“Poetry feels like lightning to me — It's this incredible jolt of feeling and emotion and power and recognition”

From empowerment to identity to understanding the past, these poetry and prose collections will keep you reading and inspired all month long. Enjoy these new poetry releases this June.

As Orson Welles famously noted, “A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet." Shall we see if these films stand up to the test?

With summer right around the corner, promising relaxation and sunshine, it’s the perfect time to try out some new fruity cocktails while chipping away at those TBR stacks.