sana abuleil

4 Up-and-coming Female Poets to Watch

March is Women’s History Month which gives us another excuse to rave about our favorite female writers. Here are four magical women that should be on your radar for their strength, courage, poetry, and resilience. 


Sana Abuleil 

you weren’t

close enough to touch

but not far enough

to forget. 

and although

you didn’t

say a word

your voice

still echoes

through my head. 


letters to the person i was, Sana Abuleil’s latest collection of poems, where she writes what she wishes someone had said to her when she was a young girl, within her times of struggle, heartbreak, loneliness, and brokenness. With four chapters titled “the innocence,” “the refusing,” “the understanding,” and “the growing,” this up-and-coming poet takes readers on a journey of pain and hope with the powerful message that life is still worth living. 


maybe it’s time

to pull back the parts

of yourself you pushed away 

when you thought you were healing 


You can find K Ramcharan’s poetry under the Instagram handle @starsoulpoetry. With a pink and floral aesthetic, her page is likely to catch your eye before you even delve into her words. Her poetry speaks about self-love, reconnecting with one’s true self, love and passion within relationships and being unapologetically herself. 


Mackenzie Campell 

you say you want  

us to survive the 

flames, and yet you 

feed the fire 

everytime you 

walk away


After the wild success of her debut collection of poems, 2am Thoughts, Mackenzie Campell is still a poet to watch with the release of her latest book, Nineteen. This new collection is inspired by her experience transitioning into adulthood, filled with intimate personal accounts of love and heartbreak, loss and the complicated emotions that come with adolescence. You can find more of her poetry on her Instagram account, @makenzie.campbell.poetry.


Elisabet Velasquez 

I want to dance


with the moon

wrapped around my waist. 


Give me a night

where i belong

to nothing

but my mistakes. 


Elisabet is no stranger to spoken word. She has performed at a number of noteworthy locations such as Lincoln Center Out Of Doors, Pregones Theatre, Bushwick Starr Theatre, The Bowery Poetry Club, Brooklyn Museum and Museum Of Natural History. Her poetry speaks to and about feminism, body positivity, sex, love, mental illness, education, and women’s choices through an intersectional lens. She also teaches online courses on poetry and is available for speaking events. This inspirational woman is on the rise and won’t be stopping anytime soon.