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10 Poetic Mantras to Adopt Right Now

Traditionally, a mantra is a “word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating.” It is believed that by repeating a mantra while in this practiced state of peace and calm, only the positive intentions and actions will fill your mind. This elimination of the negative can drastically help in your overall well being. 


A mantra can inspire you, motivate you, center you, and help you to see your life from a more level-headed perspective. And since a mantra is a private practice, you can use it any way you want—to find positivity, health, healing, happiness, self-love, balance in a specific area of your life, writing inspiration—the list goes on and on. 


You can easily find mantra inspiration in a number of your favorite poems. Find one line from an entire poem, or some of the poetry you have saved from your Instagram feed. Today, ask yourself what you need. Maybe you need a reminder that there is joy to be found. Or you want to practice loving yourself unconditionally for who you are. Maybe you need some strong, powerful words to get you through the week, to leave you feeling empowered. Or you are getting over heartache and seeking comfort. Maybe you are working on some inner, emotional healing. 


Below you will find 10 mantra poems to adopt today that are full of wisdom, strength, light, and love—just like you. 





“chisel your way into existence” 

Offworld by Anne Waldman 


Read the entire poem here 


“Sadness is too heavy to carry, let go” 

— by Shreya Maurya from @_ink.me_ 


watch out for the

people who will try to 

extinguish your fire. 


they are not worthy

of your flames. 

— an excerpt from soft, a collection written by Kiana Azizian


You are free to 

have peace without 

knowing what comes next

— excerpt of a poem by Morgan Harper Nichols 


Reaching, always — 

the top of the ladder, buried in light — 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi by Lucy Wainger 


Read the entire poem here 


as i am, i am enough for 

the right people. 

—excerpt from a poem by Billy Chapata 


There are no paved roads to healing. 

You must build one brick by brick. 

— Poem by K.Y. Robinson 


Self love

is picking yourself up again

after you have fallen

— poem by Gemma Troy 


Sweet child, 

Dance into the light. 

Joy is waiting for you. 

—poem by Upile Chisala 


there is light in the water, 

and that means

there is never enough darkness 

to drown. 

—poem by Alison Malee