two women laying on the beach reading

5 Ways Poetry Can Help You Achieve the Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

When it comes to TikTok trends, few have matched the aspirational iconography and consistent staying power of the Coastal Grandma. The archetype—which conjures images of neutral button-downs and cardigans and windswept hair or a sunhat—gained traction on TikTok last summer and promises to once again be a major inspiration a year later. It’s most closely associated with the older protagonists in Nancy Meyers films, played by actresses like Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. While these women glow with understated glamor, the Coastal Grandma phenomenon is about so much more than just emulating their cozy linen outfits and luxurious sunroom décor. More essentially, it revolves around integrating relaxation, indulgence, and simplicity into your life wherever you can. Here are a few ways poetry can help you do that. 


Embrace slow mornings with poetry


The Coastal Grandma is unbothered and living on her own schedule. We picture her propped up by pillows and languishing by an open window, enjoying coffee and the newspaper. While it might be unattainable to make that part of your daily reality, setting aside the occasional slow morning can become your new favorite ritual—whether it’s once a week or once a month. Fight the urge to race out of bed as soon as your alarm sounds, and instead curl up with a new or beloved poetry collection. Bonus points for breakfast in bed. 


Curate the perfect bedside poetry stack


Speaking of reading in bed, it’s easier when you barely have to reach for your favorite reads. Up for an added, themed challenge? Consider stacking collections that fit a neutral, sandy, and sea-toned color palette—perfect for pairing with a crystal, candle, or oil diffuser on your nightstand. Some of our faves include Bluets by Maggie Nelson, Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems, and Clementine Von Radics’s Mouthful of Forevers


Dip your toes into poetry—and a body of water


The Coastal Grandma believes in staying at home, but she also relishes an opportunity to get outside. It doesn’t matter if you’re by an ocean, lake, neighborhood pool, or pond. Throw a book into your tote bag and read beside the relaxing sounds and refreshing breeze of the water. Totally landlocked? A bathtub and some salts boost similar powers. 


Arrange an aesthetic book swap picnic 


Coastal Grandmas love unwinding with friends on a summer day. We know you’ve got your picnic blanket ready to go, so gather your literary crew and check out our recent tips for planning the perfect book swap. Have each attendee bring a snack to share and a favorite poetry collection for another reader to borrow. This sets the stage for even more summer hangouts—you could also regroup for a book club, readathon, or literary salon. 


Master the art of pairing poetry with a crisp cocktail or mocktail


Fabulous poetry and a delicious drink means double the indulgence. What pairs best with your reading list? Maybe it’s a mojito, a glass of rosé, or an aperol spritz. Not feeling a cocktail? These fun, non-alcoholic drinks sound just as appealing. 


Happy Coastal Grandma summer!